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  1. Thanks Mike... Just needed a push, I've just tried your method!
  2. Hi Guys... I bought a Sinn strap for my U1 last month from the US for $99. Had it shipped to my friend to onship ity to me, as they cannot ship directly to AU due to dealer territory restrictions. My friend shipped it, but it cost a whopping $69 to get it here! Obviously, he chose a more expensive than normal method, and also didn't help that it was a quite large box for the little envelope around the strap! Anyway, lesson learned to find a better method. I have a new digital audio player that he's going to ship over here, and wondering what's the best method to ship internationally with tracking from the US to Australia without taking an absolute bath!
  3. maybe the small penis comment is just distracting the world from his own (small penis) 😎
  4. Same here... the certificate has expired and chrome blocks it
  5. Almost returning home is my gen super beater Sinn U1... It's an original 2005 ETA model, and there were some scratches on the AR as well as the bezel action not being so smooth any longer. I've been able to source a U2 crystal, which is domed as opposed to original U1 flat xtal, and it has no AR on the outside... That's getting installed now, along with a new bezel mechanism 🙂 A new Sinn silicone strap is on it's way as well, which I will size a little looser to make up for all the awesome food I ate throughout the winter! 😄 So, I'll be really happy when it all arrives back... it will be like a getting a whole new watch! This FiiO X1 II DAP is coming in December from MassDrop for pretty cheap, I hope it's as great as I hope it is! I've never had a DAP before, and my music collection is all over the shop at the moment.
  6. ok... that sucks if you need to rotate through 24 hours
  7. Sounds good, but can't you change the date independently?
  8. Nice watch mate! How do you feel about the build quality (bezel/crown lever tightness, line-up of features, etc), and does the jumping hour work as in the video?
  9. The Noob dial's defects are very noticeable, IMHO ARF has done it pretty well, but I can't get one... it's so fkng frustrating because Noob knows the problems, and they just keep releaseing shinola
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