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  1. Hey, do you have anything for a Ingy?


  2. Does anyone know of any good dealers in Hong Kong? I know Guangzhou is close, but wont be able to get there! Tim
  3. Hello boys, I have an Explorer II Noob, Swiss ETA, White dial up for grabs if anyone is interested? Best regards, Tim :-) (PM)
  4. Maybe this will help http://watchpart.co.uk/rolex-generic-replacement-steel-sapphire-luminous-bezel-p-4945.html
  5. Fuuuuuuunny :-) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  6. Sorry guys, for some reason I cannot add the image and I cant delete the topic either!? Will try again later:-)
  7. The prices are the same as with our trusted dealers :-)
  8. So, I just picked this one up! Could be looking nice after some mods! Feels really good compared to the Gen. Slightly smaller red triangle and in need of AR and a new date wheel! Happy :-)
  9. Hello guys, I travel to Beijing quite often and the best place for high end reps is at a guy called Bobo. He is located in a "backroom" on the 4th floor in the building behind the Pearlmarket. If you take the elevator up, you proceed out of it and keeping to the right you should enter the second last shop and go thru the back door in the shop. He can source super reps if he does not have them in the shop and he offers Swiss ETA as well:-) Enjoi:-) /Tim
  10. Andy: Yeah, I am thrilled that I am going back. I hope to be able to locate som watch shop. Maybe I will ask some of the dealers in Guangzou. Thanks for last, I had a blast:-) dia..: He He, weeeell, Quartz wont cut it! I will find a place. Always do:-)
  11. Hello everyone, First of all I have to say that we had an awesome GTG in Malmoe, Sweden last week:-)) You guys missed out!! I trust that all of you are enjoying your summer? Is there anyone who knows a good place to get high quality reps in Shanghai? Best regards, Tim
  12. check this one Stephane :-) http://blog.perpetuelle.com/watches/dottling-liberty-barcelona-watch-safe/
  13. Heeelll Yeeeaahh! Da Geek is in! This is going to be fun :-))
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