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  1. The team here at RWG has noticed over an extended time now that many new members are struggling to have either good dealings with sellers or a reasonable understanding of a fair process should something go wrong. We have therefore decided to lay down some guidelines based on the many years of buying and selling experience that can be found in the RWG Admin team. These guidelines are intended to be broad enough to cover both buying from a trusted dealer and member to member trades. Therefore this guide will be broken into sections looking at all aspects of buying. Buying It
  2. Enough already!!! Let's take a look at what we are here for: First, what is the forum for? The forum is here so that members can find info about everything that has a connection to replica watches. It is here so that the members can share information that will allow other members to make informed decisions on whatever they decide to do in the replica world. Secondly, as a forum, we have a set of rules that we operate by. So what are the mods and admin here for? As we have said in the past, our "job" is basically making sure the members follow our rules and have the best and safest
  3. It has recently come to the Admin teams attention that at least one dealer has been asking for credit card scans. We have spoken to the dealer in question and are satisfied that he has no malevolent reason for this but arose out of situations where he lost a lot of money to scammers. However the team still feels strongly that (i) Asking for scans of members credit cards is fundamentally wrong and (ii) A credit card scan will not protect a dealer from a professional scammer anyway. We will therefore be contacting all dealers and directing them to this posting and we ask the members to make u
  4. There have been a series of scams and frauds recently carried out around the various forums, and on some dealers, They appear to originate from the same place and person. If you have dealings with- Raul Gomez Av. Domingo Diez # 1468 Col. San Cristobal Cp: 62250 7773130780 Morelos, Mexico Who has been known as- nextelitos Jose Sala mauricio gomez Paneristik Vintage1680 Dr Strangelove and probably a whole other bunch of names we don't yet know....we advise you to VERY carefully consider having any transactions with them. In fact it would be wise to avoid having a transaction w
  5. Please join us in welcoming 3 new members to our Admin/Mod Team here on RWG. All 3 members, fxrAndy, Freddy333 and Redwatch, will be very familiar to our membership and need no further introduction here. We're certain these quality additions will improve our team and help us to serve you better. Welcome Gents! The RWG Admin Team
  6. hi friend, i want to be a dealer here.

    what should i do ?please help me


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