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Found 20 results

  1. Hey Guys, I have been away for a few years from the rep game, but I was aware they released new Navitimer Reps last year. I always wanted one, and now it’s time for a new watch... But I saw two different Types: http://www.ttw-1388.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=16_143&products_id=15411 and a newer JF Factory edition http://www.ttw-1388.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=16_143&products_id=16923 (which on trusty I only saw in RG, is it actually available as Black Dial, Steel Case, Leather Band?) How good is the “original” 1:1 from 2016? Is it worth to seek out the newer JF Factory? And in general, how 1:1 are these reps compared to Noob Submariner levels? Glad to be back, and thanks for helping!
  2. A few days ago the new Navitimer 01 from Puretime arrived, so I want to share my first impressions of my new babe… Specs (from Purtime website): Size: 43mm x 14mm Movement: Asian 7750 chronograph automatic movement Functions: Hours, minutes, sub-seconds, date and chronograph Case: Solid 316L stainless steel case Crystal: Scratch-proof sapphire crystal with AR coating Dial: Black dial Bezel: Bi-directional rotating bezel Strap: Stainless steel bracelet Clasp: Flip lock clasp Water resistance: Yes Movement: unfortunatley it’s 21.600 vph (gen and former model: 28.800 vph). The sweep of the running secs could be a tad smoother, but I don’t think anyone can spot these from an arm distance away… The rotor is a bit noisy (as nearly always on the A7750), but it keeps good time, about +5 to +10 sec/day. The manual winding is a little stiff, so maybe the movement is a bit on the dry side and needs a proper lubrication - only a guess, I’m no watchsmith. Bezel: It is tight and finally the slide rule is aligning! Great!!! But… still it’s not real/pure/snow-white, it´s still a little off-white. Bezel teeth are nicely done, but I don’t have a gen to compare. Crystal: very clear with good AR (blue to purple hue). Great improvement compared to the predecessor! Dial: well done, really well done! The hands and stick hour markers are sparkling in the light, very gen-like. :) But… the subdials are still a bit too close to the tachy-ring, but that’s imho a minor flaw. Date window is nicely cut with a good bevel. Date Wheel: Still sunken date – no surprise, this can not be resolved with an A7750 movement. Finally black with white numbers (so the “sunken date issue” is less noticable), and supposed to have the proper Breitling date font, but… I had bad luck (wasn’t quite sure from the QC-pics) and got one with the standard date font, but this should be an exception. Maybe Angus can help to solve this issue, will drop him a PM after CNY-holidays. Lume: definitely better than on the former model. Still no torch, but considering the small place where lume can be applied it’s really ok. Bracelet: hmmm, it’s… light. Very light. Feels similar to the bracelet of the former version, no improvement here. Visually, there is no complaint, just the feel… And of course you have to oil it for a smoother moving of the links, it was dry like a desert when I received her... Clasp: solid, with a nice “click” when you’re snapping down to close the clasp. Raised Breitling-logo outside, nice engravings inside. Overall: She feels solid (case, bezel, clasp) and is looking awesome (dial, hands, hour markers)! There are great improvements compared to her predecessor in several ways, but there are still flaws and imperfections. If you’re a fan of the legendary Navitimers and you can live with the flaws, just go get her! But if you’re looking for a so-called “Super-Rep” which is very close to gen in terms of accurcy then there are better options for you (like Seawolf v2, Superocean Abyss, Super Avenger...). Wristies: Pics gallery (outdoor natural lighting): Thanks for looking!
  3. Here is a recent release from Breitling: the Navitimer Heritage, which as a Navi fan, I find absolutely beautiful. With this model, Breitling offers an affordable Navitimer (less than 4000 USD online) and obviously it comes with the Caliber 13 movement, based on the Valjoux 7750. The dial takes us back to the old navi figher layout with 6-9-12 subdials, printed logo, date at 3' and the perfect 42mm size that fits all kinds of wrists. Subdials and dial have the same color, I like that I hope they rep this very soon Enjoy some pics : I might have to pull the trigger on the gen
  4. Hi guys, I am looking for a case back of a tricompax navitimer rep (with the sliderule engraving), If anyone has one he does not need I might be interested in buying it. Let me know, PM me. thanks!
  5. Hi guys, I was looking at the Serie Speciele Navitimer on Perfect clone's site, at link - /bl10034-navitimer-serie-speciale-black-dial-working-chronos-p-1693.html Does anyone knows what type case this one has ? I'm thinking of doing a franken navitimer (using a gen 7750 movement, hands and dial ) would the gen parts fit in there ? (mainly movement and dial - hands should fit on a swiss 7750 as much as I remember) Any help will be so much appreciated thanks! db1
  6. Hi guys, I am not sure how many of us are still in need for genuine looking DW for breitling reps. I know the good old Lello DW are gone years ago, but how about a new production of DW ? Anyone thought about it ? db1
  7. Hello folks, i´m now about 6 years here. very great communinty here. i love to read theads, but today i get trouble with my health. two days ago my doc said that i have cancer in the end state. so i had think about my watch passion and decide to sellall my watches, gens and rep and go to holiday last time. i will go sailing at mediterranean like i do it every year and will spend my last months at port grimaud. thanks to everybody here! so how can i sell my rep breitling datora und super avenger? how can i post in sales forum here? do you have get a one year membership? or can i pay for post in sales forum. thanks
  8. Hi Guys, looks like we got a new set of Navitmers and Bentley GT's http://www.trusty-watch.com/index.php?main_page=products_new Would like to know what the navi experts say about this latest release.
  9. Hi guys, Today some pictures of my Breitling Navitimer and Breitling Colt. The Breitling Navitimer is running on a strong A7750 movement. I've got her sometimes on a Hirsch strap and the other time on a nice mesh bracelet. Well let's go to the pictures! Now some pictures of the Breitling Colt which is running on a Quartz movement. All my Breitling watches together. From Left to right: Breitling Transocean, Breitling Navitimer, Breitling Colt Thanks for watching!
  10. Hi chaps, new to the forum so thought I would introduce myself. My name is Luc and I’m based in the UK. Firstly, incredibly impressed with the wealth of info & expertise here. I’ve registered on the other RWG too and the amount of info I have covered over the past few days is bordering on ridiculous! My pursuit of (obsession with) a Breitling Navitimer is what has brought me here. I’ve just graduated from University so a gen Breitling is a bit out of my budget for now. My first attempt to get something close was a Rotary Chronospeed, an homage to the Navitimer. Unfortunately it’s far too lightweight and too small for what I wanted, even compared to my old £250 Armani watch (I know, don’t shoot me). Having read more about the difference between Quartz and Automatic, I now realise I definitely want an auto. I gather the Navitimer isn’t the most accurate rep, but I’m prepared to live with its shortcomings to have the next best thing to a gen on my wrist. I have a few questions that are quite specific about Navi reps. Would I be best to post these here or in the Breitling section? Cheers for the help and look forward to getting involved!
  11. Hi anybody out there got a gen 24mm deployment clasp style watch strap that they wish to offload please let me know as looking to purchase. regards
  12. Hello. I am thinking of picking up one of the new Navitimer World models from Andrew at Trusty. He just posted (3) new models yesterday (white, black and blue) I like reference: BSW0245B - Navitimer World SS/SS Black A-7750 Question: I have a very nice brown strap from BOB Germany that is stamped 22-20. Will this fit the above mentioned watch? Thank you, -Muleplay
  13. I've been considering http://www.ttw888.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=16_143&products_id=1171 but the sunken datewheel and the "MDSCUW" on the back are keeping me on the fence, considering its price. Are there any other obvious flaws my novice eyes are missing? I'm looking for any Navitimer with a white dial + white subdial and tan leather deployment combination, which doesn't seem to be a popular combination since I rarely see a review... Any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Hi all ! I've just picked up a gen breitling navitimer sliderule from the bay (title says it's from a vintage navitimer), And i've got a modern navitimer rep (tricompax). The sliderule marking on the rep is pretty much identical on the gen part i've picked up and the rep (correct me if i'm wrong), would it be a good idea to swap the rep sliderule to the gen? the only difference i've noticed between them is that on my rep navi - for a gen, the sliderule red "arrows" (on the 60, 10... positions) should be thin. and on the gen sliderule i've picked up they are tiny bit thicker. Here are pics of my rep navi, a gen navim and the gen part - let me know what you think. Thanks! db1 P.S: i'm not sure if it's important but i've also have got a gen dial for this watch (same dial color and marking as well) Photos are uploaded as follows - fist my rep, second the gen sliderule picked up, third a gen watch example
  15. Hi, well the title pretty much says it all: can an eta 7753 movement + gen navi dial fit into a navitimer tricompax 7750 rep ? Any input on this will be much appreciated ! thanks! db1
  16. WebRep currentVote noRating noWeight Looking to pick up a Navitimer World. So hard to find. Love the model. Trying to decide between World and Datora but leaning Datora. Help a fellow Breitling lover out. Thanks in advance all.
  17. Hi, I love my Bentley GT rep, but recently have fall in love with the Navitimer (tricompax secs @ 9 layout) rep and i've heard some rwg member had successfully put an eta 7753 in it. is it true that using a gen dial, a 7753 will fit right into the rep case ? (pushers line up and etc) What dealer has Navitimer (with the a7750 modded to secs @ 9) ? Many thanks, db1
  18. Hey guys, I have a rep Breitling that has broken. The small hands have fallen out of their holes. (terrible terminology I'm sure). Can anyone recommend a repair place on here?
  19. I have read that there are rumors of new Navitimer reps coming out this year. Hopefully no sunken date wheel and better AR!! Any body have any news??
  20. These two are recent additions... I have been wanting an 806 since I was a kid. The dream has finally come true! The 806 is from '67 or so. I have a NOS lizard strap with 16mm 'double Breitling planes logo' buckle as well as the NOS Breitling buffalo grain strap in the pics. The 816 Navitimer is from '68 and has its original NOS Tropic strap from the factory. It also has the double Breitling planes logo' buckle as well. The case is the same case as the Chrono-Matic 1806/1809 series. It is large but quite thin and lightweight; consequently, very comfortable to wear. I almost bought an 1806 but I can't really can't get into Caliber 11 or 12 movements. They are boring in my book. Hence the reason why I have a love/hate relationship with the Heuer Autavia. The 816 has dial action with its running seconds. I like to know if my watches are alive or not ;-) Anyhow, I was going through all of my watches today, and I took a lotta pics. Just thought I'd share some vintage action on an otherwise 'newer' style forum section. PS. Excuse the Rolex pic in the Breitling forum
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