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  1. So my Tudor 7032 needs to have a pusher repaired. The bottom pusher no longer works. when you unscrew the pusher it comes out of the case. I know to fix this I will have to remove the 7734 from the case. I assume that I will need to push the pin that secures the crown/stem. Then I have to unscrew the fasteners that hold the movement in the watch? Anything else that I need to know or be careful of? Also, are there any tutorials on line to repairing the pusher? I have two nicer pusher but I am not sure the thread pitch on them is correct. Thanks for you time and help.
  2. Looks great! I wish I still had mine.
  3. Thanks, M. It worked out great! I used a case press to get the bezel on the rest of the way.
  4. So I have a more accurate crystal on my Tudor 7032. I had to sand the bezel to make it fit. I have used crystal glue to put the crystal on. I have sanded the bezel so I can almost push it on all way. There is just a very small gap to get it to go on all the way. Should I sand it just a little more or use a case press to get it on the final amount. I do not know the best/normal option. Obviously I do not want to break the plastic crystal. This is the same process and assembly as a Daytona 6263/6265. The other option would be to sand the crystal a little more than then push it the rest of the way by hand.
  5. I would love to have your assistance but I think you are too far from me. I hate having to ship it out of the country.
  6. This is a learning experience. I mauled up the hands after I tried to make the tube in the underside shorter so the hands would set lower. I need to get some more hands now. Any suggestions? I saw Yuki had some. Emailed to see if I could just get the chrono hands. Also wholesale outlet 990 on the bay has some. They are all silver but I could pain the arms. Those are made for a 7750. I wonder if they would work on a 7734.
  7. I just put new and more correct chrono hands on my Tudor 7032. The problem now is that it appears the stems one hands are slightly longer. This causes the hands to be raised just a little more than the original hands. I think there is room to make an adjustment with the hands. What is the procedure for doing this? Can this be done while the hands are on the watch? Thanks!!!
  8. I am in the process. It is a lot of sanding but I am real close. I have more accurate chrono hands as well that are silver on the hub instead of black. Do I need a case press tool or can I use a hand case press tool?
  9. I am not sure. I got it in a group buy with some other members a few years ago. It seems to fit the watch perfect. It will require a good bit of sanding to get it to fit.
  10. I have a DW Tudor 7032. I have a new more accurate crystal for it. The crystal seems to fit fine but the bezel will not quite fit over it. It is common to have to sand the inside of the bezel so that it will fit?
  11. I have not been on the forum in a while and I do not see any recent posts about his subs. I know his website has been down for a while.
  12. His website has not been updated in a long time and there has not been much mention of him on here. Can you still get subs from him?
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