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  1. What gets me is the people that not only do nothing (which I would expect) but the people that see someone is having trouble or someone has made a mistake and they have to do their best to kick you while you are down "oh you made X mistake? You were so stupid, you shouldnt have done that" Or alternatively "it's all your fault!!!!!!" And I can only think "yeah I know, I can criticize myself, I dont need you for that" Or people that outright assume things because they think they know what you are up to; so in their mind you are some awful person o
  2. Well you may (or may not) be surprised to hear that I have faced judgement/condemnation from people on other websites/forums just for making mistakes; as if those other people are perfect I have come to the conclusion that I dont need to stick around any of those areas; good riddance.
  3. Incompetent higher ups where I work have caused the need for a 6 week layoff. I've known for a while and had hoped to get some extra money for that time by selling things (not watches BTW as I have no extras, only my Waterproof beater) but eventually you realize when you have tried and it's not gonna happen and have to accept that. I rarely post here just because I dont buy too many watches anymore and havent bought any reps in a long time; but you guys are one of the good ones I feel welcome to come back to without being judged/condemned for having made mistakes
  4. Yeah, this one was a bit thicker than I would have preferred, but its just within a comfortable enough size range for me to go for it, especially with that 500m WR and the HRV for "cool factor"
  5. Just got this 500m Diver Aragon (was previously Android before Smart Watches came along) powered by an NH36A Not for everyone (this one is a 44mm by 17mm thick, but it actually wears not too bad even for being as thick as it is) and not my idea of a "perfect" watch, but it's really solid and I am digging it as a watch to keep for the few occasions that I may get to Swim (like when I go on Vacation to Florida to see my family down there) What would make this more ideal to me would be if the bezel were single color (I'm not a huge fan of Dual Color when it's not Ceramic)
  6. Because its Rolex, they dont care about anybody but themselves or their bottom line As long as they are making more than enough money to survive they dont have to care
  7. Yeah, I know that now It used to be they weren't so skeptical of whether or not you gave the customer what they paid for; but now as soon as customer says you left out part of the package they take the buyers side
  8. Yeah, but that would probably severely limit the amount of sales I would make as I would probably run into an awful lot of people that see refusal to take G and S as some sort of admission of a grand scheme to rip them off. Anyways, I just dont feel like continuing with sales for that hobby anymore It isnt worth this kind of hassle and I just dont feel like my heart is in it anymore I feel like I would just be better off not using PayPal anymore
  9. I knew there were issues, I just didn't know they were this bad 1st $137 I made from selling stuff was put on hold for no reason 2nd it got pushed back by a bogus claim 3rd, I had to put $100 in my bank to pay my $45 phone bill All because some Asshat made up a bogus excuse as a form of extortion to make me send him more stuff for free Hes gonna get his precious free trading cards alright, shredded to pieces so they cant be used or sold or anything
  10. I want you all to know how terrible PayPal is
  11. Just wanted to say that PayPal is terrible, my whole week has been ruined by them keeping money from me that I have earned, they have ruined a hobby of mine (it went from being fun to completely terrible, and why bother selling things when you cant have the money from it?) And they can keep this BS Dispute up for another 2 weeks Good job ruining my life over a $17.20 profit margin from a $50 sale, when there was no dispute over a $480 sale But sure, I ripped off a customer in a $50 sale that took $32.80 to make Obviously people spend 2/3rds of the money they expect to make to R
  12. I just want to tell you all, PayPal thinks holding my money for no reason is acceptable You know if it were a but later in the year them holding my money back could literally kill me? But hey, they dont care, all that matter is some @$$hole customer feels comfortable using PayPal and they get their 3.5% fees Which apparently isnt even enough because they took 100% of over $130 from me And then I cant use my PayPal because its negative $50 But hey, this is America, lives dont matter, only profit
  13. Sale went through on RWI, I know I got MOAB a bit mad, but still went through and paid $15 for VIP membership as I led you guys on and should still follow through with the paid membership.
  14. I apologize of this is the wrong place to ask the following questions, but 1. I'm guessing my paid membership is up? (I'm not on here often, but if I have to pay for membership to make 1 sale (my 1 and only watch at the moment) I will as the sales tools are busted AF over on RWI) 2. Wasnt there a forum/sales tool over here that actually let's you take a picture and put it directly on the Forum?
  15. I ended up reaching a settlement with the debt collector; not that I wanted to pay them anything; but since it was either pay $2300 (or more) by force or agree to pay $1500; $800 is more than I can spend on things that I want in more than a month, and the sooner I pay them and they can get off my Ass the better. Never again am I gonna bother with a credit card, nor am I ever leasing/financing anything.
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