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  1. All the same watch. Just different lighting.
  2. I still have an untouched HH case. I lost my modder SpeedyG as he no longer has time for watches. Hopefully I’ll figure it out this year.
  3. Replica01, if that is not a gen it is the best Seadweller I’ve ever seen. Details please.
  4. Agreed Jack! Nice catch. I was so enamored with everything else that I missed that. I also believe that yours is one of the best ever! And I’ve always been jealous of it.
  5. MilesD did one of my all time favorites. MBW 5513 Case Cartel Insert Yuki Pearl Gen Tropic 19 Plexi Aftermarket 702 Tube Gen 702 Crown!!!! NDT 5517 Dial Omega SM300 Hands ETA2846 http://www.homageforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=7685&hilit=5517 That being said here is mine: I built it first with aged and then switched it to new out of box. HR case set and dials. ETA movement. Custom movement ring and dial support.
  6. Same watch, same day, different angle:
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