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  1. hi guys! i'm looking to do a somewhat budget build of a 1680. what size dial does the PT 1680 case take? 26.5mm? will it take a clarks tropic 127 without modding?
  2. Happy Birthday thegrizz!

  3. Happy Birthday thegrizz!

  4. Happy Birthday thegrizz!

  5. Happy Birthday thegrizz!

  6. i would like to see the royal oak offshore 57th street or maybe the scuba
  7. safari...but be sure to pick up an aftermarket strap for it
  8. great pics! the safari is one of my favorites!
  9. its an asian diver. and in answer to the question about the hornback strap that comes with the safari, its quite a step below a genuine gator strap....plus my wrist is a bit too thick for the rep strap.
  10. i decided on the rubber clad based on the fact that its completely different from the diver and safari that i already own. i ordered the watch from josh, who has always been excellent to me.
  11. thanks for the input! i made my decision and......i picked the black dial rubber clad. the chronopassion will be next though! i lost many nights sleep trying to decide...but i figured the rubber clad would be completely different from the two i have right now.
  12. i only have the bracelet right now....i'm awaiting the arrival of the rubber strap. i really do love the look of the bracelet and the way it wears, but i like to be able to change things up so i ordered the strap as well.
  13. it's a great watch! i love mine!
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