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  1. I change dial hands DW crown and tube . Now I m thinking about if I should buy a VN case .I think that may be more accurate. I measured my friend's vn case is 17mm, but mine has 18. Thank you a lot! I measured my caseback thread and it was 30.88. I asked the dealer and the price of a Vietnamese caseback is 260 $. Now I am hesitating whether he will match my watch. I know Vietnam cases are oem size, but I do n’t know how much 1665 thread of oem size should be Thanks for your experience! so I wan to know your 1665 version. It’s a cartel too? My case SN is 5790188
  2. @alligoat thank you buddy! I measured my jkf caseback. He has a thread size of 30.9. I want to buy a Vietnamese caseback, but I do n’t know if he will be suitable.
  3. Hi there quick ask! i have a jkf 1665. But I think caseback is too thick. I try to change it to a slimmer caseback. i know 5513/1680 caseback oem Thread size is 30.9.but I don’t know 1665 caseback size. Any useful information will be appreciated
  4. Yessss.I update picture! Crown is looks too thick.I m looking for a gen 702 crown with athaya tube. The engraving of the caseback internal test seems to be incorrect. For this series number, there should be a year and the last three SNs there. I have plans to erase the SN and re-engraving and stamping. I don't know if this is feasible and who can do the job. Now What do you guys think of CG? Is it potential? Will Continuous update progress. This is what I want looks! A NOS look.
  5. Thank for @Nanuq Of cause It's my grai! I want its best possibly. I m ready for a long wait! And ruby case looks CG is too big. Now I am worried that ruby's cg will be too short? Because I want a nos look. I know that if the metal is too long, a good modder will handle it beautifully! But too short metal can cause trouble. Ps: Still no appointment how to upload pictures... otherwise I will put some pictures up Finally, I am very grateful to my friend Nanup! You are a good person!
  6. Hi there . This is my first post in Rwi.I building a 1665drsd. I buy a case from Ruby . But it's not perfect. Can anyone tell me which modder is located in or near China? Will update picture Late. Any useful information is greatly appreciated!
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