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  1. Beautiful work! Not over done is the key and you mastered that well. I'll need you to send it to me for closer inspection.
  2. 6538 - Photoshoot by the pool

    Sexy pool shoot!
  3. Wearable art work! Beautiful job!
  4. High grade 6538 build using Phong parts

    Wearable artwork! Stunning!
  5. Spring bar search is over

    I'm looking for a Spring Bar too...preferably one that serves some really great bourbons! Most bars serve year round. Not just in the Spring.
  6. And the winner is !!

    Great pick up. I'm in! Looking forward to the next raffle!
  7. Gen wristies

    HKED it was a special project on Watchuseek. I bought it second hand (no pun intended). I use Watchrecon.com to search for used watches. It's an aggregator site that takes info from multiple for sale sections of many watch sites. I've found many great deals that way. A couple of years ago I saw someone post a watch like this where they substituted a Heuer dial. I wish I would have bought it when I saw it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  8. Rolex Wristies thread

    I noticed "FS" on the cuff. Does that mean it's for sale?
  9. Glitches...

    Same problems Safari 10.0.3 Here's hoping the answer does not go to a page 2 or beyond or I'll never see it!