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  1. @Legend, As a noob like me, i probably wont be able to tell the difference. But for you and all the gurus out there, im sure you guys would be able to spot a non-genuine easily. I guess i would have to save up to get a Gen AP Roo instead of going Franken or modding a Rep. Thank you Best Regards Jon
  2. @ceejay, Yup understood. Thank you @Legend, Yup understood. Thank you
  3. @ceejay Thats like a total perfect education for a noob like me. Thank you so much. Anyways sorry im curious why you Caps " do not buy anything on the site" Care to share? The rubberclad white dial is a superb beautiful piece. Best Regards Jon
  4. Hi @tompa_k, With regards to the above flaws that you mentioned, i believe some mods are able to rectify the issue right? 1) Dw window in wrong position - can be adjusted? 2) Dw wrong font - get an aftermarket updated Dw 3) Wrong cyclop - replace cyclop 4) Handbase is to wide/big - trim the hands 5) Watch is too thick - Case thinning 6) Chronopushers & crown - this one i dont know 7) Tachy/datewindow gap - trim the tachy If im not wrong, this mods can rectify the flaws above, but the rest i have no idea already. Educate me. Thank you Best Regards Jon @ceejay, Thank you for the education. I dont have a Gen AP so i have no idea regarding the pusher buttons being not align as the same horizontal plane as the crown. I learn something new today. Sorry for being noob. understanding that the case have to grow through extensive engineering to make sure its the same to near gen. Thank you Best Regards Jon
  5. @sts1131 Yup definitely. I know he is the best person to seek advice regarding AP mods. Thank you!
  6. Dear All, https://puretimewatch.io/watch-brands/audemars-piguet/royal-oak-offshore/royal-oak-offshore-black-white-marcus-edition-jf-on-white-rubber-strap-a7750-free-black-strap.html Based on the link above for the AP Marcus White Edition from puretime, i would like to enquire what are the mods required to make it near gen? Thank you so much Best Regards Jon
  7. @hologramet Thats a stunning beautiful one you got there! 😀😀
  8. @Legend Thank you so much for the advice. Greatly appreciate it a lot. 😀 Have a lovely weekend ahead everyone. Best Regards Jonathan
  9. @Serafino Thank you for sharing your advice. @Legend Thank you for providing the education. However we can build the Cal 4130 within a budget first then in future slowly change those cloned parts to Gen parts is it possible? Thank you so much Best Regards Jonathan
  10. Dear Ladies & Gentlemen Sorry for asking a noob question. Does anyone knows roughly how much does it costs to build a Gen Cal 4130 movement from scratch. Like buying all the parts seperately and getting a watch maker to build it up. Thank you so much Best Regards Jonathan
  11. Hi Thom.son May i know whats the movment for the Datejust? Thank you Best Regards Jon
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