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  1. You broke my movement already, lol. Good luck with this i did one on a 6497 and its a pain to do
  2. I have one of these, it is a new Secs@6 mod, which if executed properly should be better, but the mod is of very poor quality, the gears are the wrong size and don't mesh correctly and its packed with grease, mine is a month old and i have had to remove the gears and freeze the secs@6. It started to stop randomly which was the grease, i cleaned this then it was jumping the small seconds hand around due to a sloppy gear train, very sloppy. If they work on this it may be a viable solution just not yet.
  3. Happy Birthday gibsonk!

  4. They look fake to me, the rubber is of very poor finish and the deployment clasp doesn't line up straight.
  5. Welcome to the forums gibsonk :)

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