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  1. Longest you have waited for a rep?

    Nah, i went for the 8900 caliber Blue Dial/Bezel Planet Ocean; its basically the dial layout of the CrPO but with a Ceramic/Liquid Metal dial/bezel insert which has this cool color change aspect; looking black inside/with weaker sunlight, and looking more of a shiny blue in stronger light. The movement is really beautiful besides the stupid spelling mistakes and it feels like a really high quality watch; much like the last Planet Ocean i had; which was a Noob 8500 CrPO. My only complaint is it seems like the bezel alignment is off by half a click as i cant get it to center, its always not far enough or too far.
  2. does this happen often to you guys?

    Yeah it must be quite a different feeling depending on if you only have 1 watch or a few compared to having 5 or 6 or a dozen, or several dozen. I also hear the situation is a lot worse for dealers these days compared to just a few years ago.
  3. Just wondering if it happens often to some of you that you order a watch hoping for everything to happen quick But then something takes much longer than you hope for and then the next best thing and what you hope for will be that the order comes to your house by the next event By event i mean stuff like a holiday, your own/a family members birthday, graduation party; whatever reason there is behind buying the watch (if theres a specific reason). I don't order many watches; whether rep or gen and my recent order is my first in a good 2 or 3 years. I suspect it would of been much quicker, but the watch i wanted is only available from 1 factory to so far and unfortunately some of their watches are prone to a terrible pearl (i think old stock) Which i didnt think would be a big deal; but then a better watch getting from Factory to TD took almost 1 month and since i have approved the 2nd watch its been almost a week and watch not shipped yet. So what i was hoping would arrive by October is now hopefully going to arrive by Xmas. For as long as ive been around the rep forums ive actually had only maybe 6 transactions with TDs, so you could say this is a frequent occurrence for me; but hopefully its not something that will keep happening when i do buy a 2nd or 3rd rep Since i keep going back to 0 watches and then i buy a few and eventually i go back to 0 all over again.
  4. Longest you have waited for a rep?

    Well, i got QC on 2nd watch and approved it; hopefully i get it before Xmas.
  5. Isnt this forum the best?

    I been banned on 2 of the other rep forums, and i dont miss them at all. I do know what they been up to on .bz though since they like to laugh it up at people they know arent on their forums to be able to stand up for themselves.
  6. Longest you have waited for a rep?

    Well; i got a message from Trusty that he should have the 2nd watch after the weekend; hopefully that means 2nd (hopefully better watch) QC soon.
  7. Longest you have waited for a rep?

    Yikes; 3 or 4 months seems insane, i hate even waiting nearly 1 month.
  8. Longest you have waited for a rep?

    Thats what im hoping for mine; but i have to get one QCd thats acceptable 1st.
  9. I know its a big waiting game; but since the last rep i bought before my current order was like 2-3 years ago; im not used to waiting an exceptionally long time for (2nd watch) QC . 1st watch was QCd after a few days; and ive been waiting nearly 3 weeks for the 2nd watch to get to Trusty and QC done on it. Im not expecting perfection; just good alignment and a good pearl; i know the rep has some obvious Flaws, but the big ones are on the movement (spelling mistakes) and i can live with that.
  10. Smallest i had in a very long time was the CW Trident GMT MKI i had; not exactly a small watch, more like a modest sized modern mens dive watch. Biggest was either of the 3 Invicta watches i used to have (all at seperate times); i know some people wouldnt believe this; but they actually worked and did not fall apart. Now ive resigned myself to trying to stay in what i would call a modern mens midsize; but biggest i will likely go back to would be 45ish mm; if i build up a collection (i usually only have 2-3 watches at a time because money can be a problem and watches arent priority #1). Right now im just hoping i end up able to keep 1 long term (a new style planet ocean (8900) rep that doesnt seem popular yet); maybe in a couple years i will buy more though.
  11. Ive been waiting just over a week for the factory (JHF/OMF) to give Trusty a 2nd watch to do QC on. Hopefully its much better than the 1st; my main gripe is the pearl; idk if thats a huge problem for the factory or what. Pictures seem to indicate that the pearls are much better after they changed their name to OMF; so im very frustrated that its taking this long for them to supply a 2nd watch so i can approve it if its acceptable. Or reject if its not and ask for a refund. Im not faulting Trusty or anything; i just expect a certain standard at the cost of these reps. Im not expecting perfection; but if something is gonna bug me on the front side of the watch i cant accept it. I can accept some things being bad (such as spelling on the movement) or simply ungenlike (like an improper date font; slightly wrong case thickness or watch diameter; seconds hand tip being slightly wrong color); but everything should be straight/align properly; and i cant accept a terrible pearl when the cost is up past $250 (i would accept a somewhat bad pearl at like $100 or less). If a rep factory cant do things to a standard equal to their price level; i doubt they will last long and it seems like JHF/OMF probably wont be around in a year or two if they dont pull things together.
  12. Is asking for a good pearl too much?

    Thats the odd thing; earlier ones listed on some dealer sites as JHF have terrible pearl; later ones listed as OMF on different dealer websites have a very good pearl. I requested the same watch with a better pearl nearly 5 days ago, still no 2nd watch for QC and im at the point where it can either be sourced; or i will want a refund and have to wait until some factory comes along and bothers to make sure the rep has a good pearl.
  13. Is asking for a good pearl too much?

    Yeah; but usually when you are spending premium rep money ($250+ +shipping) you can get a good pearl.
  14. Trying to wait patiently for the 2nd sourced watch; hopefully with a good pearl is killing me (not really). I know there will be some flaws (and there are); but a horrible pearl (too small, bad position; the bezel pearl hole seems the right size so theres a sizeable gap between the pearl and the hole its supposed to fill) is something i cant get past in the $300+ (before shipping) price range. It just comes down to is the pearl good (big enough, good position), and is everything on the dial straight. Ive had CrPOs that had a nearly perfect pearl a few years ago; so idk how there are many JHFs with a terrible pearl now (some look good depending on the model and if its listed as JHF or OMF; with OMF being much better; but in reality they are the same factory)
  15. JHF = OMF

    Just wanted to post that i recently found out from 2 different dealers (1 over here and 1 on RWI) that these 2 factories are the same. Apparently they started out as JHF and werent very popular (probably due to very bad pearls), so a bit later they changed the name to OMF So im guessing that any differences between them is due to using different parts (some parts seem to have been better earlier and some better later); ive been waiting for days hoping trusty can source me a blue dial SS planet Ocean with a good pearl as thats the only major problem i can see on the front of the watch (again there seems to be better ones and worse ones)