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  1. I can get hold of them, they have changed a bit from what they were. If you want them for your own use or to fool friends, then its fine. However, if you are trying to con someone then this is not on, and any AD will know its a fake card.
  2. Hi Mate,


    I upgraded my account last month, which was VIP for 3 months, yet I have been charged again this month? Can you explain why this has happened?




    Graham (dwswatches0

  3. No, I can't remember who I dealt with, it was during 2002-2003, I think he was called Jason. I remember his e-mail was replikatime, or something like that. He supplied me with swiss eta replicas. Vertu phones. Someone else I use to deal with was Rebecca time, another supplier.
  4. No, I have not seen any dealers offering these now. You might, if your lucky find an old rep one for sale, but again I haven't seen any for sale!
  5. Thanks for the reply, and I note your comments. I agree, all the rep GMT's seem to have these large cases, I am not sure of anyone who seems to have built anything like what I am after.
  6. Sorry mate, I'm after a replica one, but thanks anyway.
  7. I am after buying a vintage Rolex GMT Master, however I do not seem to be able to obtain exactly what I am after. The type I want has the dial quite close to the Glass, or in other words has a very slim rehault. I attach a picture of a genuine Rolex GMT Master from the early 1980's, can anyone suggest where I can purchase one?
  8. Yes, and I think they are using genuine photo's!
  9. Has anyone had experience of this website?: http://bestreplica.sr/
  10. Thanks guys, yes it from the Hodinkee article, it looks a classy watch, in 36mm. Dealers do ones that are close, but usually don't have the same dial. I'll try Sead.
  11. I am after an exact rep of this Rolex Datejust, does anyone know of any dealers selling this exact model:
  12. Anyone know who is selling replica Apple Watches?
  13. Yes, I have had both, and they seem fine. Its the weight that gives them away on a Day-Date, but a Gold/Steel Bracelet should be fine.
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