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  1. Top man! Been searching for this for a while!
  2. It's not looking likely, been after another one for a while. Every time I ask when they'll be available I'm told the end of the month. Thats was 6 months ago!
  3. F*****g hell some people have far too much time on their hands lol
  4. Glad to help. Hopefully this scumbag gets his comeuppance in the very near future.
  5. Hi Bill

    Just wanted to say thanks for your input to my recent post on removing dial and hands on one of my DSSD's.

    When I got down to changing the movements over and having watched ssteel's video, of course my date wheel had an overlay fitted. Therefore, instead of the relatively simple "drop in" by aligning the notches next to the spring at around 9 o'clock, you can't see them with the overlay because the diameter is smaller at the centre, nor can you see and re-align the spring. The overlay masks both.

    Consequently, I had to remove the spring carrier, fit the date wheel and then replace the carrier. Quite simple, just a bit more fiddly.

    Anyway, all worked perfectly and my date change anomaly is now fixed.

    All the best.


  6. It's phongs website. Absolutely crazy money for a rep. Was going to by a 5513 case from him, however a member posted an image of his case he received and it was horrendous. IMO the money he charges, these cases should be finished to exact gen specs or very close. But they are not.
  7. Sorry for the confusion mate, meant to say minute train bridge not keyless. The keyless doesn't need touching when fitting date wheel. As for the DWO sold already installed I've never seen one. The OP said he already had a datewheel with overlay installed from an old movement.
  8. Look at his feedback though I'm not sure the seller is aware its a rep??
  9. Your right. Look at the Gen va clasp also.
  10. I've seen a few cases done by JMB, he done a fantastic job. Not sure if he does bridges though.
  11. The circlip will only remove the Day wheel. If you only have a date function on your watch then this isn't needed you can throw these bits. The date wheel removal is explained in my above post. As stated by Ssteel though the movement you have bought isn't Rolex font, so you can either glue on a new DWO onto the date disk or replace the date disk with one that already has the correct DWO installed. IMO it's easy to switch the disk with one where the DWO has already been installed/lined up. In regards to the above post, I tend to remove all day/date mechanisms from watches with no day/date feature. But you can leave it all on plenty of people do. You'll just hear the click when the crown is in the date change position or at 12pm when it clicks over.
  12. 1. I always prefer hand levers but the presto type removers are also good. Not the cheapo eBay ones however. I Always use a dial protector when removing hands also. 2. Removing first the day wheel. It's held on by a circlip, I use a .60 screwdriver to slide the circlip out. Be careful you don't loose it as it has a habit of pinging off. The date wheel removal is simple. Grab it at about 5 o clock and pull towards you then lift. Very simple. 3. Refitting is a bit more complex. You need to remove the cover to the keyless works. This is held in place by one screw. You the slide it to the right. Insert the date disk so that it engages the spring on the left hand side (9 o clock) Then refit the keyless plate in the reverse order of how you took it out. The day wheel can now be refitted. Just make sure the spring at 6 o clock of the daywheel is engaged with the grooves of the daywheel. The refit the circlip. Hopefully it doesn't ping off never to be seen again. Hope this makes sense. It did in my head but I'm not the greatest at putting actions into words.
  13. Ah sorry mate just skim read the post
  14. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Luminous-Silver-PNP-Watch-Hands-Set-120-70-20-Fits-many-ETA-Rolex-etc-movements-/232046646772?hash=item36070ed5f4:g:wCoAAOSwo0JWJ7~r
  15. NOS early 70's 5513 serif dial. Cartel case set. Yuki serif dial and hands. Sternkruz T19 crystal Gen service insert Cartel bracelet Athaya 702 crown and tube Gen ETA 2836 movement serviced and converted to low beat.
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