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  1. Happy Birthday andygt!

  2. andygt

    Just wow...

  3. Top work as always, that black dial on the left looks rather nice too...
  4. Joy sells them http://www.joyfabaaa.com/louis-vuitton-monogramcanvas-bags-louis-vuitton-m21286-monogram-canvas-watch-case-p-15239.html
  5. Happy Birthday andygt!

  6. No, Joey you are the one making things worse. You ask why others who aren't missing watches are posting so why are you posting? Just because someone signs up to the forum and plays nice for a while doesn't excuse them stealing others members property. You seem to be imaging some code of honour that doesn't exist - rwg ain't the army, son.
  7. Happy Birthday andygt!

  8. I'd be surprised if that case was as little as $300 from NDT, for a 1016 you'd be better off buying a gen DJ case. Better in terms of the case and better off in terms of $$$
  9. Did you forget which forum you were on?
  10. andygt


    I've recently been trying to source a good 5514 Comex dial and also tried MQ without much luck. He firstly sent me pics of a very nice 1680 comex dial, when I pointed out I wanted the 5514 he then sent me pictures of an obviously poorer quality 5514 dial. I thought it looked familiar and for good reason as it was a photo taken from NDT's site with the borders cut off! So I don't really have any confidence in MQ now either.
  11. No wonder it looks so good! Going skiing wearing a vintage sub - life is good btw cc33, is your pm box full as I wanted to pm you regarding your BP Aqualung...
  12. Looks fantastic, what are the build specs?
  13. Considering we are allegedly 'fake people' the [censored] that supposedly reputable auction houses like Antequorum and dealers like Robert Maron pull is on another level when it comes to selling fakes. It's disgraceful what they get away with.
  14. A good 5514 Comex dial would be nice, none of the ones currently offered by ndt/phong/yuki or MQ have the correct Comex font
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