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  1. Works better than online and my td prefers this way, he actually told me its better to go to a WU office instead of online.
  2. Best to go to a WU office and pay in cash.. you only need a first and last name.
  3. My friend wants to replace his scratched rubberclad bezel with a JF one. Does anybody know if this will fit without any problem? Help is much appreciated:)
  4. Thanks a lot guys, your expertise is much appreciated!
  5. Bought this Tudor Ranger from a td. When it arrived I noticed the hands didn't sit correct so I brought it to my watchsmith to fix it. Now a week later the hands are again in the same position as how it arrived, like 30min off after running a week with hands in correct position. Does anybody know what this problem might be?
  6. From now on all my divers on canvas.. I love steel bracelets but somehow they never wear comfortable for me. Warm weather, little too tight.. When evening or cold, it sightly slides on my wrist, little too loose I also like rubber bracelets when made properly and don't have a stinky smell to them. I feel the canvas sits even more comfortable than rubber.
  7. Beautiful photo's and beautiful watch!
  8. Congrats tyrantblade, beautiful Breitling:. happy to see it finally worked out for you!
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