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  1. I refuse to participate in this conversation! It would be admitting I have a problem. NO WAY...Rehab is for quitters!
  2. 1972 Rolex 1675 GMT gloss dial

    Beautiful...I'll take it!
  3. Cars & watches

  4. 5517 franken finally assembled

    Mine says "Hi". HR insert here.
  5. Cars & watches

  6. what you drive?

    https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/classic-cars/videos/a31692/this-subaru-powered-porsche-356-speedster-replica-almost-looks-real/ Jay Leno is impressed by this replica Porsche.
  7. what you drive?

    It's not "sad" if yours is the longest!
  8. 5517 Phong insert

    Wow, that is a beauty. I’ve always had a soft spot in myself heart for this beauty! Congrats on the upgrade!
  9. Still no 1570 or 1520 Movement clones, right?

    That’s why the Paul Neuman went so cheap!