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  1. Funny that you mention this. Vintage model quality overall has gone downhill. I was looking at my cartel 1665 today and the rep 93150 on it is really top notch. My most recent and last TD purchase was from SEAD in my never ending quest to find a decent 16710 base. I was expecting an LF V1 but got a V2. I was in Europe on vacation after I ordered and for some reason never got QC pics. I got home and the watch had been delivered and when I opened it I was shocked at what I saw. The V2 was built in a 6 digit case with the worst rehaut I have ever seen. It is shockingly bad. I tossed it into a drawer in disgust and hadn’t thought about it until yesterday. I thought surely this was some mistake but after doing some reading apparently this was how they were built. Really makes me kick myself for the multiple noob/BP 16710 models I sold over the past few years. Thankfully it looks like some nice options for 1675/16710 Gen spec cases are available now. Plan on using a VR3186 and genuine dial/hands/insert with a milk or Viet case set. Haven’t settled on a 16760 or 16710 build yet. If I found the right tritium 16710 dial it would make the decision easier since the 3186 movement would be more technically correct. As it is I have a beautifully spidered 16700/16750 dial and I’m leaning in that direction at the moment. I stepped away from the scene for a few years and it’s simply astonishing how quickly things change. Funny to think of reps as collector items but I would consider the TC V6, the JF 16610LV, and the TC YM to be in that category simply because at their time they were the best and today there really aren’t any acceptable substitutions. I’m on the fence about TC re: honesty and business practices but you have to admit that he changed a lot of things in the 5 digit Rolex world for the betterment of the rep scene. Doubtful we see anything like that again but who knows! One person can have a huge impact like JMB and his work for the 1016 world. All it takes is one person with the skills or connections and a passion for a specific model. Damn that thing is sharp! Hard to beat a Bluesy.
  2. Love the 14060! Prefer it to the 16610 in many ways. Unfortunately it never got any love in the rep scene. Such a great classic. And everyone needs a Datejust! Details on that build? Mymanmatt built mine on a Gen 1601 case set but it’s built as a 16XXX. I went with a 5 digit dial, sapphire crystal, and switches from the engine turned bezel to fluted. Hard to beat a gen vintage case I love the wear you only get from years of wear and love. Can’t replicate that!
  3. Just a little motivational shot. Was cleaning out the watch box and realized that I have accumulated some really rare and cool pieces over the last 10 or so years. It all started with that mymanmatt Datejust build. Learned a lot and met some really great people here. The TC and JF LV came from members on this forum as well. You can really see that Gen LV insert pop next to the stock JF in this photo. Last pickup was a year or two ago when I lucked into a Factory Direct TC Yachtmaster. Waiting on some things to come together to build a 16750 with a genuine tritium dial with a beautiful patina at the moment. Once that is done and I find a TC YM Elabore I think I have climbed the peak of 5 digit goodness and need to move on to something else. Thanks to everyone over the years for the knowledge and assistance. This site is a treasure trove of information and none of this collection would have been possible without you all!
  4. I have bought a few for around 300ish with caseback and midcase around 5 years ago. Only ones I have seen recently seem to go for closer to 500-600 now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Greetings! I am getting back into the game after being inactive for a few years due to some life changes. I have a TC V6 that I purchased back in 2015 and the movement crapped out on it a few years back and it has been sitting in the watchbox. Around that time I procured a gen 703 crown, gen crystal, insert, etc... The usual mods. Who is the man these days for movement work and installing these gen parts for me? Looking forward to finishing this long awaited project and rejoining a community that has given me a wealth of knowledge!
  6. Should be able to send cash to anyone with a google account. No kind of seller or buyer protection though.
  7. Maybe using Google wallet instead of paypal is an alternative?
  8. Yes, got it, the one posted is a newer gen Datejust. Thanks.
  9. I have a TC crown, TC insert, TC DWO, and a spare 93250 bracelet, I actually have 2, I can let you pick the best out of the 2. I saw all your WTB posts for these items, so just let me know.
  10. Looks a lot like this build from repgeek that just sold: http://www.repgeek.com/showthread.php?t=247483
  11. Just saw one like this on Repgeek the other day....
  12. It's a genuine Rolex and they start around 5500.00 and up, good luck!
  13. A TC would be the best place to start in my opinion if you are looking for a Submariner. Anything else you eventually won't be happy with and you will work your way up to a full franken TC. Ask me how I know!
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