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  1. These are advertised on the front cover of the latest Cousins newsletter. Thought it might come in useful for some. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I thoroughly clean mine in a 3 stage clean/rinse/dry & then treat with Lubetta 105. Sometimes though, they are beyond saving and need replacing. They are fairly expensive little wheels.
  3. I'm no expert on these Subs but just that pip being off-centre on the bezel would drive me mad! It's a no from me.
  4. It is indeed a Seagull ST19. It is a push release stem. My experience with them is good, I find them reliable and accurate. As it doesn't have a date complication it is fairly straight forward to access the keyless works and find out what's going on to prevent the stem from engaging. Give it a go.
  5. It's just referencing to many comments I have read on(vintage) watch forums directed at someone who has made minor changes to a watch and have been lynched for so called 'ruining' of a watch. Hope you get that re-plating done, it's a lovely watch 👍
  6. Sorry, but up until the point you re-lumed that dial you were doing great. If it was my watch I wouldn't have touched that dial. 1st because the original lume looks suspiciously like Radium (very radio-active) 2nd because the original lume looked better. Again, apologies if I'm being over critical but I have seen far too many classic vintage timepieces not ruined but, spoilt. How about stripping that case. Is it chrome over base metal? Have it re-chromed and it will lift it up several notches. Good luck.
  7. Flan-nge is another word in the urban dictionary here in the UK for a ladies err...thingy down below
  8. Has anyone spotted the latest Aqua Terra Quartz at any of our TD's? With the waffle dial. Really took a shine to this model and fed up with hit or miss mechanicals! Had a quick search but haven't turned up anything?
  9. Stick a new 2813 in, cheap as chips, no stress and will see you good for another 18-24 months...or more!
  10. New rotor post and a good squirt of WD40...That'll run. Those Rolex movements are work horses I'll tell ya!
  11. I'll just leave this here for the Jenny lovers, my original 1969 Jenny Caribbean 1500 😍
  12. Make sure you know how to handle those KIF Duoshock springs on the escape wheel. Good luck!
  13. Sorry, I didn't know that reference was to the watch not the movement calibre. You are correct though it is from the W20055D6 series Cartier. It's a ETA 2000.1 a mini version of the 2892 Here it is beside a ETA 2836 for size reference Probably one of the smallest movements I've worked on. It's all stripped down ready for cleaning, new mainspring & oscillating rotor bearing.
  14. Nope, it’s an ETA[emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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