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  1. most of the 21J watches are bulletproof and fine for work. i prefer the Tudor Black Bay as it flies under the radar compared to that watch brand with 'R' in the name everyone loves. If you like quartz, the Speedy Mark II is good for a chrono and the JLC Reverso is good for a dressy watch. but grab any $100 21j and you should be good.
  2. ^^^^ that dial is so nice. the tiny recessed subdials, the serifs in ''Daytona,'' the little lume balls....all very well done
  3. ^^^^ is this one of the new ones? Looks like a Yuki dial fitted?
  4. ^^^ I've never seen this watch with white lume! All the others I've seen have that bad fake yellow stuff. May I ask where you purchased the watch?
  5. such watches, much nice vintage
  6. what a watch! ETA inside?
  7. ^^^ wow, it looks better than the Yuki!
  8. Where'd you get that dial, Mr. Cordell!!!?? So nice.
  9. the king has returned. long live the king.
  10. ah--- sorry, the forums sometimes retreat into jargon. tc is thomas caddell, maker of insanely good rolex reps. dw just means datewheel!
  11. the DW is totally fixable, TC DWs are the answer as noted earlier. tho i would be more concerned with saving up cash for the Ferrari you need to own in order to make this rep believable
  12. ^^^ very good advice
  13. Nanuq, have you tried the modern Black Bay out? I feel like the black bezeled one with the red triangle has a lot of mojo. And honestly, I like the Black Bay sort of for similar reasons explored in that article... I like the Black Bay because it's a very good rep of a gen watch that I could actually buy. Most vintage Rollie stuff is just too expensive as gen for a lot of us younger guys to try and pull off. It's why I don't have a PN Daytona. I love the PN, think it might be the nicest-looking watch I've ever seen besides maybe vintage Pateks. But there's no way in the world, not even close, that i could get away with wearing a 50-100k watch.
  14. nice 5513! what are the specs?
  15. lol Jetmid. old school...