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  1. was there proof of vac service when you got the watch

    If so I will take it

  2. aajaxx007

    30th March wristies

    Got a black magic woman ; ) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. aajaxx007

    Gen Planet Ocean observations

    I think any mass produced watch suffers from this to a certain degree. I remember having to take apart my gen Seamaster divers extension and correct the tension of the "V" split as the damn thing kept popping open every time I put the watch on (found out how to do this on the Omega forums as other gen owners had the same QC issue). Inline with your observation, the owner of a genuine watch has no reason (generally) to scrutinize his piece for inconsistencies with other genuine examples, while the rep owner is beleaguered by the prospect that his copy may have even the slightest of tells. Good eye and thanks for sharing. Regards, Ajax
  4. aajaxx007

    J12 Explorer 214270

    Hey just wanted to give that link to the J12/gen sub comparison I mentioned. If you want to be the canary in the cole mine, I would say you have a good chance of coming away with a nice piece. http://www.rwg.cc/topic/171754-j12-subc-vs-gen-a-quick-overview/
  5. aajaxx007

    J12 Explorer 214270

    Crumbs mate, would like to hear some more about J12 Rolex myself. Very impressed with their AP fit and finish, saw one positive review of their sub. Hope this thread gets some attention. Bump.
  6. aajaxx007

    The best Mont Blanc pens! Who?

    Thanks for all the communication gents, watching this one as well.
  7. aajaxx007

    verdict on blue dial yachtmaster?

    I have this great TC Franken (gen dial, bezel, crystal, crown). Would love to somehow turn this into a blue dial YM, anyone happen to know if the blue dial YM was offered in the original (non-supercase) watch?
  8. aajaxx007

    Best site to sell my Panerai

    Paneristi, get tied into that community, lots of great PAM trading going on over there. Side note: Of course we never talk reps on paneristi, but I always get a kick out of discovering bleed over membership (when the same straps for sale on the rep boards are also for sale on paneristi, I discover new friends).
  9. aajaxx007

    How the things go when you ask for a watch

    Love this post, if this were any other illicit good what you write would be a walk in the park. Makes me appreciate the reach our TDs have...
  10. Love hearing JCB talk watches. The Hublot line is starting to grow on me. We'll see...
  11. aajaxx007

    Thursday 17th wrist check

    On Safari today mates
  12. Ooo I remember when I thought my $150 Fossil was a real splurge and super classy. Takes me back...
  13. As it's a real chore to take my phone out of my pocket every time I want to check a text, email, etc I find myself wondering how I would go about wearing an iWatch or similar. My best guess is mechanical watch goes destro and iWatch goes on the left wrist (I am right handed). I will let you all know if this happens OP hang in there you are bound to run into a proper WIS at some point or other. Cheers!
  14. aajaxx007

    Linde Werdelin The One

    Keep your LW pics coming gents. This is one I wouldn't mind seeing more of. Here's a rep on gen strap that I liked enough to take screen grabs of (watch was for sale on one of the boards, if it's yours now congrats, you beat me to a great watch).
  15. aajaxx007

    Tuesday October 15th 2013

    Rolesium for today