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  1. Guys - Can't get the page to load fully - Is it just me and my lame computer?
  2. A buddy of mine has one and it is stunning. I could not stop holding the thing. I haven't stopped bugging him to sell it and I think he's not my friend anymore
  3. Well, I for one am damn glad China is China. First, I'm in no position to judge anyone and second, I have a full box of pretty quality reps! Call me a selfish SOB, but that's how I look at it...
  4. The space between the what and the what! Gimme a break dude! No one will ever notice that tiny fault. Rep people need to get their heads examined.
  5. By far my favorite two buys are the stainless and rose gold AP 15400s with black dials. I know they aren't perfect but to me they are...
  6. The newer AP's (2012 and later) should have a better more reliable movement. Otherwise, I'd say get the Diver -- none of the same problems:)
  7. I think this Rollie is the same one they kept showing all weekend in those commercials during Wimbledon...Beautiful watch.
  8. Hi Adam -- If you are looking for a daily wear AP, I would go with the Diver V3.5. I have several ROO chronos, but I don't think they make for good daily wear watches, mainly because of the movement. I wear mine for a day or two, then put them away for a month or so and all of mine have help up well because of this. The extra gear puts a heavy stress on the movement if worn too much in my opinion. Just something for you to think about.
  9. cc is a real stand up guy, but everyone here knows that. I almost dealt with him before a thing we had planned didn't pan out (Surely not his fault!) I would buy just about anything from him
  10. Freddy, those were the only two teenagers in the world who know vintage Rolex:)
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