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  1. I thought PC was not in the business anymore... Does he have these 177s anymore? I've been looking for the old PAMs like this or a 55/56 but haven't been able to source one from the current TDs
  2. Nice, but seems like a lot of contrast between the layers... does it look like that in real life?
  3. Jacob is your guy... super high quality straps at an affordable price! https://jacobstraps.com/en/
  4. First, I know it sounds like a "who has the best rep" question, but actually I've researched it quite heavily, as the investment is in the $5-600 range. I'm tossing up which to buy and what maker.... I've read a lot about the pros and cons of the factories and have narrowed my choice between: Patek Nautilus blue, grey, or white Daytona w/4130 clone My choice would be for the best accuracy out of the box These watches are showing great promise, and I would of course have to choose between the risk of open case back or closed I would love to just buy all of them, but need to choose only one (for now) I'm really just looking on feedback from people who have purchased recently and are as OCD as me (LOL)... and no, I will not buy a gen in the foreseeable future!
  5. Thanks Nanuq!... I'm just across the river...
  6. Damn, Sorry all... I just noticed that now there's a bucket-load of duplicate posts in The Panerai Area because the post didn't show up in my activity! FML
  7. It seems to work now, as it did with you... so well in fact, I made a duplicate post! Thanks for your help!
  8. Hello all, I have just purchased a quite nice PAM009B which was sold to me, at a very high price as having a Jimmy Fu case set. Can anyone here confirm my suspicions that this might not be the case, and if the case dimple should exist on a 9B series watch?
  9. Hey all! 🙂 I'm trying to post to the Panerai Area, but each time I submit the topic, it comes back to the post editor with the title blank saying I need to add the title, even though I've tried adding it many times... Am I missing something? I've never had a problem before :-S Cheers, D
  10. Great write-up, and that's a real beauty! I still have it's older brother after all these years!
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