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  1. Just a friendly warning to all: before starting a discussion with this bipolar clown maybe take a look here http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/showthread.php?t=256407 to see what an weird asshat OP really is... @Mike on a bike could be interested in his deficits in behaviour/language too...
  2. Got it from Ryan, great guy to deal with! Fast responses, very helpful and good QC pics. Great prices too, always a few $$ below PT. There are a lot of very positive reviews about InTime and from my personal experience they're absolutely right. Can't go wrong with Ryan and can't go wrong with the bee...[emoji2] Sorry, not water tested - will not get her into water with the (rep) leather strap...
  3. Go for the bee mate! One of the best OOB reps out there, simply amazing, stunning, and great wear. Top notch, you won't regret getting yourself one!
  4. Another day, same bee...
  5. Very bad rep. Just send it to me, I can arrange a free disposal for you... [emoji6][emoji6] No, just joking, this combo is just awesome!!! Congrats, really a stunning piece! I'm waiting for the 2014 white model with white strap to be repped, but I don't think this will happen soon...
  6. Btw, thanks a lot for your kind words about my review. Much appreciated! [emoji106][emoji4]
  7. Wow, great! I was just reading and answering in this thread and read you were about to order one, month ago. Was thinking about if you really ordered one and if yes, are you happy with her, so my questions are now answered even without posting them... Wear her always in best health mate, congrats, she's really a beauty! Black leather is a VERY good combo for the Navi, just think at the John Travolta ad, wearing a Navi on black strap in front of his plane...
  8. Yeah, it's slightly (very slightly) greenish... maybe on the pics this is visually stronger because the lume is charged because of the photo lamps. If you're outside on a sunny day with this Navi and then go inside you will notice the greenish hue much more (because the lume is charged and glowing). When wearing inside without strong lights to the lume it isn't changed, it isn't glowing, so you'll see less greenish colour on the lume.
  9. Yeah, sure. Unfortunately! [emoji35] Don't believe in the website descriptions - some other members asked them per mail and they responded that's 21.6k and the website has to be updated. Just read the threads and you'll find the experiences from these other members... But don't worry too much about the low beat movement - you'll hardly see the difference to 28.8k from a wrist distance. This new Navitimer breed is very well done, much better than its predecessor, and it's the best version you can get at the moment and in the next future...
  10. My very first rep purchase 1.5 years ago was at Puretime and I had to pay with WU. It took 3 visits at my local post office, 2 times the money came back to my post office because WU has blocked the recipient... So I had to fill out another form to get my money back, email PT, get another recipients details, go back to post office and start another try. The 3rd attempt finally went through. So WU is really a big PITA, but it's safe if you get the recipients details from PT billing (Shuang if I remember correctly).
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