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  1. wait a little also there is another factory that is navy navy diver maybe the caseset would fix something
  2. Hi Sead can you reply to my PM please! I asked if you had any 116613 subs or Explorer 2's. Thanks

  3. well to be honest in my case i try to update as much as i can but for some reason i cant make function email notification when someone reply on my tread would be much more active same thing for rg rwi i get email nots tho
  4. Hi Sead, haven't heard from you since last month, is everything okay?

  5. Hey sead1999, can you check your PM's for my delivery information please!

  6. if something needed from me im here btw zeleni kukuruz -green corn i like that nick,
  7. well here i have completely moded 318 new case- i think best case for pams asian highbeat swaneck dagger chiefs ar coating-well the stock one has a good one, but chiefs just makes it clearer and sapphire not as dirty, i put some comparison pics against 026 crown mod done by using new crown and without drilling or so and i think is more corect size too and a few other things not cheap, but o boy i think is the best ouththere
  8. Hi Sead,

    PM sent regarding 026K modded.


  9. Hi

    Any 005K's available?

  10. about 2 weeks now


  11. How long for best version 111h?

    Need your pp to make payment for the above please

  12. Friend,

    Do you have any PAM 111's still available? Do you paypal? Do you ship to the USA? Prices please.

  13. i believe


    im not 100% sure

  14. Hi Sead, Do you have HK TANS email address?

    Thanks in advance. I am out of town and not on my own computer!


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