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  1. Click on the links in my signature for the insert alone, or the matched and fitted set.
  2. JoeyB

    my vintage GMT

    There is no correct caseback for the 6542 which originally is a two piece design. The one you picture for the 6538 is what I used. My dial comes from countless pictures and hours of work. The case I used was the first 'Tiger' case, no longer in production. I'd recommend taking the lower edge on the side of the case down a bit. I took it down with a buffing wheel taking off the sharp edge. It makes it look thinner.
  3. JoeyB

    my vintage GMT

    Building your own would cost about the same depending on how and where you source parts. The ETA 2846 is what I used in one of mine and in the 6204 I built. I like the movement very much. A Brevet + crown would be a nice touch. I'd suggest genuine Rolex spring bars. I hope that the bezel is dark blue, not black, and red. Rolex did not make a 'coke' 6542 that I know of.
  4. AAAAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! winter thighs IM
  5. Arrrggghhh....I just finished my dinner of roated parrot. (burp). Mighty fine. 🦜
  6. That engine is amazing. It wound up in all sorts of vehicles.
  7. The `62 bubble top Bel-Air was a very rare car even back then. In the days of premium ethyl gasoline at under 30¢/gallon the way to more power was to pour more gas in it. 3 deuces and dual quads were all the rage. Unfortunately the 409 had it's limits in RPMs and blew up a bunch. But that was the year my favorite engine came out, the 327 cubic inch with the small journal forged crank. The modifications available over the years is astounding. It even ran at Indy.
  8. Truth be told, what is a gen Rolex really worth? We build replicas all the time with movements just as good and just as accurate most for well under for under $1000 usd. The name on the dial and people wanting that name makes the price so much higher.
  9. Nanuq, I hear your summer is almost as hot as Hawai'i this year. Any concerns?
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