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  1. swdivad

    Why Do So Many RO Reps Have 8 BPS?

    Has anyone noticed that TrustyTime now has the APRO FC Diver with the slow beat (21600) ETA 2846-2?
  2. swdivad

    What Omega are you wearing today?

    New duds for the SMP...
  3. swdivad

    Show the PAM combo you choose today

    PAM 243J on ADEEOS strap... Adeeos & RIP Kevin
  4. swdivad

    New V2 ARF SD arrived today

    I ordered mine 9 days ago... no QC pics yet... They are drip feeding these for some reason... Do you think they're trying to pull a Rolex exclusivity trick?
  5. swdivad

    My return to the forums *PICTORIAL*

    Wow! Pretty amazing run you're having there! No doubt you've made some dealer(s) very very happy too!
  6. swdivad

    ARF 126600 Rolex Sea Dweller opinions

    I was going to get one, but got this instead. I'll probably flip this and get Rolex down the track...
  7. From the yellowness of it, it's clear that it's the famous Luminor Urina... or is it urethra?
  8. swdivad


    So... scanning through the latest 'New Releases' links on TDs pages, I see this popping out at me like in the matrix: ZF GF VS KV MP GM ZZ ARF YLF VS/V6 XF/V6 BP JF MK NOOB PF WF VRF JH DJF JH/OM UR JK Looks like they're trying to develop a new code or language, or subliminal obfuscation at least... All I have to say is WTF??!!
  9. swdivad

    World’s first ARF Gentona?

    I found this topic in a search, and was just about to ask if RWG sprung a leak and RWI leaked in somehow... No wonder I hate that place, it's like that all the time over there sheeesh
  10. swdivad

    AP Picture thread

    Just in... Got the SS bracelet for it too, but changing the rubber out seems so difficult...
  11. Yes, it seems to have been fixed since yesterday... now if only post offices where the packages I sent would get fixed, I'd be relieved!