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  1. Now this is interesting! What are the specs?
  2. Sometimes I think I should sell this and buy one of those:
  3. Thanks! It's all camera and genuine IWC My precious.
  4. This is something very special. The skills needed, just wow! End result: something you see only once I think. Congrats!
  5. This comparison is so great, thanks for doing this!
  6. Wow, nice! What are the genuine parts you got?
  7. I can't find words for this build, it is phenomenal! Look at that movement! So amazing. I had one of these but I was looking for a genuine movement and no luck, so I sold it and maybe getting a genuine one day. Still my favourite watch! Thanks for sharing this with us!
  8. Wow, that ar looks good, as well as the whole watch. As I am not sure if I will do any more rounds after this current, it is good to have new possibilities. Just some additional questions about the ar, sorry not SO interested of this particular watch model: can you get individual crystals ar coated, and what is the reflection color of this ar?
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