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  1. Yeah I know now that I should stop, I just keep getting tempted to go back to drinking when life sucks and I don't want to think.
  2. Paid for the item, got a refund when I realized I used the wrong card, then I used the right card and paid again. I've done something very similar before and it always autocorrects to the last thing, which was that I paid for it. Basically I paid for the item twice and got one refund, so the item is still paid for, but for them it only shows up as me getting a refund.
  3. I might have overdone it but I drank 1/3rd of a 1.75L of Vodka, took Seroquel XR, sertraline and 16 Zzz-quill pills
  4. Ebay doesn't give a damn due to a technical error that they won't admit is a technical error
  5. I already did, but I'm still gonna give paypal hell
  6. The problem is I'm supposed to wait 11 days when I've clearly been scammed, they care more about giving fraudulent sellers a chance to explain themselves than anything else
  7. I did and they are going to dispute the charge, at least they will take care of me and not make me wait 11 days.
  8. Credit card, maybe they will care being that ebay and paypal clearly don't
  9. I have only had the trouble of fraudulent buyers a couple times and it's always an easier resolution than being the buyer who fraud was committed on.
  10. Pass along my videos, maybe in 11 days ebay and paypal will care about me because clearly right now they dont.
  11. Just to let you guys know I am persistent and will keep going against ebay and paypal for 11 days if they really want to keep going, I may be a big joke to everybody, but at least ebay and paypal will give a damn in 11 days as they don't give a damn right now.
  12. Well, I got drunk a few times this year including tonight, what can I say; life seems designed to make somebody suffer if they try to get ahead, took me years to start getting somewhere in life; only to keep getting pulled down in some way, the latest being this scumbag that sent me a CNET Magazine instead of a ps4 pro.
  13. I tried both if them for help to expedite a refund in a clear cut case of fraud, and they said they believe me but have to give the seller rights (including almost 2 weeks to respond and stall my refund by any means necessary); so here I am having to wait possibly 2 weeks for a refund when the seller sent a magazine instead of a ps4 pro. Please pass the below video along, hopefully it will cause people to take caution and maybe avoid ebay and paypal a lot more often as they don't deserve people's business if they give more rights to fraudulent sellers instead of honest buyers.
  14. Yeah I have come to be very disappointed at how half-assed they did it, I hope they do a good update but I don't think it's gonna happen.