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  1. happiness
  2. À votre santé!
  3. banger
  4. http://www.ttw-138.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_8&products_id=17328
  5. Thanks for the heads up... Most of my sunglasses are glass (revo, serengetti, etc), but these two I still like. Oh well, it's new no name generic lenses for the Oakleys, methinks I can't get them for the MJs :-(
  6. Hey all :-) So, I unfortunately have a few pairs of plastic lens sunglasses (Oakley and Maui Jim that I do like) that have become scratched or the surfaces have become distorted from the hot Bangkok climate... I can't seem to get any OEM replacements, but these sunglasses were quite expensive and the Oakleys are a limited titanium frame edition. Has anyone polished their plastic lenses back to smooth? I'm thinking either toothpaste or the plexi watch crystal polish.
  7. Yes, the dial is matte and extremely well done, even under a loupe!
  8. I just took delivery of this fine BP piece from Andrew... As I've said before, I'm not really a Rolex enthusiast, but this has definitely changed my feelings. Previous experience with Subs and SDs was that they were too small and light for me, but this is a whole different beast! It feels very substantial on my wrist, but not overbearing... a perfect fit. The bezel is really well done, with 'platinum' hued indices and the pearl seems perfect. The dial is very high quality and all the markers are flawless; Lume is bright and even. The crystal sticks up a bit from the bezel and the edge of it is beveled beautifully. I really love the bracelet, as it's super comfortable with the glidelock clasp. I might go for a Rubber B strap with this clasp down the track just to tone it down and tool it up a notch or 2 :-) Maybe some experts can chime in on the photos, but I can't flaw this, especially for under $250
  9. Nice watch! It's probably started to patina already :-)