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  1. Thanks guys. Maybe i Keep the TC movement and try to repair it. The problem is- when i put the watch, after a while the hands stop move. I need open the crown, rotate and load it. what it can be and which part should to swap?
  2. Hello. I have TC SUB V6. I have problem with the movement. Possible replace the movement to 3135 or it doesn’t fit? Thanks
  3. Thanks for your great answer. So if i understand you well i can buy the crystal and if necessary just replace the gasket?
  4. Hello, I have tc sub v6. looking for a gen rolex crystal. someone offered me a used crystal- B25-295-C1. it will fit to the sub? whats indicate the B at the begining of the model? as well i see there are c1 and c2 modles. whats the difference? I want to make sure i buy the right model. Thanks
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