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  1. Hello Guys, I am planning to buy a watch case set with Dial and Hands. All I can filter on two top suppliers -> Raffle Dials and Bosshua 007 Please share your experience with either of these dealers? how precise they are with the quality
  2. I've got a pretty solid 5009-09 Le Petit Prince rose gold rep - it's on a high-quality LVMH strap with orange lining by Peter. It's factory otherwise, anyone done any nice mod's to these?
  3. Micro Review by DrGran Ordered: IWC0339 - IWC Pilot Chronograph Ref.3777 SS/SS Black V6F A7750 from Trusty Description: V6 Top Edition in SS Bracelet! This is V2 Edition Special Upgrade! At first it seemed it was not from V6 factory as decribed, but rather from the ZF factory....... ...but Trusty assured me it is indeed a V6 and that they just put ZF QC stickers on it as they have these lying around. Rep of a rep situation!!! Very odd, but its the replica jungle and who knows!? Now the 3777 10 watch: First impression is that it is about the same quality as the best 3777 01 from 2014 (the version with triple date window). AR: OK Dial: OK Hands: OK Case brushing and rounding of edges: OK Crown: Could be better logo quality (more crisp), Crown, tube and its threads likely a weak spot on this, lets hope it dosent strip... AR: OK Lume: Could be better even if it lingers quite some time (not worth taking the photo) Bracelett: Correct type (and it is different from and more masculine compared to the 3777 01) Clasp and IWC engraving: OK and deeper engraved IWC than on my previous one Microstepper: OK Caseback: Looks very good and engravings deep enough Movement: I have not opened the caseback but it runs on time for the 2 days I have worn it, the reliability of Day and Date change might be an issue.......its a replica Wristshot: Conclusion: This 3777 10 is gen-like to me. This is the kind of watch I like. I find the bracelet comfortable. This will likely become the watch that I will wear often. My daily beater, if it keeps running on time. NB! My very handsome 3777 01 replica from TORO in 2014 for comparison. Notice the triple date and the different style bracelet (this watch will be sent off for service soon):
  4. Hi Guys, I'm looking for IWC 18mm deployant or buckle. Any recommendation on good quality ones is highly appreciated. Thank You
  5. Hi guys, Would you be able to tell me if the 5001 dial attached is genuine. The wording looks correct to me. Numbers looked aligned too. What do you guys think? Cheers, AP
  6. IWC "Cousteau Divers" 2008 This is the 2008 special edition IWC Aquatimer Chronograph Cousteau Divers “A tribute to Calypso” which incorporates a stilysed picture of the research vessel on the backcase. The Calypso, the legendary research vessel of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, was a converted minesweeper, as afficionado’s are aware from countless films. Like the standard model this "Cousteau Diver" has the useful, supplementary function of a rotating inner bezel that is indispensable for diving, but which can only be rotated in a single direction for safety reasons. The chronograph reset button at 4.00 is designed with a dual function – as a crown for adjusting the unidirectional rotating bezel and, at the same time, as a reset button for the chronograph. Amazingly some specifications for this watch sourced out at Toro (thx Toro) for a nice price are the same as for the gen: - Glass: sapphire, convex, anti-reflective - Crown: screwed - Case diameter: 44 mm - Case height: 15 mm - Weight: 146 g The AR is amazing and it wears comfortable, nice sweeping secs at 9, daydate function and a blue dial that is just fantastic light blue in the sunshine, deeper blue inside or in the evening. Really should have gone for this long before. Very good time keeping and outstanding power-reserve. Nice chronominute change when the second hand hits 12. This will see a lot of wrist-time this Spring/Summer. Enjoy the pics. Just look at this....protective covers still on the chronopushers:)
  7. Actually we can skip BP as clearly being not very good, but the SWF version seems to be the best, have a look at the pictures, they got the concentric circles right as well as the two-tone lume (hands vs. markers) and the sunburst, even the engravings on the backside are very good (not that I would care very much for that). Of course the rotor of the ZF is better decorated, but IMO that does not matter the slightest bit on a closed caseback anyway. So actually my vote goes for the SWF, but I would like to make use of the wisdom of the forum, what do you guys think? SWF: http://puretime.watch/product/pilot-chrono-ss-3878-swf-gray-dial-on-ss-bracelet-a7750/ ZF: http://puretime.watch/product/pilot-chrono-ss-iw387802-zf-11-best-edition-on-brown-leather-strap-a7750/ V2: http://puretime.watch/product/pilot-chrono-ss-3878-silver-dial-on-brown-leather-strap-a7750-v2/
  8. This example arrived today from another member sale (pumpkineater123). I spent an hour polishing the case, greasing/waterproofing the seals, cleaning the inner case, cleaning the hands and centering the date wheel in the window. It is a nice dress piece for those blue days and is going to work great with jeans and a sweater. With a suit...perfection. The dial outside of the case is quite incredible....better radiant blue color and sunburst than the current Patek Nautilus, in fact. Super rep level that will never be questioned in the wild given the 2011 vintage and limited 1000 unit run. Enjoy a few photos of my work.
  9. History of the REP IWC Portuguese 7 Days 5001: In 2008 the REP Maker came out with the first generation of IWC Portuguese 7 Days (Ref : 5001). This version was not even close to the GEN 5001 as the Sub-dial spacing was too close, sunken date, the No: 4, Movements plate, prints, etc etc etc. After 7 years of waiting, in AUG 2015 ZF and YL join forces to research and developed a new movement which elevate the REP IWC 5001 to another level. They bought GEN and spent many months doing research to make the best IWC 5001 and finally they've succeeded. This blows a lots of people mind on how possible this 7 days movement can be replicated because this movements was build in-house by IWC and have taken watchmaker many years of research and study. Here you go, year 2015 is the year of IWC and not only the 5001 but also other great IWC rep from ZF and YL. By having this movement repped, it opens up lots of opportunities on IWC model such as Annual Calendar (IW5035). Following are the first model from 2008 : IWC 7 Days (5001) details specifications : - YL and ZF are making these, same movement. YL Released it first, ZF will take times to perfect it. ETA OCT 15 PR = 3 Days (Working PR Subdial) (72 hrs - been tested and confirmed by many owners) Price est : $350 Size : 42mm x 14mm Strap : 22/18mm Length : 135/55mm (deployant) Movement is collaboration of YL and ZF (Base on Asian 23J automatic movement) Spare Parts might not be available Low production capacity Model : White/Gold, Laureus, White/Blue, Black/Black, Ardoise, Panda. Comparison ZF and YL 50 01 These info are gathered from Forums, users and personal findings online. I will update this table from time to time when new information available. Credit to all contributors. PM me if you have any info to add regarding this specific IWC 5001 Comparison (ZF and YL) ZFYLPRODial Colour – Yellowish (Same like GEN) Rotor – Better looking Case – Same dimension to Gen Printing – Wording on ZF looks close to GenHands – Better finish Case – Maybe on V3unknownSubdial – more reflective Numerical Crook (misaligned) Fonts - IWC Schaffhausen (not same as 5001) but maybe same as 5007 Price – ZF more expensive Crown – Pushed in fullySubdial – less reflective Numerical Crook (misaligned) Fonts - IWC Schaffhausen (not same as 5001) but maybe same as 5007 Price – YL Cheaper Crown – Cannot pushed in fullyCONRotor movement noisy Hands – Not as good as YLDial colour – too White Rotor – different than Gen Rotor movement noisy Crown – Cannot pushed in fully Printing – Not as good as ZFSTRAPS DETAILS : - (Credit to GenTLe (RWG)) Many was asking if Curved End strap can be installed in 5001 like in 5007 model. Yes, they can but you will find a big gap when using curved end strap because 5007 have closer lug holes to the case than 5001. (comparison below, straight vs curved strap) You decide which one best suite you! ZF & YL NEW MOVEMENT DECORATION (27/11/15) Comparison of new movement : - (ZF Estimate End of DEC out) YL already out - called V4. ZF new movement deco is closer to Gen. There are differences between the two new plate if you look closely. YL movement decoZF movement deco YL movement deco Sorry, this is YL V5!! (Not V4) - same as everyone, can't keep up with YL anymore.GEN vs ZF V2 Comparison : - ZF V2 has removed the centre movement (circle in RED) and improve the whole plate to mimic the gen. In Red in what improvement in ZF V2.This bit of plate is very close to GEN includes the marking.Top movement compare : - 1) Added IWC marking 2) Correct side with markings 3) Fixed escapement wheel beneath the longitudinal structure of the splint screw (still slightly different than Gen but lots of correction been made) 4) Copper plate fixing similar to GenBottom movement compare : - 1) 3 wheels alignment changed, closer to Gen. 2) Marking on the side similar to Gen. 3) Copper bit fixing plate location similar to Gen. Link = Dial Measurements from Master DOMI (credit to Sharrkey)Colour Difference : Rotor Difference : Fonts Details : There are two version of Gen 7 Days (5001 - Pre 2014 and 5007 - Post 2014) I won't get into comparison between the two but what I want to point out was the Fonts of these two was different. Therefore I think ZF and YL are more on the 5001 dial/ fonts.(Credit to rhc22, sub007 and Ruski91)Black Dial Comparison : (Credit to diaby2afc)Gen dial - more glossy Rep dial - more matte subdials: rep is more reflectiveLaureus GEN vs ZF vs YL Note: Not all GEN are pointing at 12 O'clock direction so this is just a REF. Most complete comparison of Laureus, credit to 小陳玩复刻 Movement Details : ETA uses a type of ball bearing automatic disc on the gear structure, the gear structure is currently used by the vast majority of the watch, the durability of this structure is very positive, but not very on gear efficiency. Seiko magic Lever is a hook jaw which cannot be compared. So - On Gen, more than 10 hours to be worn over to get to full wind, and REP i guess it takes more than 20 hours of normal wear to fully wind. Power Reserve on REP is actual 72 hrs and Gen is 168 hrs. Movement type engraved on GEN is 51011,but on REP is 61016. Gen beat rate is 21600 and REP beat rate is 28800 (Better!!!). Movements research reference based on Panerai P.3000 case, by China made 23J with left sub-dial for Sec and Right for the PR (Power Reserve indicator), polished to the details to mimic 1:1 Gen.5001 Movement from the front looks like 7750, back looks like ST25 (based on the big and small wheel). Looking at automatic mechanism plate, (similar to 2824) Movement Reliability : Case Comparison : Deployant/ Clasp : (Credit to : vingsam) For Regulating : Use these two bitsCrown Details : Gen have about 0.5mm Gap Blue hands investigation : Hands color check, you can see at the back of the hands is purple color but after scratch off the hands inside is metal. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10/01/2016 - NEW Version Comparison (Gen vs ZF v2 vs YL v5) - Latest model comparison!!! Credit to 万嘉名品 1. LOGO Comparison - The fonts are doing well from the 3D printing. 3D printing font technique make the print raised. GEN IWC used 3D printing technique.2. Cannon Pinions3. Hour Hand Comparison - Gen is flat, ZF little curved, YL lot curved4. Minutes Hand compare - Gen Min slight curved.5. PR subdial compare - all have concentric circle, ZF PR hand slightly longer.6. Sec Subdial comparison - Gen subdial and hands are even (In middle), ZF hands slightly longer, YL at the outer ring.7. Date comparison - YL print bit rough, ZF and YL 3D Print “AUTOMATIC" and "SWISS MADE" is well made. 8. Date Print Compare - ZF and YL not have 3D Printed Date.9. Index and Numerical - there are two Gen dial (One is a bit dirty) , ZF and YL Edging is alright but different in colour, ZF bit darker, YL bit lighter. GEN bottom is white, ZF and YL bottom both blue.10. Movements Comparison ROTOR11. Movements comparison - Many people not keen on new movements and don't know about it. Today this movement have a name and called Dandong c.61016. because it was produced in Dandong. Movements LOGO, deco / plate and stamp of ZF and YL really good, Shock resistant part on ZF looks a bit different. Note the difference of the Barrel of ZF V2 and new YL V5, ZF did not cover Barrel with plate but YL did. These are the changes YL did until the latest version they called Version 5 (V5).
  10. hi there, i've been far from the forum, because university but now i'm back xD So i need your help with one thing i'm in love with the iwc 3878 from andrew, and i want to know some opinions about the watch, the 6 secs problem is fixed? its good in the wrist? the bracelet have the original function of clicking in iwc logo it can be done an little adjustment to the size of the bracelet? the links came off easly? sorry for all the questions, but its the first watch that i'm going to buy if thers no big problem with it let me know thanks to all
  11. Franken IWC Ingenieur Chronograph 3725-01/04 Hybrid Today I'm going to present you a rare bird...my franken IWC Ingenieur 3725-01/04 Hybrid Chronograph. The 3725 chrono seems to be not that popular at the rep fora...at least there is no introduction and not that much else to find around here and the other rep fora. So here are a little infos about the gen... Ingenieur Chronograph Ref. IW3725 Features Mechanical chronograph movement small second with stop device Movement Calibre: 79350 Vibrations: 28,800/h Jewels: 31 Power reserve: 44h Winding: automatic Case Material: stainless steel Inner case: soft iron for protection against magnetic fields Glass: sapphire, antireflective, resistant against pressure drop Crown: screwed Water-resistant: 12 bar (120 m) Diameter: 42.5 mm Height: 13.5 mm Weight Watch and bracelet in stainless steel 205 g A very informative article about the Ingenieur can be found here at purists.com http://www.p178host.com/iwcgallery/ingenieur2005/_inge2005.html Now back to my watch Only a few weeks ago I was able to buy this as a Noob version over at the other rwg. The moment I saw her for sale I fell in love with her and had to get her. The bracelet was too short for me but I didn't care...if it wasn't possible to find a new bracelet or at least one or two links I still could buy a nice strap. While on the hunt for a link or a bracelet I stumbled over a gen 3725-04 dial in great condition...why not franken it I asked myself and within a heartbeat the dial was mine I already had a gen swiss 7750 to put into and the day the dial arrived I went to Domi to let him build my franken. And...lucky me...he had a gen link which perfectly fit to the noob bracelet That was Tuesday this week...yesterday he was done with my watches and so I picked her up. Once on the wrist he told me that he had a present for me but it's already on the watch... He had some older gen hands lying around that were initially for the 3725-04 Chrono but since I already had a 3725-04 dial on it he decided to put in on my watch The gen swiss 7750 is modified with Domis famous sec@6 mod and is as reliable as the gen 79350 now (which is in fact a modified 7750 ) Specs of my IWC Ingenieur Chrono: Gen 3725-04 dial Gen 3725-04 hands Gen swiss 7750 with Domis sec@6mod Noob case, crystal, cb and bracelet (except one gen link) Now on to the pics...
  12. I just received my IWC Portofino Chrono. Pictures are here. I am concerned about a couple things, and wondering if I am over reacting. 1. this is supposed to be AR coated... I may not understand the meaning but the crystal doesn't seem super clear. 2. this watch feels really hollow and the movement seems to shake and spin a great deal...Is this normal? Feels kinda hollow but, maybe thats because I'm used to wearing a submariner? When I tap on it, I can hear the watch shake inside. . . Is this all normal? What do you all think?
  13. Hello guys, Been a while since I've come on here! Was wondering if anyone could tell me if this IWC clasp (I have attached images) is genuine. Some have an oval logo in between Swiss made and acier inox writing and some don't, is this just based on the year it was made? Anyway if this looks legit to you or rep, let me know your thoughts. cheers, AP
  14. Hello to all members Thank you for this forum My name is Laurent, I am 33 and live in Paris. I work in the business consulting area but I am a mechanical engineer and I am very attracted by mechanical watches as a hobby/collection. I own several watches (Speedmaster, BR03-92, Classima Ltd Edition, etc.) So far I also try to make my own mods and projects usings parts and movements from here and there, mostly sourcing on the bay. I have purchased case, dial, bezel and glass of a Portuguese on the bay. I need the 79350 and buy some hands to complete. Allthought I have read many posts on this forum, the detail level of your conversations and the numerous threads available make me confused. I would really appreciate if someone could answer some of the questions below questions if possible Thank you so much in advance Best regards to you all Laurent 1. what % of chance is the case/dial/bezel/glass to be a rep ? how to know ? (quality seems great/flawless) 2. is there any way to purchase a gen 79350 somewhere today on the internet ? (i saw one on ebay.fr once ... how is it with.com and other domain names ?) 3. how far is this difficult to adapt a 7750 i.e. move the second @9hr to 6hr ? any modules available somewhere ? 4. what are your favorite purchasing websites for parts & movements ? especially for Portuguese projects ?
  15. Hello mates, I have just bought an IWC Ingy Ti and just thinking on fixing the DW misalignment. Read a lot of "Lello" DWs, but do you know where could I find one os something similar? Thanks! Greetings form SpainReplyReport
  16. This is my collection at this very moment. Some of these are from the a previous raffle that I was lucky enough to win. Thanks Mike on a bike btw. I also have couple cheapies I'm about to sell that didn't make it into the pics, but they will be gone soon. Omega Railmaster XXL Omega 300 Master Co-Axial IWC PIlot Chrono 3717 Vac Lumed IWC Portuguese Ardoise Rolex DSSD AP T3 Titanium Bell & Ross BR-126 Heritage w/ gen strap Tag Heuer Monaco Rose Gold Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold Tudor Pelagos
  17. Here's the main collection, dials, up close and personal - taken with Olloclip and iPhone 6+ No editing or filters - I'm working to get better at this. I'll be running them through Photoshop post-processing, and I'll repost then in a comment.
  18. So, at last, here is my small contribution to IWC afficionados. Enjoy listening, enjoy the summer, enjoy IWC. http://goo.gl/UVEmL1
  19. While in the search for Mark XVII Edition “Le Petit Prince” (Ref. IW326506) rep, I came across that V6F released this 3777-06 petit prince version. It's a 43mm and I wonder whether it can fit well on my small wrist, hence decided to give it a bet. Collected this watch from mail room this afternoon and can't wait to unpack it. Since not many review on this watch, here is my simple opinion on it:- note : please forgive my bad English ...it's so amazing that most people over here able to express and write so well...envy..envy ! The good : Accurate Rep IMHO. Typical rep quality strap but seems comfortable on wrist. Date font inline with the arrow. 2 o'clock pusher seems very hard to push but the chrono is working. Just have to make sure I always remember have to stop then follow by reset the chrono for A7750. the sunburst blue dial change colour from time to time. Honestly, I feel that it look same colour with gen in certain angle especially when not much light reflection. The back case and crown was good too. I notice the serial number is different on different watch (last digit) after compare with some photos. The bad : The sunburst effect is quite weak and the colour is more towards purplish blue in certain angle. the word 'SAT' is slightly thinner than the gen hence create a bigger spacing kind of feel. The rest of the date font seems identical. the lume doesn't stay long as normal. I wish they provide deployment buckle too. This is my first 43mm watch and seems like it fitted well. Maybe can start explore 43mm watches Anyway, still observe the time accuracy and power reserve capability. Really hope they fix the dial colour and sunburst effect on the Mark XVII edition , if they ever plan to release it. TQVM
  20. Okay Gents, I'm looking for real world experience from people that have purchased this watch. Either the 3789 or 3799. Which model did you buy? How long have you had it? Who'd you buy it from? Is it still ticking, keeping time, looking good? I'm especially interested in hearing back from anyone that paid up for the swiss movement watch. Thanks in advance for sharing, I don't have enough info to judge the durability of the rep. I have a 3714 with the asian 29J 7750 that has given me trouble and is need of repair so I'm hoping to avoid that type of issue again.
  21. Hello all, has anyone ever bought this watch? What are your experiences with it? How is the AR with this version? How close is it to genuine? I have noticed that the "DAYS" is larger than in the original... or is that an illusion? Thanks in advance for all the contributions! http://tswatchltd.com/15580-iwc15580-big-pilot-5019-black-ceramic-ny-25j.html
  22. Was bored so I took some shots in the snow from a couple of watches out of my collection. I hope you enjoy them Oh and a wristshot
  23. I have an IWC Laureus with a problem, as you can see: Local watch shop quoted me a little too much to fix this, so I am wondering how hard it would be. The movement is a Miyoto 0S10, and I did search online and here in these forums for stem removal instructions. I can see there is a small hole on the back of the movement with a "<--PUSH" instruction, and I can see something move in there when I push the stem in, but I could not get the stem out. Any tips/advice/wisdom you care to share would be appreciated.
  24. My beloved IWC GST 3707 in titanium with a replaced ETA 7750 I have been a follower everywhere. Unfortunately also dropped several times. The last time the dial broke, with several pieces coming off it. This watch has been commented by so many of you since it is now out of production and almost no replicas for sale. I have been in contact with both dealers and watchsmiths regarding a new dial but can't find it. Can anyone please direct me where to search further? -How/where do I source an original dial? Obviously gen IWC dealers won't help me. -A replica? It is too sad to only have this watch in the drawer with a broken dial.
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