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  1. Hans1974

    Educate me on Western Union

    Works better than online and my td prefers this way, he actually told me its better to go to a WU office instead of online.
  2. Hans1974

    Educate me on Western Union

    Best to go to a WU office and pay in cash.. you only need a first and last name.
  3. My friend wants to replace his scratched rubberclad bezel with a JF one. Does anybody know if this will fit without any problem? Help is much appreciated:)
  4. Hans1974

    Tudor with a problem, can someone help?

    Thanks a lot guys, your expertise is much appreciated!
  5. Bought this Tudor Ranger from a td. When it arrived I noticed the hands didn't sit correct so I brought it to my watchsmith to fix it. Now a week later the hands are again in the same position as how it arrived, like 30min off after running a week with hands in correct position. Does anybody know what this problem might be?
  6. Hans1974

    Thinking of getting rubber strap for Aquaracer

    From now on all my divers on canvas.. I love steel bracelets but somehow they never wear comfortable for me. Warm weather, little too tight.. When evening or cold, it sightly slides on my wrist, little too loose I also like rubber bracelets when made properly and don't have a stinky smell to them. I feel the canvas sits even more comfortable than rubber.
  7. Hans1974

    March 15th

    Beautiful photo's and beautiful watch!
  8. Hans1974

    I bought an Avenger II Seawolf

    Congrats tyrantblade, beautiful Breitling:. happy to see it finally worked out for you!