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  1. I see nothing wrong with this watch and kirill is a well known seller.
  2. Some sellers are out to gouge some for market value. Age also plays a role.
  3. gavidoc


    Please post this in the sales forum. Not appropriate here.
  4. Recently sold a 76 1680 for $5500 to a friend. Would have listed for higher Ina public sale.
  5. Nothing better than an original from Phoenix. Thin but tight and comfortable weave. Supplier to the MOD and who Rolex used to use.
  6. Very nice. I like the blueberry as well so just recently picked up an insert from Clark's. Here's my 16750.
  7. Mil04 It is an original sub from 73
  8. you can find a better quality dial then that. Those plots are HUGE. here is another one to show the plot size:
  9. mine is a gen. Double O's not sure about.
  10. Check you gasket height too. 1.8mm crystal uses 2.7mm gasket. 2mm crystal uses 2.5mm gasket for gens.
  11. I agree. The blue/gold combo are normally less than a black/silver. The blue/silver though go for the same as the black/silver 16613 since they can be used on a standard sub to mix things up.
  12. I have shipping information. Will check them out when I return from China next week. I have ebay buyer protection on it so no worries.
  13. Anyone try to fit a TC to a gen? Always been curious about that.......the v4 looks just like the coronet on my 93250.
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