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  1. I've reached my trinity... Just in is the 2554.50 that I've been lusting for years (maybe decades) . These three Amigos/Omegas are all I'll be needing for now... maybe an Aqua Terra would round it out, but really, I'm very satisfied! Now all I need is the perfect straps for all of .
  2. Christopher Ward makes some really nice pieces... enjoy!
  3. Yeah... I wanted them, but I'll take the money! 😁
  4. I did purchase a few Tudors from their other branch, and had a casual relationship with the previous manager... I stopped in every few months for a visit. I did get the call for the latest Seadweller , but I declined as it's just too heavy for me to be comfortable and I'm sizing down for the past few years. Anyway, it's a great and stealthy piece... just how I like them these days!
  5. So, to bring this ancient thread back to life... Has anyone see a decent 124060 available? I believe clean has one, but the movement is for the date version and the crown has 2 positions Question for the experts: Does the 124060 set the time in the same direction (backwards from previous sub/sd movements) as the ETA/AETA or is it opposite like previous versions of the *4060? I know the latest 126660 sets the time in reverse than previous SD versions (the same as ETA, i.e setting the time by turning the crown CW moves the minute hand back, CCW moves the minute hand forward).
  6. That's a fantastic build Freddy! Do you think the QF 116520 is the best out of the box these days compared to the others like Clean and BT?
  7. Jesus, that's just terrible... I hope this can all somehow work its way through
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