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  1. Great watch mate. Got bitten by the vintage chrono bugs lately. They are very good looking watches. The only drawbacks are most of them are in the 34-46mm diameter case size. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  4. I will go with gen in this case. With the rep, you will definitely lose money when selling. Anything above USD1000 is a slow mover. Plus, the rule is to sell at a loss. With gen, i believe that the price will keep increasing. And there is always the feeling of you are wearing gen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Same same but different Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  7. That looks like gen Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  9. I haven't been contributing to the forum for quite a while given that I hardly bought new rep watches. But I bought a few gen watches. But most gen vintage Rolex case condition is not that good compared to the modded rep one. So i can't really give a good pics to show as well. This one has quite a good case and in a good condition, so I will post some pics for modding reference. When I first started venturing into Vintage Rolex, the 2 models that caught my eye was Sub 1680 and Explorer 1655. But in order to save shipping fee, I got myself a 1665 as well. I never thought it is a special watch and I would have never thought that i will grow to like it. But once I saw the finished 1665 (done by pbdad), I am hooked. Over time I have bought and sold a few 1665. My friend happens to have a gen one, so I always compared what I have with his gen, but the rep always came up short. The part bugged me the most is that the lug size is always fatter in rep case. I have gone through only cartel and MBW case, so I can;t say for yuki or phong case, but looking from pics, I think all of them has fat lug. Again, with Rolex, you could never know. Maybe there are case variations among different years. So this thread is based on my Mark1 dial case and my friend Mark4 dial case (which looks similar to me). PIC: My old MBW case build: Please let me know if there is part of the watch that you want me to show. I will update the thread form time to time. Thanks
  10. Just wheen I thought I was out, they pulled me back in
  11. 5510 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  13. That will be a great feature to be able to leave a feedback more easily. I find the feedback menu on other forums easier to access. Other than that, I find this forum offers more knowledge especially on rolex builds. I spent countless hours reading the posts here although I can't really contribute because I lack the attention to details that some of the members here have. Thanks for the mods for the time and efforts to make this website running.
  14. I bought a watch from member REPPIN on march 2016. Here is the sales thread: http://rwg.cc/topic/183216-franken-super-rare-vintage-rolex-explorer-ref-6350-for-sale/#comment-1461102 First, the deal went smoothly. Communication was great. He gave me a tracking number not long after i made payment. [picture with personal identifying information deleted -nanuq] The package arrived at my post office at mid april 2016. But, there was a problem with customs. I was charged almost twice the value of the watch due to import tax. Customs thought that the watch is gen. I provided customs with the pp payment proof to get the import tax reduced but I wasn't successful. I contacted Reppin to let him know about the situation. I said I am going to have the package returned back to sender (him) to avoid the tax and I will tell him a different address to send the package to. The post office was having a procedural issue with the shipping back to him. Since the package was sent using USPS, the post office must use normal mail service to send it back but I insist to use EMS instead so I can have a tracking number and it won't take more than a week for the package to arrive in CONUS. After going back and forth, finally, the post office found a way to send it back via EMS. It was already june when the post office finally sent the package. The package was received by Reppin himself on early July 2016. I didn't get the tracking number from the post office eventhough I kept asking them to give me the tracking number. So I kept sending REPPIN a pm asking whether he has received the package. Finally i received the screenshot from the post office stating that the package has been delivered and received by him. So i pm him the tracking result and asked him again whether he has received the package since it was signed/received by him. Then he went all silence. He never replied any of my pm after that. I tried to raise a pp dispute after consulting with the mod, but the time frame for a dispute has passed. I just found out a few days ago that Reppin did a trade with a member for the watch. He then already sold the watches he got from the trade. So it is confirmed that he definitely has received the watch and made more money out of it. It is sad that a long time respected member would do something like this. I was scammed before. But i always chalk it up as an experience. I always thought that it was because i didn't do my homework when selling or buying. But, this time it really blindsided me. I guess nothing can be learned from this situation. Well, maybe the lesson is not to buy expensive watches and have it sent to post office here. As i said in a different thread a few times, postal office has been really strict this year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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