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  1. Hey mate :),


    I just found out that you once had (and maybe still have) an IWC Ingenieur and that the bracelet was too long for you.

    I just bought an Ingenieur with a bracelet too short for me...if you still have some links lying around and would sell them to me, that'll be great :)

    Unfortunately you cannot receive PMs so I try my luck here...



  2. Its the 1:1 blue dial from our TD Just got it but it's a stunner! I can only recommend, i'm might get the rose gold, grey dial also Best regards, PS
  3. Thanks for the precision's asimplefarmer Actually I've owned only one roo and I would say bracelet is better on the roo. But the jumbo bracelet is different. Mine actually have a bad clasp. It keeps on opening by itself when my wrist get's a little shock or sometimes for no reason The good point is that the finishing of the case is exceptional. Best regards, Phil
  4. beautiful Cubeistan! For me I'm still wearing this beauty
  5. Asimplefarmer: Are you taking these pictures with an iPhone? I love the feel/way they look like. A tiny touch of vintage on it. Btw that's a nice wristlet you have there! Would you mind sharing the brand name with us? Best regards PS
  6. Long time I didn't post. Me & my roo says hello!
  7. Something a little bit different today
  8. @watch.aholic yes the screws are steel and I didn't try to blacken them As I'm the only one to see the back it's not really bothering me. @Mills As already said thanks a million for your gesture, I'm enjoying it every day since I received the screws :-)
  9. Enjoying this one again thanks to Mills
  10. Hey there ! Just a little message to let all the people know that if I can now start enjoying my 292K again, it's thanks to Mr. Mills ! The screws well arrived and now the 292k is back on the wrist ! And remember to always check your screws or secure them with thread lock Best regards, PS
  11. Mills glad to hear everything worked fine for you ! And more then a big thanks for the great gesture you offering to me ! I'll send you a pm if I'm not to late. Best regards, PS
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