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  1. There are eBay sellers that sell decants of Moebius lubricants (and other brands) I went down this route with the Horotec Episurf-Neo (epilame treatment) got 5ml as 100ml would evaporate faster than I use it! Handwinding mainsprings is never a good idea. New mainsprings will general just slip straight into the barrel from there retainer, just a little braking grease on the barrel is all that's required. If a new mainspring is available, then use it. 10 bucks for a spring is worth it just for the peace of mind. If a new mainspring is not available then a drop of D5 on a li
  2. Little dab of blue loctite should keep it in place😉
  3. There's a fake plate glued on top of the regular screw. You will need to remove it to gain access to the regular screw.
  4. Attached is a research article on the hazards present with radium dials. Crockett_Robin_E_2012_Radium_dial_watches_a_potentially_hazardous_legacy.docx.pdf
  5. Aliexpress? https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20200807064339&SearchText=3135+movement
  6. I trained in Horology with the guy that puts those watches together and owns Mr Jones watches!
  7. I'm not familiar with the MoChaCha dials. Could you point me in the right direction? I have a 2824 auto in the case already so it would be just dial, hands & crystal I presume? Cheers.
  8. Like it! Would a gen 5500 case (complete) be a suitable base to start a build?
  9. My 'ono' meter is strong with this one... There are some guys on this forum that would kill for lume like that though!
  10. "close" won't be good enough. It has to be exact. That movement is a AS 1677. Chances of a match...no idea! Remote i'd say. The jewel is set in a brass setting so polishing it to size is not possible. Communicate with this guy... http://www.obsoletewatchandclockparts.com/wristwatchmovementsFto.htm Explain what you have and what you need, he may be able to help.
  11. Spot on, the balance jewel is missing. For your information, the movement you have is a FHF 76. Unfortunately, it appears to be an unusual variant as it has this tri-shock protection. Most, according to google and Ranfft ( http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&0&2uswk&FHF_76 ) have the common Incabloc shock protection. Unless someone else has a solution? You could take a chance on this... https://speedtimerkollektion.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=32_222_100&products_id=19233 It has the Incabloc protection. There is a 'chance'
  12. You sure you're not 'long screwing' that balance c*ck!? Wouldn't be the first time someones put a long screw in a short hole....
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