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  1. I was curious so followed the Twitter link. It's weed plants they're selling! I never knew that they're called 'clones'
  2. I have tightened the tube on hands before. My method is to find a pinion that is suitable size to mount the hand on. I have a tin full of different size wheels with various size pinions. By mounting the hand on a smaller pinion you lessen the chance of crushing the tube too much. If you can't find something suitable, you could try using a very fine needle. Possibly turning it down in a small dremmel chuck using abrasive paper. It only requires a fraction of a mm.
  3. You cannot support the hour counting wheel jewel when pressing the hand, it is covered from behind. If the hand is too loose, the hand tube requires a gentle 'nip' to close it. This isn't for the feint hearted, it's extremely easy to over do it.
  4. Because the chance of you receiving anything are near on zero. Use only trusted models from reputable forums. They know what their doing.
  5. This will help https://medium.com/@jamguaid/watch-review-super-franken-audemars-piguet-rubber-clad-white-dial-25940sk-extremely-perfect-7fea47113dbe DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ON THIS SITE! The best solution after case modifications is gen dial and hands. If you google "Franken AP ROO" yo will get lots of information to read through. Most is old, I haven't seen a ROO franken done for 4-5 years now.
  6. Unless you have a bucket load of cash and a very, very good modder, you can forget all the Off Shore models. The movement used in ROO models is Dubois Dupraz type chronograph. This is a 2 tier movement meaning it has 2 levels. When you look at a gen ROO from the side the pusher buttons are not on the same horizontal plane as the crown. They are higher or lower (can't remember which) All the reps use a 7750 movement which is a single tier chronograph so the pushers and crown are inline with each other. This means, to mod a rep case you have to have extensive, engineering done to the case to lower/raise the crown. It has been done. But like I said, bucket load of cash.
  7. The King of Thailand has gone into self isolation in a luxurious alpine resort, with 20 women. "it's unclear whether any of his 4 wives are present" My new hero!
  8. An emotional evening here in Central London last night with the people supporting the Clap For Carers campaign. Thousands of people countrywide out the front of their houses, clapping and cheering in unison in support of our health service staff. Great support & a welcome relief from all the negativity at the moment!
  9. The jewel that had came out is called an end stone. Be very careful, there are at least 2 separate pieces (possible 3) that looks to be held together by old oil. 1.Cap jewel 2. setting jewel 3. captive spring. You need to very, very carefully stop the balance rotation (it can be done whilst moving but is trickier) a small piece of rodico or similar can be used) Now, on the plate where that jewel has came out is the circular 'setting' that has a tiny notch. you have to carefully drop the jewel into place and then feed the 3 legs of that 3 prong captive spring into that cutout notch, rotating as you go until all 3 legs are in place (there is a tiny groove in the plate) My advice is to do this under some clear cling film and form a tiny circular piece of wood with a flat bottom to help you keep pressure on the spring and rotate at the same time. Very tricky...Good luck! EDIT: In your first video, you can see the cutout notch at the 12 o'clock position.
  10. What were they thinking? https://www.rolex.com/?ef_id=Cj0KCQjw9tbzBRDVARIsAMBplx8uAI9euLyIluJ3jkSgbM1stfY5UNHvBmGP8HXCi_QIrAqM0wUqV3oaAmWBEALw_wcB:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!141!3!407365018971!e!!g!!rolex I hate everything about it from crowding a dial that was always so simplistic to the alternating sizes of the hour markings to the 2 tone seconds hand. It's f*ckery in every way. Rant over...
  11. All of the off the shelf vintage Daytona's are rubbish. The only 2 worthwhile options are... A. Lookout for an old 7750 based DW Daytona to come up for sale. B, Sell a kidney and pick up a V72 based Daytona. Both types come up for sale occasionally and range from 'not cheap' through to 'big money' If you want a good off the shelf Daytona then go for a modern model.
  12. Welcome! None of them would be 'the best' they are all high end replicas. No one, unless they were an expert with a loupe at hand would be able to tell you are wearing a fake. The one thing that lets other people know you are wearing a fake is...You If that's the model you like, buy any version. Be warned though, Chinese movements are very hit and miss with reliability. Some go for years, some arrive dead. Getting any type of refund, repair OR future servicing on that watch is going to be a massive headache. Consider these things very carefully before jumping in. You can get a very good quality (Seiko etc) mechanical watch, with guarantee and virtually bomb-proof movement for much less than these reps. You'll also have access to many, many servicing routes on this in the future (all mechanical watches will need servicing, eventually) I haven't bought a rep for at least 3 years now, overpriced...way overpriced!
  13. They are normally just plastic pegs in the ring that press into holes in the movement mainplate. Friction fit. I have come across fairly tight ones. Just a case of a small screw driver in between the plate and ring and gradually work around the pegs prising them apart. If you get stuck, a couple of pictures will help us along...
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