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  1. https://www.subway.com/en-GB No need to thank me....
  2. You don't have the let the power down to repair the keyless works. Movement out, hands and dial off. Away you go. Top Tip: release tension from any part before removing the screw that secures it. You can loosen screws just a little to assist with this.
  3. Welcome! I have no idea what a a240 calibre or 616 calibre is? Give us some more info, please.
  4. Sod that! Get a decent size external SSD drive, plug it in and boot from that. Set it up as your primary drive and never have to worry about getting inside your Mac. Good luck, mate. Hard drive failures are a real pain.
  5. Try Timpsons, I hear they're very good 😂
  6. Welcome to the world of the 16 year old dreamer! They want a flash watch on their wrist to impress the laYdEEz. They haven't got any money but they want that watch sooooo bad. Can you imagine the look on the laYdEEz faces when they pull up on their BMX with that Rollie dangling off their wrist....boom!! Now, their only option is to persuade Mum or Dad to borrow them the dOllaZz, but they know when they get that watch, it's got to be perfect otherwise they're going to get called out and ridiculed worse than having a 5mm penis. So they start with the questions, hundreds of questions...and they want pictures, lots of pictures and guarantees. If this deal goes [censored] up and they've spent Mum & Dads money on a crock of poo, they're in it up to their neck! So, they've finally got the deal of the century on they're dream watch and now for the easy part... "Mum can you borrow me 300 dOllaZz to but myself a Rollie"? "What do you mean, no"? "Dad, can you borrow me 300 dOllaZz to buy a Rollie, I'll, like, wash the car for a month I promise"! "No, but I've already told the guy I'm having it. Oh my God, you are so unfair, I knew you never ever loved me"! And that's wareth the story endZZ...
  7. These are the checks you should be performing... Let down the power, carefully! Remove balance & pallets. Apply couple of turns of power from stem and observe the gear train, it should run freely and a friction-free gear train will reverse on itself slightly. So the gears will stop and reverse on themselves. If this is achieved, install pallets. Apply a few winds of power. With a loupe observe the pallets as you gently nudge them from one banking pin to the other. As you nudge them they should 'flick' to the opposite banking pin, you shouldn't have to push them across. Also, with the pallet resting against the banking pin, give them the tiniest of nudges, they should move away from the banking and be 'drawn' back to them. This shouldn't be sluggish and they should stick away from the banking pin. Once these tests are complete and successful, you have eliminated most faults in the gear train & escapement. The problem then lies within the balance. Good luck!
  8. I have fond memories of spending a day & a bit locating all those pivots under the one plate...ahhh the good ole days 🤯
  9. Do you have a timegrapher? (timing-machine)
  10. The genuine are much nicer in my opinion. If you insist on a replica (like, fake one) then I'd get a Legend. But I don't know where you would get one?
  11. https://www.audemarspiguet.com/en/boutiques/ You're welcome.
  12. Any chance the reversing wheel had been installed upside down?
  13. Well what a coincidence, never seen a Spaceview in the flesh and then this turns up on my bench...
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