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  1. rower

    Rolex Wristies thread

    Same watch, same day, different angle:
  2. rower

    Project 1675 All Red Hand Complete!

    I’m really taken with the black insert! I’ve come back 3-4 times to look at it again. The all red gmt hand hi the the all red hand really makes this one pop!
  3. rower

    4th July

  4. rower

    My last build gmt 1675 Dial nipple ( rare )

    Can I just say...I love nipples. Please let me know when you are done with them!
  5. I refuse to participate in this conversation! It would be admitting I have a problem. NO WAY...Rehab is for quitters!
  6. rower

    1972 Rolex 1675 GMT gloss dial

    Beautiful...I'll take it!