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  1. Looks like a Patek Philippe 324 to me.
  2. ceejay

    MB Pens

    If you're after a pen that can write decently, I haven't found one (rep) I've had a few MB rep pens and tried all sorts of tinkering with the nibs (and inks) to try to get them to write...like a MB and failed. Mine sit in a drawer now and I use my trusty Lamy Safari's
  3. As long as the XHamster website is up & running, I'm as happy as a pig in sh*t 😉
  4. 5 second search on eBay... https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_odkw=7750+hands&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=7750+daytona+hands&_sacat=0 You're welcome.
  5. To see air bubbles it has to be wet testing. There are 2 types of wet testing, pressure & vacuum. Vacuum: watch is submerged in water and the air in the tank is sucked out, any leaks and you will see a stream of bubbles from the case. Pressure: watch is suspended above the water, pressure is applied to the tank, watch is submerged & then the air is gradually released. If the watch leaks air bubble will stream from the watch as the air in the chamber is gradually released. A single air bubble at 50 atmospheres could have been an air bubble trapped between the bezel/case and crystal? A certified 'leak' will produced a stream of bubbles (slow or fast) not a single bubble. If it was me, I wouldn't worry. Dive in and enjoy yourself!
  6. Wow! and the auction house still sold it, unbelievable! I wonder what forum the watch was originally born on 😉
  7. It’s around £45 for an ETA or £10 for a clone (eBay prices) I have no idea of compatibility between gen & clones though? It will still need regulating and putting in beat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Do a search for ETA 430, this is the part number you need. You can find them on eBay or many watch part suppliers, like Cousins UK Yes... the genuine part will fit the clone!
  9. https://www.subway.com/en-GB No need to thank me....
  10. You don't have the let the power down to repair the keyless works. Movement out, hands and dial off. Away you go. Top Tip: release tension from any part before removing the screw that secures it. You can loosen screws just a little to assist with this.
  11. Welcome! I have no idea what a a240 calibre or 616 calibre is? Give us some more info, please.
  12. Sod that! Get a decent size external SSD drive, plug it in and boot from that. Set it up as your primary drive and never have to worry about getting inside your Mac. Good luck, mate. Hard drive failures are a real pain.
  13. Try Timpsons, I hear they're very good 😂
  14. Welcome to the world of the 16 year old dreamer! They want a flash watch on their wrist to impress the laYdEEz. They haven't got any money but they want that watch sooooo bad. Can you imagine the look on the laYdEEz faces when they pull up on their BMX with that Rollie dangling off their wrist....boom!! Now, their only option is to persuade Mum or Dad to borrow them the dOllaZz, but they know when they get that watch, it's got to be perfect otherwise they're going to get called out and ridiculed worse than having a 5mm penis. So they start with the questions, hundreds of questions...and they want pictures, lots of pictures and guarantees. If this deal goes [censored] up and they've spent Mum & Dads money on a crock of poo, they're in it up to their neck! So, they've finally got the deal of the century on they're dream watch and now for the easy part... "Mum can you borrow me 300 dOllaZz to but myself a Rollie"? "What do you mean, no"? "Dad, can you borrow me 300 dOllaZz to buy a Rollie, I'll, like, wash the car for a month I promise"! "No, but I've already told the guy I'm having it. Oh my God, you are so unfair, I knew you never ever loved me"! And that's wareth the story endZZ...
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