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  1. Just saw the news - that is just beyond terrible, innocent teenagers at a concert - why? I HATE terrorism (if that's what this is) Hopefully at least none of our friends from the forum affected by these most terrible events. So sad...
  2. Enjoy Mike, looks tasty!
  3. For sure! I guess only slight difference is that we can't wear polos to the office.....
  4. Thats a nice car!! welcome kgvertu
  5. Interesting thread and many very valid points surely! I agree with the statements about the reasons behind buying reps are the determining factors if people are 'fake' (don't like that term too much in general, what is a 'fake' person anyway'?) the posers on instagram with canal street fakes taking selfies in front of Bentleys they don't own would probably fall under that category, I don't think they love watches like we do, they're only interested in showing off and many cannot even afford I nice rep let alone a gen. Personally, I buy reps because I want to try many different designs and models which would be much more difficult with gens only. I love design and my watch passion is largely esthetics driven and then love for automatic movements. Also, and don't laugh now please my personality doesn't allow me to settle with one of anything, goes with cars, watches you name it (only exception are wives ) I own several gens already and many highend Reps and frankens and for the value of those rep watches I could probably add a few more nice gens to my collection. To me it just wouldn't be as fun and my collection couldn't be this big.
  6. I like this thread, it's a fun topic that all on here can relate to I'm sure i can honestly say that I - in some shape or form - end up regretting selling practically all watches I let go. It's one of my few hobbies that I have time for outside of work (yes I'm one of those guys that work all the time) and I absolutely love all watches, even the ones I decide to sell I love. The trip to the post office is always a bit hard for me. Then why do I sell them if I love them so much? Well if would I let my heart lead all my bigger decisions I would be driving a 2010 Maserati GT (out of warranty) instead of a newer Mercedes (still under warranty) and I would not be able to afford my mortgage because I would be buying watches every day. I'm sure I'm not the only one with that mindset around here
  7. Welcome aboard! Another Floridan I see, great! You're going to love this place, doesn't get much better than this on the www - community-wise as well as the quality of the watches and level of knowledge. Wow 100 watches?! And I thought I had a large collection.
  8. So...a few hours later, all watches in this watch box except for 4 pcs. are now up for sale. Take a glance at the sales forums if you have time, there are some rather rare ones among them; franken IWC 3711, franken WM9 16613, super franken mymanmatt 16014, franken Chopard Mille Miglia, franken TC 16610 LV etc. Some of these I never thought I would sell. Trouble is I simply haven't got wrists enough for so many watches so some have to I'm currently debating whether my super franken Breitling Navitimer and my mymanmatt Daydate both in the picture above should be put up for sale as well and also have 1 or 2 other ones I'm considering putting up which is not in this picture. Stay tuned. Will check out for tonight,12:58am here on the east coast and tomorrow I'm back in the office....
  9. Hi Everybody and happy new year! Hope it is OK that I do a little advertisement for my upcoming sales, but if not Mod's please let me know This is not one of those New Year, new me kind of things but rather a recognition of me not being able to give enough wrist time to my 35+ watch collection. My loss is your gain and I will be listing several watches for sale on here as I'd rather some fellow RWG-members get to enjoy the watches rather than they're just sitting in one of my watch boxes. There are some quite serious pieces in between collected over the last few years so you definitely have something to look forward to. (Teaser Picture attached) Unfortunately for our friends in EU/Australia/Asia etc. it will be CONUS only and for now RWG exclusive although I'm also a long time member on RG. Kind regards, Big_Dane
  10. Certainly impressed with the way you are taking it, Legend. What a gentleman! To be honest I'm not sure I would be able to be that overbearing. Personally - after reading your story - I'm a little less convinced that this is just a series of unfortunate coincidences... I'm glad you got your money back though! Cheers all, and have a nice evening!
  11. Certainly looks interesting, will give it a try and let you know - thanks a bunch for the tip
  12. I was madly in love with that Daytona. Curious to hear the whole story too
  13. Gotta say, absolutely love Costa coffee that you guys have in the U.K., beats Starbucks by miles! You're are absolutely right about this! I began my watch addiction by collecting gens (Omega and Rolex) and still do but I don't even bother joining the gen forums, I know some might dispute this but the community-sense and horological knowledge on here seem so much more 'real'... personally I'm probably more a lurker than a contributor as such (can be seen in my post count vs join date) how ever I visit the boards pretty much everyday to look for trades or read the threads on here. Glad to support by being VIP on this great forum.
  14. Done - thanks for bringing this to everybody's attention, Mike!