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  1. Replacement Panerai crystal

    Excellent indeed, but with an expensive genuine watch, shipping out of the EU isn't really an option. Hopefully the watch lives up to expectations!
  2. Replacement Panerai crystal

    Cool, good to know, now I know why Domi wasn't interested in doing it, probably not much profit for him. Uwe replied via email, looks like it's a go for crystal coating, unless the watch looks fine without. I will post pics for sure
  3. Replacement Panerai crystal

    Found uwe's website, could be the answer maybe Wish I could edit my first post, I wasn't shouting lol
  4. Replacement Panerai crystal

    Hiya, thanks for the info, I can have the defective AR removed prior to shipment, which may be enough for me, I shall soon see Why is my font so large?! Also, are rnrprof or Uwe EU based?
  5. Replacement Panerai crystal

    I have a genuine Panerai 074D. It's a 40mm luminor Panerai with el primero movement, beautiful watch The crystal has some defects in the AR coating, and I was wondering at the cost involved in replacing the crystal? Any advice or links would be most helpful and appreciated. Genuine or high quality aftermarket sapphire with AR coated crystals would all be a possibility, or maybe recoating the original crystal AR? Cheers!
  6. Wouldn't worry about it, other flaws are there too, why not sell and pick up the special offer updated H factory version? http://www.torobravos2014.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=961
  7. Looking good to me, no marks, scratches or scuffs on the hands, nice and clean, straight date and date mag, really nice examples, reps are not for you it would seem.....
  8. PAM 57c with new Orloff JV Strap

    Beautiful combo, but why is one strap piece having small croc pattern, and the other large? Usually they should share the same cut of leather, no? Seems a bit of a mismatch?
  9. 44mm forged carbon ROO from Puretime

    Same as the pre-order for the full carbon AP Diver from H factory, delays and more delays, don't keep falling for the same [censored], learn the lessons lol
  10. New Aqua Terra maker

    The Miyota 9105 is solid, hope they make more watches with that movement, and the replication on the movement is fine by me if it doesn't effect the performance, these are replicas, they will try to replicate everything as best as possible, why complain about that?
  11. LMPO QC images - good to go?

    The 2 in 12 is crooked, that would be a deal breaker for me...
  12. Problem with a TD

    Why not remove the remove the rotor itself, then remove the glued on bullet area that is stuck down onto the rotor, then carefully file down the offending parts a half mm or so then re-glue? Should be a piece of cake You make not even need to file anything down if the factory just used too much glue in the first place.....
  13. Trevor talked me out of the new Seamaster ceramic

    Tried to buy the 007 50th myself, gave up after terrible batches of QC pics, wonky hour markers, logos, bezels, and even entire dials off angle, one only had single sided AR too..... So, that's probably what he was suggesting, the QC on these pieces was the worst I have ever come across
  14. Old school PAM063,

    Sorry for the thread resurrection, was wondering what the going rate for an ETA2893 PAM063 was now? They don't come up for sale very often. Any thoughts or ideas would be most welcome, need a current price check before deciding to take the plunge or not