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  1. I am just wondering how everyone else has been influenced by brands, or even by this forum. When I have joined I was all over Omegas, later on IWC came to the picture, now I have 3 PAMs on the top of my wishlist. All this happened within a couple of months. Is it only me, or this is absolutely normal?
  2. IWC 3717 or MARK XVI - XVII, maybe a big pilot...
  3. That case back is so wrong.... http://www.ebay.co.u...=item1c2a8d985a
  4. I like the case back. I was thinking about it but the fake split second hand put me off. Does the pusher at 11 has any functions?
  5. Thank you Wiesn for the advice. I had a Seiko before but I have never considered Seiko as "premium" brand. I going to have a look at SARB033.
  6. Thank you very much for the warm velcome! The knowledge on this site is unbeliveable, I don't think a gen owner knows that much about what is he/she wearing. I have started to browse the brand forums, I went only through the Omega section. (probably I can afford a gen later) It looks like there is a well known super or ultimate rep in every brand. (5th gen PO for example) Basicaly this is what I am looking for, an out of box convincing rep.
  7. Hi everyone, I am newbie here and looking for some advice. Here is my problem. I have recently joined a multinational company, and I have to attend on meetings every week. I am a project manager at the engineering dep. but everyone else is way above my pay grade. Obviously all of them are wearing expensive watches. Rolex, Omega, Tag, etc. At the moment I don't have a decent watch (I had many other things front of this on my list) so I am kind of embarrassed when they start to talk about watches and try to duck when the topic comes out. When it is realy unavoidable I say, "I can't make up my mind and still looking...". Having a mortgage, and the second baby on the way doesn't really help financially so I am looking for a rep. Because of my watch lover collegues, I need a good rep close to the gen as possible. Obviously they going to "sniff" around my new watch for a couple of days, so I need a rep which can pass a first an even a second "inspection". I am not talking about an expert who is checking it with a lupe, just a well informed enthusiast check over. I am 30 and I like sporty but also elegant watches. My favourite is the PO Chrono, but the sunken date on the rep is a dead give away. I have already done some research and the 5th gen ultimate PO looks promising, but I am open to any suggestion... Please don't judge me, I am willing to buy the gen when I have enough money (possibly next year) but at the moment there is no way to afford an expensive watch. Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks Richard
  8. Welcome to the forums Fletchett :)

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