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  1. Is that Tudor still available?

  2. http://s682.photobucket.com/user/bellini_photo/media/1016-space-dweller-800.jpg.html They were all glossy with gilt + silver printing
  3. I am finally ready to order an explorer dial this weekend when I get paid. I have a jmb case and a set of yuki tudor sub hands in gold with yellow lume. I have an eta 2824-2 I'll be using as well. I'm thinking about a gilt dial (is this the black dial with gold lettering and numbers?) are all of your dials regular explorer I dials or do you do special editions dials like Tiffany or Cartier? 

  4. Wow, how isn't this guy banned yet? Each comment you type spews hate. Grow up, they're just watches...
  5. Welcome to RWG! You've certainly come to the right place for anything vintage rolex related
  6. Thought the invoice said 'Bogus Watch' at first. Way more appropriate
  7. I thought these have a screw to secure the stem, not a pusher-type release pin, right?
  8. Hi Dmir, Welcome to RWG! You'll find this is THE site for Rolex vintage builds Regarding trustytime, it all depends on your needs, the two variables being budget and accuracy. If you search 'cartel 1016 rwg' on google, you'll find a bunch of information that discusses the accuracy of these cases, dials, etc vs other options (such as JMB's cases). Good luck!
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