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  1. Hello,

    you was ask by a Rolli watch

    his wife ask me for help

    so you can write her a email and she will send you informations


    take care.

    Regards Thomas

  2. good luck. By the Way Rolli ( Rolf) my Friend is gone last Year.
  3. I call to him an he is well but in Hospital and send greets to all Thom
  4. Hi All Rolli has been operated at his Spine and i heard he is o.k. Thom
  5. Also from me Alter Freund
  6. Both Eddy Lee with Gen.parts and gen.Soprod But 28 is gone last year Thom
  7. Hi

    I have a nice 27a for sell in Germany

    If you intressted give me your mail and i will send u pics and details

    Regards Thomas

    1. Ipaid


      Bitte sende mir Fotos auf whatsup 015114668855 und den preis


    2. Ozerov


      Here is my mail 


    3. Ipaid


      hello here is my mail info@hotelmontan.de

  8. You are right the Fond is a bit big but its in Center it looks only at the Picture a bit down
  9. Hello You never will get this Watches at a TD. The 27 was bought as it is, EL Case with gen.Soprod,Gen.Crown and CG. Also the 28 The PVD was done by Rolli the PVD and Pam Dial Pope The 57 is a new born case from DSN with Gen.Soprod and Gen.Crown an CG. All mods at the 57c are done by me Cheers Thom
  10. More 057c pics Cheers Thom
  11. Hi Guys I like to show You the 3 Soprods together 057c 027a 028a
  12. Hi Guys I have build a Watch with Combi i most like Steel/Titan I used Parts from 088i H-Fac. 089e H-Fac. Midcase From 089e Bezel,Crown and CG.from 088i And at last i spend a Valjoux 7754 Cheers Thom
  13. absolute perfect dial and amazing pam, great stuff. Thom
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