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  1. Sad to hear it and feel sorry for the members affected! I fear it may cause slowing down of the trade the coming weeks... Be safe out there guys..
  2. I agree of course a civilized society can not go after families and relatives of these bastards but right now when emotions are running wild it sure seem like a viable option. I really don't think there are any easy solutions to this but I think most people would agree that this can't go on. At least it surely get harder and harder for the people claiming that these are just isolated incidents with no connection to anything whatsoever.... i really think a lot of this has been caused by a far reaching consensus in some European countries that they need to save all these refugees without really thinking the scenario out fully to the end. Many 'refugees' aren't real refugees but just people from failed states looking for a better future. I don't blame them - but it's a serious catastrophe for a Europe who has left their boarder wide open. personally I feel Merkel has a big stake in this problem but I don't know enough about German politics to really validate my statement. Perhaps some German friends can give their thoughts on that... i just think it's - yet another - looming disaster that has been set off with the best of intentions Oh forgot to mention. I really doubt whether going after their families would help much anyway as these don't seem to care about them selves or their loved ones. Only their sick agenda of holy war or whatever medieval stupidity they believe in.
  3. I can't believe this is happening again, only a few days ago we had this very discussion after that tragedy at the concert in Manchester. My thoughts are with the families affected and the people of London and the U.K. who once again see the ugly face of violent extremism on their soil ....and please check in UK friends...
  4. Vac is awesome, can highly recommmend him! Pretty quick too imo
  5. I'd go with the first one, looks like a limited edition of some sort. Bracelet looks great. 0 flaws
  6. Ah the legendary question, who's got the best sub? if it's the 16610 you're after I'd suggest getting the TC, if subs are your thing you will end up getting that one eventually anyway. Right before you go gen that is. Welcome on board sir, you stumbled upon the beat watch forum out there! cheers, the Great Dane
  7. So beautiful pictures - Alaska is on my bucket list for sure!
  8. Just saw the news - that is just beyond terrible, innocent teenagers at a concert - why? I HATE terrorism (if that's what this is) Hopefully at least none of our friends from the forum affected by these most terrible events. So sad...
  9. For sure! I guess only slight difference is that we can't wear polos to the office.....
  10. Interesting thread and many very valid points surely! I agree with the statements about the reasons behind buying reps are the determining factors if people are 'fake' (don't like that term too much in general, what is a 'fake' person anyway'?) the posers on instagram with canal street fakes taking selfies in front of Bentleys they don't own would probably fall under that category, I don't think they love watches like we do, they're only interested in showing off and many cannot even afford I nice rep let alone a gen. Personally, I buy reps because I want to try many different designs and models which would be much more difficult with gens only. I love design and my watch passion is largely esthetics driven and then love for automatic movements. Also, and don't laugh now please my personality doesn't allow me to settle with one of anything, goes with cars, watches you name it (only exception are wives ) I own several gens already and many highend Reps and frankens and for the value of those rep watches I could probably add a few more nice gens to my collection. To me it just wouldn't be as fun and my collection couldn't be this big.
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