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  1. dear guys, i had to go a second time in hospital simple cheecks i come back to you all when i am out regards rolli
  2. yes i am still aouround here, unfortunately i was for sime in hospital now i am back and had a goof recovery tine your pm is welcome regrads rolli
  3. pam 172 dials and original special steel blued oven oem hands are in the making steel hands are ready, tupes for the second hands are in the making, after they will be blued by oven. then to rctritec for the lume c3 process and then to the printer. at the moment i cannot say when the dials and hands will be ready. all the best rolli
  4. Hi Rolli

    i am interested in your 5218-210 yellow dial.i have not yet build a watch so i guess this would be first. Is the dial supplied with hands too. The reason i ask i was thinking of ordering a pam 360 and i have a spare mechanim lying around. So is your dial supplied with hands i can fix it to the mechanism and  just swap the inner part with dial and hands out when i feel like by just removing the tab srews. Also can you give me a price please.

    thank you

    my e mail is jono@logusta.net

    kind regards


  5. amazing pam wear it with much pleasure and joy all the best rolli
  6. Hello, i am new in this forum but i have been tracking you from RWI and i would like to know if you have any website, blog where i can see your products? I am interested about having a dial.


    Best Regards,



  7. special detail for a special action please send a PM regards rolli
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