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  1. thanks for your enlightment!
  2. thanks! I assume same stem height and BPM?
  3. I go to Ranfft too, but this time I did not manage to find any info related to ETA 2821-1
  4. Helloy guys, I bought off ebay a watch (rather cheap) with a very nice no date ETA 2821-2. I had never heard of this movement before. In my opinion it might be a nice replacement for a 2846 as there is no modifications to make in order to remove the date. However I have fnot found much info regarding its measurements (stem height). Thus, it might not be a direct swap: Do you have any info? Thanks
  5. http://rubyswatch.com/ and vintagewatchesmq.com/
  6. Thanks JMB, This is also what I have been doing. If this method is no big deal for non date sub, for date subs it is different, I found it tricky as the spacer can still rotate. Personaly I used a couple of dial dots on the side spacer and movement to prevent this from happening. This might not be option though
  7. thanks guys, However, I have already cut dial feet and used dial dots in my builds. IMHO this is not satisfactory enough. I had a Whoppy 1680 gen spec eta dial and it was an easy fit on the movement except alignement of DW.
  8. Hi guys, I searched extensively the fora with no luck. Prior to firing a couple of emails to the vietnamese dealers (Minh, Ruby...), I am wondering whether they offer ETA foot dials more particularly for date subs. Yuki has got some but there is an issue with the DW that is not well located. Thanks for helping!
  9. Ok thanks, i have searching for a dw case but it seems to be as rare as hens teeth
  10. At 40 bucks I was wondering whether this could possibly be a good deal with some modding afterwards.
  11. Hi guys, first off happy new year. i stumbled across this case: what is your opinion regarding using it for a vintage daytona project? cheers,
  12. Hi guys, I am looking for 585 end pieces for my dw 7032. I am leaning towards the wso ones as gen ones are way too expensive. Are those clones of wso 580's or are the thicker thicker the gen 580's? thanks
  13. Great ! a Guinea pig; good luck
  14. Hello guys, is DW back,? In my opinion it is a scam... http://www.dw-daytona.com/Case-Kits
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