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  1. Smooth. A little sweet. Not heavy on the peat smoke flavor or essence. I also like the price at about $40 a bottle it's a little more economical.
  2. Glenmorangie. This is my go-to Scotch whiskey.
  3. I always wondered if their generous return policy applied to the luxury items. Like could I buy the watch to wear it around one night and return it the next day.
  4. This caugh my eye at Costco today.
  5. Just smoked one of these yesterday to see what's up. Good job Drew Estate in coming up with another quality product!! I wish I could make this a go-to smoke but it's a little costly for an everyday stick.
  6. Yamazaki is awesome! I also like Fireball whiskey for a fun change of pace--on the rocks. Here's what I'll be working on for a while. Costco is unloading these 750ml bottles for a great price:
  7. Will do Mike! I actually replaced the crystal, bezel and original bezel ring with parts from Dagaz Watch. I restored both of those 6309s. Dagaz is a pretty cool site if you like tinkering with and modifying old seiko divers.
  8. I have a pair of old school Seiko divers from the 80's hiding in my watch box.
  9. Vegas. Nursing a hangover with this still strapped to my wrist.
  10. Oh well. There's always V2.
  11. It's like the new PAM 441 "1:1 SUPER REP" I was all about it until I found out it was actually made of "CERAIMC"
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