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  1. I have a suspicion, and the deal is too good to be true, but can any of you Daytona experts say this is not a rep?
  2. Different strokes I guess, cuz I just bought one from Andrew!
  3. Is anyone following the scandal blowing up over on TRF? https://www.rolexforums.com/showthread.php?t=722353 Short of the very long (30 pages in 2 days): Admin of AWBSS (Australia Watch Buy, Swap, Sell) facebook forum gets bagged by a buyer scamming him out of 29k for a rep Daytona (the buyer finally got a refund while the scammer backpeddled to try to save his reputation) This is the guy on YT (67k+ subscribers), where he reviews mainly Rolex watches, and also has posted a video pointing out the difference between Gen & Rep submariners: Dude must be shitting his pants... well deserved, I say! Here's the Cliff Notes pasted from TRF:
  4. Nice watch! I don't believe that's been repped, so most likely legit
  5. Happened to me,... I wish it was a heist! Could be that, mineral glass is a scratch magnet. FYI, Andrew has just added a few great quality J12s, but they're auto and not be suited for *most* women
  6. That's really scratched up for a sapphire... Did she have it in her handbag shaking around with some diamond rings? You'll definitely need to take the watch apart to replace the crystal by pressing it off from the back
  7. Thanks Mike... Just needed a push, I've just tried your method!
  8. Hi Guys... I bought a Sinn strap for my U1 last month from the US for $99. Had it shipped to my friend to onship ity to me, as they cannot ship directly to AU due to dealer territory restrictions. My friend shipped it, but it cost a whopping $69 to get it here! Obviously, he chose a more expensive than normal method, and also didn't help that it was a quite large box for the little envelope around the strap! Anyway, lesson learned to find a better method. I have a new digital audio player that he's going to ship over here, and wondering what's the best method to ship internationally with tracking from the US to Australia without taking an absolute bath!
  9. maybe the small penis comment is just distracting the world from his own (small penis) 😎
  10. Same here... the certificate has expired and chrome blocks it
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