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  1. Happy Birthday smithdj10!

  2. Happy Birthday smithdj10!

  3. IWC portugese chrono on my list as well, but my investigations leave me to think the automatic versions is not too reliable. I'm not an expert though and happy to be corrected.
  4. Thanks I'll pm those guys.
  5. I also need some AR added to a 3717 bought in 2010. Anyone help?
  6. I'm going to bump this old thread. How did these ultimate best version turn out for you guys? I'm dying to get this Rolex, been researching for weeks and can't determine where we stand with the GV version. Any thoughts appreciated.
  7. Yeah major error I made giving pos feedback. Not based on previous txn, and yes understand should only be given after a txn is complete. Me and the erm "suspect" had a detailed pm chat about buying/selling goods, buyers habits etc etc (I sell a lot of 2nd hand vinyl records so was able to find common ground on how some folk can be time real wasters!). After that he said we should leave positive feedback for each other to which I naively agreed. It was after that that I eventually bought the watch. He does have 3 previous pos feed backs though but I guess they were part of his confidence building. I was surprised he noted all the items were sold in each sales thread. I would assume a scammer would leave that open so to try to dupe a few more into parting with cash. Plus 96 previous posts. He some effort in to gain a few hundred quid. Kinda feel sorry for people stooping to this level - very desperate. Anyway, onwards and upwards plenty of other good watches to look at. I just need some overtime at work now!
  8. I'm the other member. Paid on Thursday night, not a single respond back since then. My confidence was built by their post count of nearly a hundred. Not a huge amount of money but not a pleasant 1st buying experience! Disappointed but that's life. I'll name and shame tomorrow, if no one else does.
  9. Would anyone care to recommend the better Gen watch forums? I would also like to purchase a Gen but first would like to get involved with the Gen forums to see what's up. Cheers
  10. Black Alligator with Black Stitch for a 3717 please. Can you pm me when money is required? I don't get a lot of time to check the forum day to day. Cheers
  11. Happy Birthday smithdj10!

  12. I buy and sell records. Dealing with French postal system is something I completely avoid after too many packages not arriving. Italy is also as bad. Sorry I can't be more positive. You probably should wait another week though.
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