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  1. I think it is out of stock...
  2. Genuine Crystal doesn't fit on Noobmariner. I don't think that any dealers has the TT noobmariner. you try to ask to Andrew
  3. TT Noobmariner is out of the stock...Andrew told me about a month ago
  4. Your AP has a beautiful blue dial and an amazing strap
  5. I have read that this model has problems with the crown, that a lot of work does to screw him. has your Ap this problem?
  6. Ah, ok my English is equal to my chinese = zero Michey, what do you think about the two Seadweller of the my preceding post? One is Best TW SD (from Tswisstime) and one is Super SD, from Sean.
  7. I don't understand very well. Are Sean and tswisstime two sellers completely independent the one from the other? What do you think about it? http://www.tswisstime.com/swiss_rolex_seadweller_replica_watches.html#Rolex%20Seadweller%20ETA%202836%20TW%20Best or http://www.etaswiss.net/gallery/categories.php?cat_id=518 I have contacted Sean. He has been very fast and kind in to answer me. The only true problem (but only for me) is that it doesn't send from UK for the Countries of the European Union
  8. And look at this: http://www.etaswiss.net/gallery/categories.php?cat_id=518
  9. George, I have already apologized for my poor English Anyway thanks again for your comprehensive response. You were very kind. Best regards Stefano
  10. Thank you very much, George, for your technical response on the screws. You have explained very well the question. A final question: is it so hard to build screws with the slots finer and smaller?
  11. George, I don't understand how it is possible that the old version of the MBW RO is much better than the last version I can understand the difficulty of copying the dial, so particular. But I think it is absurd that no producer is able to make better screws!!! You agree with me that the screws are the biggest and most obvious flaw of this watch. Why is it so difficult to mount better screws? Why does "no modded" Mbw RO have yellow-gold looking screws??? I wish I had answers to all my questions Paul, if you can communicate with the producer you should expect more like the genuine screws
  12. I have not ordered this MBW, precisely because it has flaws too obvious.I know that the photo is the same that Paul posted in previous pics. To me it seemed logical to post the same photo of the watch. I simply pointed out the most obvious flaws of this watch to try to understand if the producer can improve it. I don't think to be so picky. Maybe I'm a person who wants to spend his money for a good watch. If the spirit of this forum or of this thread is simply to say "Beautiful watch. I want it", I apologize to all members. PS: excuse for my poor English.
  13. I think that the quality of the screws should be improved. The slots should be finer and smaller, as in the old MBW AP Jumbo and in the GENUINE AP. Must be improved placement of the screws on the bezel. Some of them seem wrong on the surface of the bezel. The dial is not perfect and date window should be more right, but these flaws are nothing compared the effect of the screws.
  14. Hi friends. What changes have you been made, in addition to the screws? Which movement does it have?
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