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  1. I missed out on getting an old style Blue Dial/Bezel Trident the last time I noticed them having sales, now they brought the Blue Dial/Bezel variation of the Trident back, though it appears to be a darker shade of blue I would be mighty tempted to buy one if I caught one of their half off sales; especially given it's hard to find an old style Blue dial/bezel trident for a reasonable price these days. https://www.christopherward.com/watches/dive/c60-trident-pro-600-range
  2. If you actually wear a watch on occasion its not a complete waste of money to keep it. Any watches you never wear are best sold to someone who will wear it. So it's all down to practicality. I don't even have any watches right now because I'm focusing on paying for dental work and such will be the case for quite a while longer too.
  3. tyrantblade

    Are sales slow or am I asking too much?

    It is sold now to a lucky buyer.
  4. tyrantblade

    Are sales slow or am I asking too much?

    I know, but to be fair about your criticisms in your last posts, the watch would have been more un-genlike if it didn't have the displayback with the decorated movement; the only "clear giveaway" is the spelling mistake that movement has. Nonetheless, if it isn't sellable for 150 I will keep it.
  5. tyrantblade

    Are sales slow or am I asking too much?

    Everybody is a critic. Edited. Let’s keep the general discussion section sales free. -Legend
  6. tyrantblade

    Are sales slow or am I asking too much?

    Well, that is why there are trusted watch repair people on these forums for those that have money to spend to have watches fixed. I also just dropped it to 200, so between shipping and fees I will lose about $175, and it will not costs that much to get it fixed.
  7. tyrantblade

    Are sales slow or am I asking too much?

    Well RWI is down and I'm banned on the other 2, so this forum is all I got right now lol.
  8. I am kind of thinking I'm asking too much for my watch as I've had nobody expressing interest and only 1 question and I'm already gonna lose a significant amount of money off ($150 (out of $350) or more by the time I ship the watch and PayPal fees get taken) of what I paid because it just randomly stopped working; and I simply do not have funds to pay for getting it fixed.
  9. tyrantblade

    State of affairs in REP Hobby

    Hard for me to really judge it since this is the only rep forum I'm still on (since RWI is down and I'm banned on the other 2 (but that is a story that is unnecessary to be told here)) but it seems to me that the other forums seem to have a lot more activity, but that can be both a good thing and a bad thing. I know to me there is not a lot of rep watches I'm interested in at the moment and I have other financial concerns (which is why I'm back to selling my 1 and only (rep) watch)
  10. tyrantblade

    Longest you have waited for a rep?

    Nah, i went for the 8900 caliber Blue Dial/Bezel Planet Ocean; its basically the dial layout of the CrPO but with a Ceramic/Liquid Metal dial/bezel insert which has this cool color change aspect; looking black inside/with weaker sunlight, and looking more of a shiny blue in stronger light. The movement is really beautiful besides the stupid spelling mistakes and it feels like a really high quality watch; much like the last Planet Ocean i had; which was a Noob 8500 CrPO. My only complaint is it seems like the bezel alignment is off by half a click as i cant get it to center, its always not far enough or too far.
  11. tyrantblade

    does this happen often to you guys?

    Yeah it must be quite a different feeling depending on if you only have 1 watch or a few compared to having 5 or 6 or a dozen, or several dozen. I also hear the situation is a lot worse for dealers these days compared to just a few years ago.
  12. Just wondering if it happens often to some of you that you order a watch hoping for everything to happen quick But then something takes much longer than you hope for and then the next best thing and what you hope for will be that the order comes to your house by the next event By event i mean stuff like a holiday, your own/a family members birthday, graduation party; whatever reason there is behind buying the watch (if theres a specific reason). I don't order many watches; whether rep or gen and my recent order is my first in a good 2 or 3 years. I suspect it would of been much quicker, but the watch i wanted is only available from 1 factory to so far and unfortunately some of their watches are prone to a terrible pearl (i think old stock) Which i didnt think would be a big deal; but then a better watch getting from Factory to TD took almost 1 month and since i have approved the 2nd watch its been almost a week and watch not shipped yet. So what i was hoping would arrive by October is now hopefully going to arrive by Xmas. For as long as ive been around the rep forums ive actually had only maybe 6 transactions with TDs, so you could say this is a frequent occurrence for me; but hopefully its not something that will keep happening when i do buy a 2nd or 3rd rep Since i keep going back to 0 watches and then i buy a few and eventually i go back to 0 all over again.
  13. tyrantblade

    Longest you have waited for a rep?

    Well, i got QC on 2nd watch and approved it; hopefully i get it before Xmas.
  14. tyrantblade

    Isnt this forum the best?

    I been banned on 2 of the other rep forums, and i dont miss them at all. I do know what they been up to on .bz though since they like to laugh it up at people they know arent on their forums to be able to stand up for themselves.