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  1. Hello Just saw it on the Bay.is it real? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  2. cant send you a pm...clean your box?

  3. What are you saying about the rep? Any good? Seems preety decent to me... Any one have it to comment? Thanks for the help..
  4. hello received a mail invatation from friend of mine on other forum for this new website: www.hwatches.webs.com i took a look and it seems like a very nice forum and its got a replica section! its seems like new website but very promissing..
  5. hello i have a problem with my omega upo. when i tried to wind it its not moving...i tried to tap a little on the case back and than its start moving but stops after a few seconds. (when im pulling the crown i can notice that the dial is moving as well..) i opened the case back and there is no anti magnetic inside.the movement holder is free as a bird and if i flip the watch its just falls with the movement and dial!!! how should i fix it??
  6. hello mate

    will you consider to sell your breitling blacksteel?


  7. i know i have the balls.. but i like the look of the sabs so much and the gen is out of my price range. the rep looks so close so if i will put a breitling heart in it may be it will make me feel better.
  8. to put a gen b13 movement in the super avenger blacksteel? what else should i do to make it perfect? any dial issues to be fix?(some telling that the lume dous are to close to the numbers and its a tell that cant be fix)
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