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  1. Midnight in Alaska

    no bears! haaaa
  2. Story of a 12-year old replica watch

    this is a great thread.
  3. Watches You've Killed

    oh man, please tell me you put a movement and dial back in that 'born from dragons' case !!!!
  4. Watches You've Killed

    I lost a Panerai once while surfing. Was on a NATO, it just went somewhere when I wiped out. (Head-high waves, and the board took a good chunk out of my left thumb when i was in the washing machine...it probably got cut off my wrist at that point, tbh.) Broke a JLC one time after laying down a scooter. Pothole bump got me after having a couple drinks with a conductor of a major orchestra. That was a mistake. Not since will i ever get on a motorcycle or scooter after having ANY alcohol AT ALL. Killed a couple more watches trying to work on them or mod them, but they were already dead. Oh yeah, they were reps. I'm waaaay too low on money to treat gens that way. Maybe one day i'll be like those gentleman drivers who wear their Pateks while they work on their own Ferraris or something... Till then if I'm doing something where there's a chance I could lose a digit or two I wear reps or Seiko.
  5. Why I love quality reps

    OP: haha, u just did some 'aging' ! 'vintagizing' ! i love how reps allow us all to actually use watches. I'm sorry, i've owned a couple vintage rollies, and i've never taken one up a glacier or even fly fishing or cycling on fire roads. I'm not rich enough to risk that kind of thing. Reps? I'll rock climb in them. nanuq: holy sh----- what a story. also: you have a 6536????????????
  6. Rolex 1970 6263 Daytona Big Red with a hearty patina....

    that 'salt' on the subdial edges is unbelievable. so genlike and subtle.
  7. Rolex 1970 6263 Daytona Big Red with a hearty patina....

    lets hear more about this dial. this is the best looking rep dial i've ever seen tbh
  8. Cheapest Daily Beater In The Rep World?

    most of the 21J watches are bulletproof and fine for work. i prefer the Tudor Black Bay as it flies under the radar compared to that watch brand with 'R' in the name everyone loves. If you like quartz, the Speedy Mark II is good for a chrono and the JLC Reverso is good for a dressy watch. but grab any $100 21j and you should be good.
  9. October 19 2016

    ^^^^ that dial is so nice. the tiny recessed subdials, the serifs in ''Daytona,'' the little lume balls....all very well done
  10. Wrist check 18 october 2016

    ^^^^ is this one of the new ones? Looks like a Yuki dial fitted?
  11. 12th September wristies

    ^^^ I've never seen this watch with white lume! All the others I've seen have that bad fake yellow stuff. May I ask where you purchased the watch?
  12. September 17 2016

    such watches, much nice vintage
  13. 12th September wristies

    what a watch! ETA inside?
  14. 5500 Explorer dial

    ^^^ wow, it looks better than the Yuki!
  15. 5500 Explorer dial

    Where'd you get that dial, Mr. Cordell!!!?? So nice.