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  1. Hello,  not sure how to post PM directly. I am interested in all three watches if you consider posting to the UK.


  2. sahboo

    Glashutte Senator Excellence

    that movement looks like has been cut with a chisel! awful...not sure about the face though...i know they're not going to have a nicely finished movement, but if they didn't care how this particular one looks, i won't trust them to have a good face on the watch...
  3. sahboo

    Dead PAM27

    NJ, USA
  4. sahboo

    Dead PAM27

    Hi all, I have a 27 DSN piece that basically just died on me. I believe it has the Swiss mvmnt, but I might be wrong. The watch is around 3 years old and it has never been serviced. Does anyone know where I can send this one for a spa treatment? Does anyone around here repair replica PAM's? Thanx!
  5. sahboo

    Zenith Pilot Type 20 Extra Special

    absolutely stunning! i'm getting one!!! how is the movement of the second hand? does it go smooth around the dial or is it jumpy while it travels down from 12 to 6?
  6. sahboo

    need help with 569

    so i learned over the weekend that my PAM569 is not water tight...i took it for a quick swim in the ocean and now it is fogging every time it goes on the wrist...it won't bother me that much, but i start to see crystalized salt inside the glass....are any guys that can open it, clean the movement and the crystal and check out if anything went bad? if you have any ideas, please use the messenger.... if not, then i might have to buy another one...for $280 this piece is a steal...and i won't take it swimming!
  7. sahboo

    My greatest joy at number 569!

    oh well, i got a V6...for the money (from Torro) it's a good replica...the date is not perfectly centered, the markers on the bezel don't quite line up with the ones on the dial (I've seen that on other brands too - why is that so difficult to rep?)...but i enjoy the piece...
  8. sahboo


    i always loved hobnail dials...
  9. sahboo

    My greatest joy at number 569!

    which 569 is more accurate of the two? The ZF or the V6? anyone has any experience with both versions? thanx!
  10. sahboo

    Pam 604 ZF Photo shoot

    stunning! wear it in good health! which of the trusted dealers have this beauty?
  11. i just got the beautiful Legacy AP ROO...i love everything about the piece except the date font...any ideas where i can send it to be modded to have the date size changed to a more accurate one? thanx
  12. sahboo

    Toro's Straps

    the Torro cognac strap on my 57th is a killer...i'll post some pictures...but I have to say that one screw doesn't want to go back on...so for now, i'm praying that the hole is tight enough to keep that pin in place...I couldn't secure it from the other end...oh well...
  13. hi guys, i have a 57th St. coming. I have to say that i don't like the strap the dealers are sending this piece out. any other strap suggestions? and where to source them? thanx
  14. sahboo


    i'm trying to upgrade my membership so I can sell two of my watches...but it seems to be a problem with upgrading..mods, any ideas when this issue will be addressed? thank you!
  15. sahboo

    Hublot 4000m Ultimate vs Lite

    thanx for the tip Pete...now, where do I find that version?...which dealers have that version?