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  1. My 'ono' meter is strong with this one... There are some guys on this forum that would kill for lume like that though!
  2. "close" won't be good enough. It has to be exact. That movement is a AS 1677. Chances of a match...no idea! Remote i'd say. The jewel is set in a brass setting so polishing it to size is not possible. Communicate with this guy... http://www.obsoletewatchandclockparts.com/wristwatchmovementsFto.htm Explain what you have and what you need, he may be able to help.
  3. Spot on, the balance jewel is missing. For your information, the movement you have is a FHF 76. Unfortunately, it appears to be an unusual variant as it has this tri-shock protection. Most, according to google and Ranfft ( http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&0&2uswk&FHF_76 ) have the common Incabloc shock protection. Unless someone else has a solution? You could take a chance on this... https://speedtimerkollektion.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=32_222_100&products_id=19233 It has the Incabloc protection. There is a 'chance' that the balance jewel will fit and you can then install your tri-shock end stone. There is the possibility it will not fit and you may be able to use the entire mainplate, although it looks pretty shabby. Anyway, you now know what your movement is & what is missing.
  4. You sure you're not 'long screwing' that balance c*ck!? Wouldn't be the first time someones put a long screw in a short hole....
  5. 2836-2 uses a Etachron regulator. You need to study the correct method and use the correct tools, to do it properly. Watch & learn...
  6. I like those syringe hands. You could easily remove the lume and mix a little epoxy with off-white flour etc. to match the dial (providing you don't want them to glow!) Whatever hands you get, the lume will be off compared to the dial. And yes, cannon pinions and hour wheels come in varying heights.
  7. Things to consider... Your movement cannot move up & down in the case, it has to be at a fixed height inline with the stem & tube. That is your reference point, if you like. your dial spacer will then fill the gap between the movement and whatever space there will be to the dial sitting snug against the case. The dial spacer can be glued to the back of the dial, if need be. If your dial feet cannot be used (highly likely) then you can clamp the whole thing into position using the case clamps. You now probably, depending on movement & internal case diameter need a movement ring to surround the movement to prevent it moving sideways (laterally) Once all this alignment is achieved, your cannon pinion on the movement will need to be high enough so you minute hand clears hour hand. This will be tricky as you won't know what height you need until everything is clamped down. The calendar works on the movement can be safely removed. It's simple...for someone who know what they're doing! It will leave an unused detent on the setting lever spring (when you pull the crown out to set the time) If you're lucky, this could all fall together easily. My experience tells, what looks and sounds easy, isn't!
  8. Love the versatility of the Seiko's. Great movements, endless modding support and variety. And they won't cost you an arm and leg. Speaking of cost, when the 4R36 needs a service, save yourself a few quid and just replace the movement with a Hattori NH36, swap the rotor and save over half the price of the Seiko 4R36 movement and a fair few quid over the price of a service...Unless you're servicing it yourself😉
  9. How about getting a Smiths 27CS movement to go in it. They come up for sale pretty regularly. They are a quality, English movements and you could use genuine Smiths hands. Cons are, you would have to get a custom movement ring made and they are manual wind. Drilling lug holes in stainless cases is an absolute [censored] of a job! Good luck and keep us updated, interesting project!
  10. That's a nice watch and having that movement serviced (when it needs it) will be straight forward and won't cost an arm and leg.
  11. As with many things experience is key. But it's a steep, sometimes frustrating learning curve. Screws in watches often look identical but 1/2mm here and there will lead to headaches along the way. When disassembling a watch these days (8 years experience) I I use small pots with lids like this... http://redroosteruk.com/parts-containers-24-aluminium-tubs-in-wooden-box-watchmakers-jewellers-storage/ Each section of the watch is stored in its own pot, keyless, motion works, geartrain, auto module etc. Along with the corresponding screws for that section. Experience has taught me how to identify unique screws (1 off) within a movement. I will screw these back into their corresponding holes, as I disassemble. I tend not to put all screws back into their corresponding holes as I'm disassembling due to fear of them rattling out during the 3 stage clean & dry process I use. It can also lead to issues when reassembly if a screw in another area of the movement is in too deep when screwing down a bridge for instance, it will hinder or possibly damage something.
  12. D5, 9010, 9145 (pallet jewels) &...You're in luck, Molykote DX is a cheap alternative to 9501 (blue grease) Just to add, oiling pallet jewels with 9010 is not a great idea as it will creep. This isn't a good scenario, especially in the escapement! I oil my pallet jewels before I install them. Mount them in a little Rodico with the stones facing up. I then tilt them until I can see the reflection of light off the face of the jewel. I then apply a 'tiny' speck of oil to the face. and repeat on the other stone. I have also started using Horotec Episurf treatment prior to oiling pallet stones. This is a new generation Epilame treatment. After treatment, oil applied to the pallet jewel stays perfectly in place. I pull the Episurf into a 1ml syringe (with needle) and carefully apply a drop to each stone and allow to dry at room temp. You can buy small decants of Episurf on eBay.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/7-MM-WRIST-WATCH-GOLD-PLATED-THREAD-CROWN-TUBE-fits-ROLEX-ALL-MOST-AUTOMATIC/163640719929?hash=item2619bf3a39:g:v4EAAOSwxbtZpXbD ?
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