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  1. Hi Mate,


    I upgraded my account last month, which was VIP for 3 months, yet I have been charged again this month? Can you explain why this has happened?




    Graham (dwswatches0

  2. Rolex Day-Date Tridor

    No, I can't remember who I dealt with, it was during 2002-2003, I think he was called Jason. I remember his e-mail was replikatime, or something like that. He supplied me with swiss eta replicas. Vertu phones. Someone else I use to deal with was Rebecca time, another supplier.
  3. Rolex Day-Date Tridor

    No, I have not seen any dealers offering these now. You might, if your lucky find an old rep one for sale, but again I haven't seen any for sale!
  4. Vintage GMT Master

    Thanks for the reply, and I note your comments. I agree, all the rep GMT's seem to have these large cases, I am not sure of anyone who seems to have built anything like what I am after.
  5. Vintage GMT Master

    Sorry mate, I'm after a replica one, but thanks anyway.
  6. Vintage GMT Master

    I am after buying a vintage Rolex GMT Master, however I do not seem to be able to obtain exactly what I am after. The type I want has the dial quite close to the Glass, or in other words has a very slim rehault. I attach a picture of a genuine Rolex GMT Master from the early 1980's, can anyone suggest where I can purchase one?
  7. Best Replica?

    Yes, and I think they are using genuine photo's!
  8. Best Replica?

    Has anyone had experience of this website?: http://bestreplica.sr/
  9. Rolex Datejust, where can I buy?

    Guys, I bought one from Sead.
  10. Rolex Datejust, where can I buy?

    Thanks guys.
  11. Rolex Datejust, where can I buy?

    Thanks guys, yes it from the Hodinkee article, it looks a classy watch, in 36mm. Dealers do ones that are close, but usually don't have the same dial. I'll try Sead.
  12. I am after an exact rep of this Rolex Datejust, does anyone know of any dealers selling this exact model:
  13. Applie Watch

    Anyone know who is selling replica Apple Watches?
  14. Yes, I have had both, and they seem fine. Its the weight that gives them away on a Day-Date, but a Gold/Steel Bracelet should be fine.
  15. Mymanmatt does it again! check out my pics

    Sorry to ask, how much did you pay? Matt has made me a Day-Date, but I must admit, I love this watch!