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  1. swdivad

    What will be your next purchase?

    I'm debating... it will be either this: OR
  2. Good move! It's a really nice and stealthy watch 🙂
  3. I can also vouch for Andrew, he is my normally goto guy, but some items he does not carry, and then i go to Toro Bravo!
  4. I'm with ya man... over 5k is out of bounds for me these days, building a house and saving for retirement
  5. I admit, I did buy a bathyscaphe at 478, but I still feel shitty about it. Nice watch, but still a rep
  6. Imagine a world where the reps are all exactly the same price across all dealers... (do do do do, do do do do (twilight zone music)) Methinks there's a new cartel in town, and it ain't just a couple of trusted dealers anymore. example: https://www.intime03.co/rollie/5476-pre-order-daytona-116520-904l-ss-case-noob-1-1-best-edition-black-dial-on-904l-ss-bracelet-sa4130.html https://puretime.io/daytona-116520-noob-1-1-best-edition-904l-ss-case-and-bracelet-black-dial-sa4130.html http://www.trustytime.biz/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=352&products_id=19155 https://www.ts-station.cn/goods.php?ProId=24763 ... and the list goes on and on And it's not just the pricing... Now we are forced to wait and wait while they stifle production, increase wait times, and increase prices due to rarity of the item... just like Rolex, Patek, and AP do. $658 for a rep Daytona?! (ok, ok, it has a clone movement is a step up, but it's still a rep) $488 for a rep AP chrono with faux chronos!? $698 for a rep RM??!! $478 for a ceramic bathyscaphe?! ... and the list goes on and on We're in the middle of another price wave. Is it time to go back to buying gens, or have the chinese won against switzerland yet?
  7. swdivad

    Oh my! BP Bathyscaphe!

    My wrist is about 6.8" and I don't think big at all
  8. swdivad

    Oh my! BP Bathyscaphe!

    My thoughts after a few weeks with this watch: Great quality Running very well Lume is stupendous! Dial is beautiful Very understated Got a compliment already from a stranger I believe the case is flawless Bezel is really super nice If you love this watch, I'd recommend buying it... I hope they come out with more colors, Blue was my first choice, but the quality sucked... This one is first rate!
  9. Last week I took delivery of this super nice dark grey ceramic GF Bathyscaphe from Andrew at Trustytime. Delivery was quick and painless, as usual, and the watch is beautiful. This is a very lovely watch and wears very well. I see no real flaws in quality, but have not done any in-depth comparison in regards to rep vs gen... Maybe others can chime in on that aspect. The finish is outstanding all around and the crown screws down better than any watch I own, rep or gen. The bezel is aligned perfectly and the bezel clicks are tactile, and not too weak. The dial is beautiful, print is excellent and slightly raised/glossy and all indices are aligned as they should be. The movement through the see-through caseback is very well adorned and looks very well finished, although I would think there's probably a lot different than the gen. I originally ordered the ZF Blue ceramic, but it was seeming to be impossible to get one with a decent crown, so I 'succumbed' to this... I have enough black watches already, and I'm still in the air whether this is a keeper (for me) yet because I think this would be even more stunning in a lighter colored case. Aside from that, it is a beautiful watch of extremely high quality. Anyway, enough blabbering, if you have any questions or want more views, just let me know 🙂
  10. I think I would not buy a gen AP, and 'probably' won't buy any more gen Panerai I would never buy a gen Rolex cuz everyone and his brother has one, and I try as hard as possible to not 'follow the crowd'. I will, although buy a great 12660 when the fix the pointy bezel as long as they don't screw anything else up. The only gens I have left are my Omega SMP Pro, Sinn U1, and G-Shock Rangeman (lol) I probably would buy an IWC Ingenieur 324402 and another Sinn (EZM 1.1 or T3) or two, possibly a GP Seahawk at some point... I've been quietly looking for an SMP Pro chrono in Titanium if I find a good deal. Other than that, the reps are so great these days, and the big watch companies are greedily pricing themselves out of control, it's hard to justify. My current rep lineup is: A beautiful AP FC Diver A fantastic Blancpain Fifty Fathoms A super duper Blancpain Bathyscaphe An Eddie Lee PAM 196G ETA 7753 A bootiful PAM 557 A PAM 000 .. and a really good T dial PAM 243J Here's my anti-Rolex watch just in, and it's growing on me (Thanks Andrew!)
  11. swdivad

    So who let the intern design a PAM

    it's [censored]' gross
  12. swdivad

    Oh my! BP Bathyscaphe!

    It's looking good... the movement isn't perfect, but the quality (especially the crown) is good quality, which was not the case on the blue ZF ceramic
  13. swdivad

    Oh my! BP Bathyscaphe!

    And another one!!! But, it seems nobody on this forum likes the Bathyscaphe too much... I think they're beautiful!
  14. I think Sinn's 'submarine steel' is much more significant for its purpose than 904L