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  1. Great to see you're back! Looking forward to some shots of your incredible work 😉
  2. Thanks Tomhorn. Interesting lhooq said that the SK it's closest to the original domed version, but most seem to prefer the new gen T21 with bevelled edge. He also says "Aftermarket versions of the new-style T21 exist" Does anyone know a source for these... It's been 10 years since this was posted 🙂
  3. Is there any picture comparison of the Clark, SK, Gen etc? Would be great to see them side by side.
  4. Hi all Shopping around for some parts for my cartel 6263 for an economical build. Which is the best crystal? Gens are going for approx 150 euro and aftermarket ones (Clark) are less than 10! Is there a good side by side comparison of the clark (or other service item) and a gen crystal? Would prefer to allocate the money to a dial, bezel if the crystals are pretty much identical. thanks in advance
  5. Hi All I have a lovely 116600 (SD4K) and it has a (apparently) Swiss 2386 fitted. I'm having a problem with changing the time on it. Date and winding etc. is fine. I can only change the time to make it earlier. If I need to move the time forwards, the crown will eventually screw off the spindle. I think this is simply a case of needing to screw the crown on tightly. Any ideas on if this is a difficult task? I'm scared of opening the watch and removing the pin/spindle....I tried a DIY repair years ago on a Hublot Big Bang and it didn't go so well
  6. Hi Legend Its just the angle and camera phone...Cyclops is fine I took it to the Audemars boutique in London to have it authenticated before I paid for it. I know how good reps and frankens can be now, so didn't take any changes. That is the great benefit of this hobby.
  7. Hi all Does anyone have an idea why the coronets an all Rolex reps are so bad? Looking at gens, its clear that the 'dots' on the coronets are rounded and not flat - but all the reps do not have this 3D quality. Considering that the coronet is the logo of Rolex, I would have thought this would have been one of the first things to get right. I can look at any OTB replica Rolex and tell its a rep, just by looking at the coronet...which is a shame. Surely there is a market for good quality coronets out there? I am contemplating a build of a vintage, but all the di
  8. Congrats on the watch - that looks awesome. Looks like ARF have just raised the stakes in the rep game and its about time! Can you confirm for me please: 1. Do the dates look centred to your eye? I am no perfectionist, so will take an owners word on it 2. How does the date change over? Is it instant/click or is it gradual? 3. Does the movement make any sound i.e. if you deliberately spin the rotor inside is it noisy? 4. Lots of talk about the 'sharp' teeth on the bezel - how sharp are we talking? Can this be modded or does it require an update from ARF? Th
  9. From my understanding the ARF is a great rep. The first version had short hands, bad date wheel font and sharp bezel. ARF fixed the short hands and the date wheel font - we can call this the V2. So, the main tells now are the sharp bezel and the hands are not '3d' enough - but this is the case on all reps. If ARF produce a V3 which has softer bezel, then this is next on my list. Or is there a mod to rectify this? Are there any after market hands which are better on this watch? I assume gen hands cost more than the entire rep! Also, the ARF version
  10. Ok - so have now requested specific pictures of sections of the watches (and movement which I've paid for separately) I order to relieve my concerns. I do feel like this will annoy the TD (as they have to take a more pics), but their original photos were not clear enough and were never of a flat watch. On the seller sites, the photos are very very clear and show all that's needed...its not too much to have similar photos on your actual watch which is being sent out (IMO).
  11. Thanks all. Would you reject a QC for this reason?
  12. I am seeing this quite a lot and wondered if this is common? The bezel is not aligned perfectly and is visibly off - I have highlighted this with the line drawn on. This doesn't appear to be a 'click' issue - so if its moved a click in the direction to resolve the alignment, it looks too much (hope that makes sense). Do a lot of people get this issue and how can it be fixed on a DSSD or SD4K (both NOOB).
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