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  1. Chrono24 bro Envoyé de mon SM-A310F en utilisant Tapatalk
  2. Stupid enough to spam the admin huh?
  3. Am I getting spammed by this member? I find this PM I just received very suspicious. Don't hesitate to quote mods if necessary
  4. Here is a recent release from Breitling: the Navitimer Heritage, which as a Navi fan, I find absolutely beautiful. With this model, Breitling offers an affordable Navitimer (less than 4000 USD online) and obviously it comes with the Caliber 13 movement, based on the Valjoux 7750. The dial takes us back to the old navi figher layout with 6-9-12 subdials, printed logo, date at 3' and the perfect 42mm size that fits all kinds of wrists. Subdials and dial have the same color, I like that I hope they rep this very soon Enjoy some pics : I might have to pull the trigger on the gen
  5. My concern is that some recent releases such as the seawolf, avenger 2 gmt, Steelfish chrono Superocean 2 etc don't have SS bracelets and it is very frustrating! One other thing I don't understand is that when they rep a Breit that has 2 size options in gen, they always seem to rep the bigger case. The SOH is only available in 46mm. Superocean 2 only in 44mm. Both of those models exist in 42. I thought factories had a lot of customers in CHina, and Asia in general. How many Asian wrists can pull of a 44 let alone a 46 case? I am glad they have been repping so many Breitling models but I have not seen many get nearly as good as the Super reps like the SO Abyss. If they keep releasing stuff without steel, with no AR and suken datewheels that will stop me from ordering. Finally I'll have a valid reason
  6. Hi Only the 46mm are available. The 42mm has never been produced unfortunately I am not sure you can find the green bezel either unless you go gen
  7. Hey, I have been active on several watch forums but not this one so I wanted to see formyself after hearing about RWG.CC I already have a decent collection but I am not ready to cease buying and selling so here I am