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  1. Not quite sure what you mean, he's closer to an alcoholic than I am, often drinking during the day time and saying he's needs to drink to sleep good. Plus I have missed on average less than 1 day per year (besides the 1 week per year that i take off for a short vacation) at this job I have. And I even used to work almost 70 hours weeks half of every months for a couple years (2 weeks on, 2 weeks off (by which I mean 40 hours))
  2. Well we are all family in this house and try to help out. I just wish he (my younger brother) would have been more responsible. I try to influence him to do better, but you can only do so much (especially since he was often not home and was hanging out with one of his friends too much; instead of being home)
  3. I appreciate all the responses and will stop drinking (at least for a while), just wish I had some extra money right now to catch up on my credit card, my life is not normally super hard. But I don't always have a good perspective on things, and it's gonna be hard for a while to play catch-up on my credit card while bills keep coming in and the household is down $400 a month. This is what happens when everyone is supposed to contribute to the bills and 1 person had to be irresponsible, miss too much work, and get fired (then won't be back to work for a while due to waiting on an appointment to get his tonsils removed). Not trying for sympathy points as this is really my situation and I'm not asking for anything as that would not be right, just thought some of you would like insight into why I am feeling how I am lately.
  4. It's doubtful I'll ever do AA, but I won't be buying any alcohol for a few months while I can barely pay my bills and afford to eat at the moment (I'm not gonna starve or be out on the street, just a huge ($1600, which is huge for me) credit card bill that will take months to pay, with nothing else to sell). I can only hope (and ask the supervisors for) some overtime and with luck I'll be working every Friday for the next month (Saturday too if possible, but unlikely).
  5. I'm not "shining people on", I'm honest and to many people a fool not worth dealing with. People can think of me what they want to, but I'm not a bad person.
  6. I'm good now that the effects of a slight hangover have passed, just slightly stressed due to money problems, if I had spare watches I would sell 1 or 2, but I'm down to a beater that I'm not planning on selling. I will catch up, it's just not easy off of 40 hour weeks.
  7. I have hobbies, that's part of my troubles a few weeks ago with eBay, PayPal, and trying to get a refund when some jackass sent me a CNET Magazine instead of a ps4 pro.
  8. Yeah I know it's a fleeting feeling of happiness, but a little false happiness is sometimes better than cruel reality.
  9. I slept for a while, but I'm good, no headache or hangover from last night.
  10. Seriously if I could at least have $3000 to pay off my credit card I would be very tempted to Dump my alcohol and try living a better life, if I had $100K (for a house and rent) I would for sure live a better life in FL with most of my family and forget about NYS problems.
  11. Let's see how long this lasts, trying to not party too much long(er), I'm not a beer drinker, but not drinking too much liquor tonight because of bloodwork tomorrow and whatnot.
  12. Yeah because they aren't getting any better, they are getting worse, I'm never spending over $100 on one item involving ebay/paypal ever again.
  13. Got a message from paypal on the 24th saying refund was transferring, but I guess it's not going to (i guess because credit card company credited my account, just doesn't seem like that from a numbers standpoint); I will never buy anything for over $100 on ebay/through paypal again, worst service ever.
  14. Yeah I know now that I should stop, I just keep getting tempted to go back to drinking when life sucks and I don't want to think.
  15. Paid for the item, got a refund when I realized I used the wrong card, then I used the right card and paid again. I've done something very similar before and it always autocorrects to the last thing, which was that I paid for it. Basically I paid for the item twice and got one refund, so the item is still paid for, but for them it only shows up as me getting a refund.