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  1. Sale went through on RWI, I know I got MOAB a bit mad, but still went through and paid $15 for VIP membership as I led you guys on and should still follow through with the paid membership.
  2. I apologize of this is the wrong place to ask the following questions, but 1. I'm guessing my paid membership is up? (I'm not on here often, but if I have to pay for membership to make 1 sale (my 1 and only watch at the moment) I will as the sales tools are busted AF over on RWI) 2. Wasnt there a forum/sales tool over here that actually let's you take a picture and put it directly on the Forum?
  3. I ended up reaching a settlement with the debt collector; not that I wanted to pay them anything; but since it was either pay $2300 (or more) by force or agree to pay $1500; $800 is more than I can spend on things that I want in more than a month, and the sooner I pay them and they can get off my Ass the better. Never again am I gonna bother with a credit card, nor am I ever leasing/financing anything.
  4. So I got a credit card from CapitalOne, was paying on it up to date, then I got behind. Was charged $400 for a month of diet pills (my stupid self fell for a "trial" and then got billed for a subscription I didn't ask for and I didn't even get the diet pills yet I'm supposed to pay $400 for them). I owe $1400, I'm gonna be charged $2300 and all I can do is wait for the financial rape and suffering that 2019 is sure to contain as I cant fight them, I dont have time to go to court or money for an attorney. My life is basically gonna be ruined, I dont have this money but they are going to county court and gonna take it (as soon as they get the judge to sign papers allowing it)
  5. In this case I would go more expensive, but sometimes there is a very small price difference between factories of the same watch with probably (but not necessarily 100% of the time) all the same parts and the same movement
  6. Just started the new job today after orientation (all kinds of information, paperwork, etc) and I have to say I am loving it so far, there may be some dread later down the line when I get exhausted and have to tough it out and work a lot of overtime; but it will be worth it all. Its basically like going from an almost nightmare job to a kind of dream job, pays good, easy to do, will be a stable job as long as I give it my all, and I'm serious about it (and I was more serious about my last job than I should of been, but that is just how my work ethic is). There are people at my last job that are almost betting on me failing, but I will prove them wrong, go the distance, and make a lot more money than they probably ever will because they like being at a dead end factory job where you may only get 1 raise in 3 years and the factory is losing a lot of workers and failing to replace them at the same rate.
  7. Isn't that what they said on Top Gear about The Stig?
  8. Well, last year I was trying to get a better job, and finally this year they told me they have a job for me; so I had to go through several steps (a test on a computer, then a Physical and Drug Test) and I'm finally on the final step (background check), then I can put in my 2 weeks and go from a dead end job to a very good job.
  9. Anybody know where I could order screws for the bracelet of my watch? AFAIK screws for watch bracelets seem to be 1.4mm or so as that's the size screwdriver I use to adjust the bracelets, not sure how long the screws are though or where to order them. It is way too easy to lose them and I lost 2 from the bracelet of my Avenger II.
  10. Like I said, for myself i did a decent enough job, this is by no means any kind of a "guide" and there are others much more knowledgable than me, I just wanted to refinish the bracelet to brushed and used what I had, and I'm satisfied for me.
  11. Maybe not professional level, but I'm pretty happy and can go over it again if I feel like it
  12. I used the green side of a couple scotch brite sponges, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, its definitely toned way down now from how it comes from the TDs, which I know is not Gen-Like (its supposed to be a polished bracelet), I just dislike polished unless it's only Polished Mid-Links and I would leave Polished only for Dress watches (or Dress/Sport); but this watch will be an almost daily wear (I'm switching Jobs soon and wouldnt be able to wear it at the new job, but otherwise I will wear the watch a lot), and polished gets scratched too easily as well.
  13. Watch arrived today and I love it, just need 2 screws as I lost them when I was putting bracelet links back on
  14. Is it easy? I'm thinking about doing it to my incoming Avenger II as I never really cared for full polished bracelets, brushed seems to look more classy and low key to me. Polished is like "LOOK AT ME"
  15. I got the Blk/Blk version I finally found a dealer (approved on the other RWG) that has the version I bought from M2M on RWI listed http://www.theonewatches.ru/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=6856&search=Avenger+ii
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