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  1. Thanks... it's growing on me... Got a RubberB strap coming soon! Excellent wife! Nice watch! Very lucky guy!
  2. It's MY stigma that's the conflict really... I don't care what others think really, but I've had this funny feeling about Rolex being 'show-offy' by the masses for decades, and their marketing style, it just cemented that stigma in a bit better... But I got it, to try again, and now I'm starting to like it. I've even got a RubberB coming in the mail... In the meantime, I just got another MN strap for it in the meantime!
  3. My first genuine Rolex... I like the watch. I hate the stigma. It's a conflict. One thing's for sure, I do like it on an MN strap. I think I'll try rubber
  4. It's a good looking watch for sure, but in the end, a vintage watch of this age with no patina pretty much ruins it for me. I suppose I'd buy it for 3-4k (still more than it's worth IMO) without the bracelet, box, or papers... but the seller wouldn't go for close than that I think.
  5. Yes Nanuq, and the watch has been polished also. The seller came back to me... the price is <6500kUSD but no box/papers, or bracelet. He's also said the dial is a service dial... I've passed on purchasing and bought a 16600 full set instead, but here are some lug shots:
  6. Here's another one for the Rolex experts... Price is under 7kUSD (no box/papers, or bracelet and looks in extremely good condition. Is it too good to be true?
  7. I also want to get a gen... I'm seeing the prices are right around $US7500 for a 2000-2004 model... does that sound about right?
  8. Touché! although it has lasted as long as every other Rolex I've bought! Last one lasted about 3 weeks last year, was a 126600 They look good on the photos, then I feel funny with them on my wrist. I keep trying with Rolex, I can't seem to love the brand... give me an AP, Blancpain, IWC, Omega, Panerai, Sinn, or Vacheron and I'll become enamoured
  9. Yes, it's way too good to be true Methinks I'd better buy a 16600 to dip my toes in the Rolex pool
  10. $8000: https://www.mywatchmart.com/listing/447740-rolex-daytona-stainless-steel-black-dial/
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