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  1. A brief update : I had the pleasure of building another commando for a forum member next door. This time I got to experience the mochacha dial first hand. GEN PARTS USED: 5500 case set 6mm crown folded link bracelet / end links crystal Other parts: Clone 2824-2 raffles movement holder - modified ofrie handset raffles DJ second hand Overall Dial impressions. Good quality quite accurate nice lume work and has a nice puffy appearance. 2 criticisms on the dial the paint is quite delicate compared to dials offered from yuki or raffles . the very outside edge of the dial chipped quite easily which was a bit of a disappointment It can not be seen when assembled but I expected slightly better for $400 dial the dial plate was slightly smaller and although it fit the case , it just barely did. I had forgot to measure the dial or opening. I was just glad I was able to make it work overall the dial is the closest there is to a gen example. He is now asking over $500 for the dial which I would say is where I draw the line If you must have one then yes but these doubled in price just over a year later is a bit much . ( I found out about them and this option just after I finished my build and considered ordering it as a replacement) but didnt. and probably wont . wish I did when it was sup $300 Here is the finished project . Overall I am very happy with how this build worked out. It was nice being able to see the mochacha dial first hand and work with it. The service from them was good and fast. Good communication and fast shipping . I would recommend them.
  2. As far as I know there , JMB gets his cases from Raffles and they do offer a 2836 as well as a 2824 I assume the difference is in the crown height? I would reach out to raffles and ask the difference. I'veyah always bought the 2824 cases. The ver 1 case that I used is a standard case which he shapes the lugs and drills the lugs through at the factory location the ver 2 is done at the proper gen location
  3. @madasboot Thanks for the reply Yes I used a translucent "candy" airbrush paint and dilute it. they are water based paints. and then used the dry detail paints to age the rest of the dial slightly. on the wrist it is alot more subtle, I blame the photo editor app that I tried tweaking the lighting in . its not as drastic irl I agree that your example is a watch that sat for ages in one spot. were my tudor has a bit more wear around the center mine had been stopped a few times it appear but it created a larger burn pattern and thought it was unique almost like a star burst of sorts due to the pointed hands .. Here are a few more examples that inspired this attempt Is it age, water damage, uv damage, radium burns or a combination of all 4 in a 50+ year old watch I like the look . especially on the last example the 6610 you can see where the paint had faded away and its in line with the sweep of the hands . or it might be lighting
  4. I just did a quick copy paste from my post next door couldn't get rid of the highlighting unfortunately Most are here for the pics tho.
  5. Been really diggin the 6610 lately and wanted to whip one together from the parts bin Aged Raffles dial - its the SCOC which is more accurate for an early 1016 if only they would do a OCC dial It does the job but once you experience gilt dials... these just dont cut it. I would really like to source a 6610 gilt dial for this project. JMB 1 case set spray painted the seconds hand and then aged it and it looks legit aged the hands and did a quick assembly. its a cool piece and have been wearing it for about 2 weeks but until I find a suitable dial I plan on using the case set for the albino build that I made a post about. as always comments and questions welcome
  6. Putting together a parts order the other day for a few projects and came across the albino dial that raffles offers for the 1016 add to cart and it arrived at my door. was initially concerned about the lume colour - from the site as it looks very yellow but when it arrived it was a decent workable colour. decided it looked too new out of the box so I added some patina with some some dry brushing techniques using air brush translucent paint and some dry brush paints from tamiya Wanted to give it the radium burn appearance that my Tudor 7909 has the hands aren't a perfect match but within the realm of possibility . Have been inspired by what seems the springing up of 6610 albinos in the gen community lately. Since there is no rep dial available the 1016 would have to do. This is the Ruby dial I considered it but for some reason my eyes dont like the color of the lume on the dial it looks pinkish to me. that and its 10x the price of the raffles. The raffles dial does have an outline around the 369 similar to a 6610 where the ruby doesn't have it..but its not a dealbreaker for me considering these are like hens teeth in the wild and its a supposed prototype print testing on a blank so its plausible there was some variety in the samples The numerals are similar in shape . still need a few tweaks but overall I am happy with how it turned out. The printing on the dial is very well done I really like it. I'm still undecided if I like the radium burn on the dial I may remove it or redo it. probably should just leave it alone .. Thanks for looking ! Comments and questions welcome.
  7. I think I have achieved passable results on my 5500 build. perhaps a bit much but I wanted to give it a well worn look with a gloss dial and gilt hands.. the contrast between the two is what does it for me. I use plyers , green scrub pad , fine sand paper and then a light buff with dremmel and paste
  8. Raffles dials has added a no date ranger to their offerings. I just recently finished a build with a some help from the decal dial thread on RWI Mondonero created this small rose dial for me with gilt minute track. I cant be happier with the results!! \ Also a hand made 7205 rivet bracelet in 19mm to complete the build. this was commissioned by another builder on rwi It hasnt left my wrist in weeks.
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