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  1. @bartcordell. Fantastic work my friend. That dial looks amazing. I need to add a 5500 to my collection I think. [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Some of you may recall my first attempt with customizing a Raffles dial This was the first one.. Before and after. [/url] [url=https://clickpix.org/image/ZhSXQE] Then I came across this gen on ebay....and I was in Awe with the dial.. I had to replicate something similar the water damaged / tropical look is spectacular So I ordered another Raffles dial and went to work.. results : Its not exact but it does have the same feel to it...I really like how it turned out. The hands could be aged a bit more to match the dial but other than that I think its
  3. Well done brother. It looks the part and is now an inspiration for my future build when Athaya complete their case sets. Fantastic work. Wear it well. [emoji1376][emoji1376] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. bumping this up to see if this ever got finished...
  5. I also would be interested in a complete case set. look fwd to seeing progress...
  6. This post is way old news but I figured I would update it as I had recently completed a commando build. Recipe : Raffles 34mm tudor case with tudor solid caseback and rolex crown solid caseback sanded down to remove tudor engraving and given a light aged polish modified bezel to accept Yuki Domed crystal AF-294 ( ID of bezel needed enlarging) yuki dial - aged with translucent airbrush paint hands from Ofrie part number HAN- 6595 (eta hands) eta datejust hand eta 2824 clone raffles 19mm rivet bracelet - ( proper rivet bracelet on th
  7. Yup it was the cheapest rolex offered at that time..... I think when they say radiant they are meaning that the markes radiate or glow in the dark but yes you are correct it was tritium at the time
  8. this thread is 3+ years old . He is done with the build and has probably sold it off....lol
  9. Ill play. Over the last few years I have recently gotten into firearms..and talk about appropriate timing considering the current situation of society. No pics of my rifles but here is one 1016 with some 7.62 x 39 surplus ammo for my sks and a pic of my sks with tapco kit .
  10. This is an interesting topic and one that has been clearly overlooked by the watch community It would be interesting to know what watchmakers do with all this radium lume dust and how they treat it . I would like to think that when they do a relume they are wearing ppe and doing it over a vent hood however that just means that the particles are trapped in the filters or ducting . a little can go a long way in this case I think this topic has been swept under the rug so that not to scare off the potential buyers of vintage watches...if it was considered and investigated I think more peo
  11. Nicely done. I think the commando is perfect in a 36mm size Being an explorer aficionado I had to have a commando in my collection. I had one member on RWI working on a commando decal dial for me but I think they stalled out on the project or busy with other projects. Cruising Yuki's site one day I found that they also offer a commando dial . my impulsive nature took over and I ordered one. it doesn't come with hands like many of the other dials they offer but I bought hands from Ofrie that are the closest available My formula. :
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