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  1. I think you underestimate the amount of time that goes into one of the 809H cases. Those pointed crown guards are no easy feat, especially considering the little amount of material they have to work with. I personally have never seen anyone attempt such a mod, and certainly not pull it off with such precision and excellence as TM has. Grinding off crown guards is one thing, but reshaping them with such detail is an entire other ballgame. I have seen plenty of of 216A copies, and no offense to anyone here or elsewhere (quite a few on instagram) but they don't come anywhere close. I shudder
  2. Pretty obvious that tempus got their inspiration from that 5512. They don't exactly seem like the kind of people that miss details or "forget" to add an m. Seems like they know what they're doing quite well.
  3. This seller always starts his items at $0.99. He is very reputable and a trusted seller. I would not be so quick to call it fake because the bidding is low.
  4. I believe its 809H. I love the 216A, but I also love this. Pointed crown guards on a modern sub is pretty ambitious, and the detail of the dial is incredible. TM is definitely in a class of their own in the custom market.
  5. by "luck" you mean me Looks great buddy, congrats
  6. some serious hatorade cocktails up in here. there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the dial.
  7. pretty sure that dial is 100% genuine. not only is it a fairly great example, but I happen to know the seller and would find it extremely unlikely that he would sell a dial as gen that was not. rest easy droptop, that watch is amazing..
  8. congrats buddy. she's a beauty and a great seller you acquired her from. dont see many of those barts in such great shape. where her well.
  9. it's original if Stahl says so
  10. well the site is legit, but are the shoes? are they replicas? replicas
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