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  1. Beautiful watch :-) I have the V1... what's the difference? I love my BPFF!
  2. Oh man... I want this watch now :-S
  3. Rest in Peace
  4. This has surprisingly become my new daily...
  5. PAM 557 on Dirk olive shark!
  6. backache
  7. call
  8. job
  9. kiss
  10. dyke
  11. power
  12. I lived in BKK for 6 years... I never bought a rep there despite being at MBK many times... There are a few sellers in MBK that you can find good quality reps we are used to from our trusted dealers... but it's way safer to just buy from vetted sellers. I would not recommend buying reps in BKK or any other place in SE Asia for that matter