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  1. I’ve been trying to fix up a Daytona. I bought parts for mine over the last ten years and have worked on many movements and assembled many watches trying to gain the skills required to put the piece together myself. So many items I wouldn’t be able to afford in this current climate. I feel almost blessed with what I have. It’s almost dark compared to the days when Freddy and Lhooq and many others were building these quite regularly. The sad part is a lot of the images of parts and builds has gone. When I first took an interest gen dials would sell for a couple of thousand but now is just something else. Ive seen a build tutorial on one of the watch forums titled something like how to build a vintage Daytona but I can’t remember which one.
  2. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to buy extra links for a gen 78350. Its for a gen bracelet on a gen watch but my local rolex service centre have taken 3 hours off their daily opening hours. I cant physically fit into their opening hours without taken time off just to do so... Which seems silly in my eyes. They tell me its $70 aud ea for extra links, i cant get my head round paying 130 + aud for each link Anybody with a good place to source gen links, or gen spec links. Cheers
  3. I really want to buy some of his movement holders and movements, does anyone know how to get in contact with him
  4. I've scouted out two in the last two weeks running with issues and they've sold for 1200 usd each, both didn't identify valjoux 72 at all. They almost went for more than the ones marked as valjoux 72
  5. I'm working toward a 6263, I'm on one at the moment finishes in 2 hrs but there's no movement shot it's a big gamble and it needs servicing. It may be cal 72 or 726. I think I want 726 but I'm getting very willing to compromise on this point at the moment.
  6. Hi guys, I keep getting outbid on eBay on doner watches. I'm usually the second last bid. I don't think my budget is completely unrealistic. Can any offer advice on what they purchased v72/v726 for and if there are any other places you can recommend trying to find one.
  7. The theres a guy on rolex forums that make these bezels up
  8. If I read marrickville correctly, I'd say you are in Sydney. I've got a TC bracelet in manly, if that helps
  9. I had a beautiful serifed datewheel on the movement I sent rolexman, when he stole it. I tried to source another from old watch parts wholesalers but it's just a roulette datewheel that came on the movement I bought here.
  10. Just a status update, I ended up getting the screws from a very old watch parts wholesaler in Sydney so I've got her mounted and running. i had bought the movement from siesta181 on this forum and it runs and keeps good time but the timing hand will stall( but only sometimes) I want to change the hands to some from yuki. I wouldn't mind setting up an oyster bracelet for it but have no idea on the right end links (580?) But overall I'm happy with it. There's a bit of pride in the piece from installing the gen crown and tube replacing the pushers and mounting the hands and movement in the case. ive almost forgot the disappointment in paying spin master to build and service the watch and getting a watch that wouldn't run right and leaked(took 5 months to build whilst waiting for parts to ensure pushers were waterproof and then another 3 months wasted sending it back to him twice) then sending rolexman the spin master serviced movement and a new 45 min conversion kit then having him recommend replacing it as a cheaper option. Then he refused to return the movement and parts to me( rolexman is a thief) i think I'm ready to tackle the Daytona that I've got in the watchmakers drawer. Anybody got a running val 726 they want to sell holler my way.
  11. Hi I've just had a 48 mm planet ocean serviced and this is the bag of parts they replaced. I find the helium escape valves and crowns look pretty accurate on the reps. Do people replace these with gen parts? I guess what I'm asking is whether this is something worth keeping or should I file them into the bin.
  12. Whatever happened to the ny guy and his 6263 bezels? Is there a decent option for aftermarket 6263 /6265 bezels at the moment? I see a dw 6263 bezel in the sales section that looks to have good font but from memory these won't fit on a gen crystal
  13. There was a bit of suck with that I bought the parts set from the Li nk and the screws don't fit. I think they are a reference 5101 screw I'm trying to find out what else they fit. Any tips appreciated
  14. Maybe I didn't post enough info. It's a dw case I have a valjoux 7734 but I don't have any of the mounting tabs to secure the movement in place. Surely somebody can offer some advice.
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