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  1. I secondyour sentiments... I've been dealing with Andrew (and Joshua) for well over 10 years and they are stand-up guys. I believe you've been to an 'alternative' (fake) trustytime website... I'm amazed you got a watch at all!
  2. Trusty old SMP still a favorite!
  3. That movement would be in Luminor/Luminor Marina models, circa 2002-2005
  4. I've found that although RWI has a lot of useful information, my opinion is that a large proportion of the people there are total cnuts.
  5. Hi guys! First, I'd like to say Merry Christmas to you, and hope you and Yours have a (much) Happy New Year! I've recently acquired a few Noob and HF Panerai (026, 056, 177, 390) models... Two of them have pretty crappy center pin polish jobs on them, mostly a rough conical shape as opposed to the properly done slightly domed and highly polished center pin. To fix this, I thought to initially send one to my watchmaker to dome and polish... He's come back saying that the pins seem to be chrome plated over some red (possibly brass) metal. Has anyone experienced this, or even better, do any of you have a solution to these poorly manufactured center pins?
  6. New watch alert!... No time to die is right 🙂 My new favorite watch:
  7. Since I received the NTTD, I've been seriously contemplating getting the gen... only thing holding me back is the high price, with not a lot of discount being offered... Anyway, got a DiModell Chronissimo strap in brown for it, and it suits this watch perfectly IMO
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