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  1. ceejay

    What will be your next purchase?

    I want a Tudor BB Bronze...Gen
  2. ceejay

    DG2813 to Eta 2824 or 2836?

    Stick a new 2813 in, cheap as chips, no stress and will see you good for another 18-24 months...or more!
  3. ceejay

    1570/5 GMT parts...

    New rotor post and a good squirt of WD40...That'll run. Those Rolex movements are work horses I'll tell ya!
  4. I'll just leave this here for the Jenny lovers, my original 1969 Jenny Caribbean 1500 😍
  5. ceejay

    Rolex 1520 restoring mvt

    Make sure you know how to handle those KIF Duoshock springs on the escape wheel. Good luck!
  6. ceejay

    It’s a ETA 2892 isn’t it?

    Sorry, I didn't know that reference was to the watch not the movement calibre. You are correct though it is from the W20055D6 series Cartier. It's a ETA 2000.1 a mini version of the 2892 Here it is beside a ETA 2836 for size reference Probably one of the smallest movements I've worked on. It's all stripped down ready for cleaning, new mainspring & oscillating rotor bearing.
  7. ceejay

    It’s a ETA 2892 isn’t it?

    Nope, it’s an ETA[emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Just servicing this movement and thought you guys might like to see it. Looks like a ETA 2892 doesn’t it? But it isn’t [emoji6] Anyone guess what it is?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. ceejay

    Give away price on eta powered watch??

    How about 5k, 6497 powered PAM's 🤗 Form an orderly queue guys.
  10. ceejay

    Initiative Q - heard about it?

    Done mate 👍
  11. ceejay

    Initiative Q - heard about it?

    I'm in, cheers Boss! P.S. Invite link if anyone needs em... https://initiativeq.com/invite/SQe0jn46Q
  12. You can put a 2836 date disk on a 2824 but cannot put a 2824 date disk on a 2836 2824 date disk part number is 2556 2836 date disk part number is 2557 There of course many variations of the two regarding date positioning on the dial, colours & languages.
  13. The 2834 & 2836 are identical apart from, day ring, date ring (they are reversed) and a spacer ring on the 2834 taking it to 13 ligne (29mm diameter) Never seen a 2834 used in a rep though. Only ever seen 1 2834 in person.
  14. You're very welcome guys. @Timelord No, it doesn't matter about the orientation of the When you release the tension on the spring, the gold leaver engages with the cam underneath the driving wheel and centres it automatically. Looks like your taking the correct path in progression, basic manual wind, calendar works then onto automatics. Make sure you are fully confident in one area before progressing on. Biggest mistakes I noticed when I was learning (still am after 5 years of Horology classes!) is students trying more complicated movements before they could confidently do the basics. Gear train, motion works, keyless works. Nail these & fully understand how they all interact. Good luck!
  15. First install these 2 parts as shown. Spring hooked behind the gold lever.S Now slide the date indicator driving wheel in and underneath the intermediate driving wheel (small silver wheel at top) Now take your tweezers and insert them into 'U' shaped indent in the gold coloured lever (7 o'clock position on the driving wheel) pull down on the lever and the driving wheel should fall into place, now release the tension on your tweezers. Lastly, slide the cover plate in from the right and it will click into the post. Job done!