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  1. I got my TC V6 Sub about 3 weeks ago. It has now replaced all of my replicas. I never thought I'd say good bye to my PAM 111.TC's the closest thing to out of the box perfection (if there ever was right?). I'm seriously considering buying a real 3135 movement and putting into this. Welcome back and best of luck!
  2. Well damn, this is good work. /Subscribed. I'd love to see if we can commission you to make a couple. PM me if you have a chance.
  3. Thanks for the quick review! Can you please post more pictures, I'm extremely interested in the pearl. I had the first generation LMPOs that suffered from the dials so I'm looking to get this one.
  4. Nice! I feel like bezels are the finishing touch on any omega rep. Sure wish someone was able to source the bezels for the CrPOs. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  5. Ah, he's completely right. I missed the part where you said chrono. The non chrono version uses the Calibre 2500. I would never buy an SMP to turn into a fraken when you can easily buy them for 2-3k used. Best of luck! Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  6. I believe it's the Calibre 2500. I've had good luck finding them on eBay from known Swiss vendors. I hope someone can confirm that the movement can fit inside the case though!
  7. Ask them to align the bezel to the hour markers and to take a straight picture rather then one at the angle. I don't understand how they don't catch on. The lume could be better.
  8. The dial looks really nice on this. Sad that the first releases were plagued by the hour markers, it's the only reason I don't wear mine at all. Even the replacement dial they sent out had terrible markers. Good to see this! I might just get another one!
  9. Do you mind telling us what dealer you got this from? The pearl seems to be top notch.
  10. Thanks for the reply man, I appreciate it. I ended up looking at a technical breakdown of the clasp and I guess I must have lost the pin when it ejected. I ended up ordering a Brady Strap for it (about $35 USD) and called it a day.
  11. God, I wish they took better pictures. Ask them for pictures where the watch is laying down, completely straight. None of this angle bullshit that makes it impossible to see what's really crooked. The spacing seems to be good on the markers but I think the one at the 9 Hour could be crooked. Bad optical illusions when they're at an angle.
  12. What camera are you using, I was always curious about taking up close shots. Nice SMP btw!
  13. Hi! So, welcome aboard. 1. This isn't the noob version but it's still a pretty decent version. I would recommend reading this thread: http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/158918-crpo-45-mm-titanium-review-with-pics/ While this model does have inconsistencies with the gen, it's still a nice rep. Look on the last page of the thread for it on a rubber strap. The noob ones have been shown around with teasers but I've been hearing that they will be released for a long time now. Trusty Time is a good TD and good luck with the pearl, it's one of the things none of the reps can get right (with the exception of a couple of SMPs and the Noob LMPO). I can't comment on the box but I do believe the leather ones are included with the purchase and the wooden ones are given when your watch comes back from service (or if the AD likes you The correct term should be Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 45.50 mm Titanium Liquidmetal® with the gen Calibre 8500. Yeah. That's a crazy long name. Here is the press release if you want to hear all of the gen specifics: http://www.omegawatches.com/press/press-kit-text/2372 Gen Pics: http://forums.watchuseek.com/f20/first-omega-planet-ocean-8500-liquid-metal-titanium-811134.html Let me know if you have any other questions!
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