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  1. Hello,


    i need a 2824 case adapter ring for a 5513 build. The seller said the case would fit 1530 so I need something that will hold my 2824 in that slot.





    1. tomhorn


      Stilty hasn't been producing rings for years now.

    2. 5513fan


      Ohh thankyou any idea where to get one?

  2. I'm looking to build a 5500 style 34mm Explorer using a 34mm Gen Rolex 15000 Case and bezel.


    Since the original movement from this case was a 3035, I should be using an ETA 2836 correct?


    I know I will need a movement ring and dial spacer, do you think I will need a higher cannon pinion etc? 


    This should be a fairly straightforward build due to having no date complication. 


    Anything else I should keep in mind?


    Thanks for your help!

  3. Hi,

    i need and adapter ring for 15000 case for eta 2824-2.

    let me know


  4. I'm building Rolex GMT with 2893-2. do you have ring available ? thanks Mark

  5. Hey Stilty, I'm after a 2836-2 to 3035 adaptor ring. Please PM me if these are still available. Thanks!

  6. Stilty, I want to put a 2836-2 in a 16014 case. Can you sell me an adapter ring (and any other parts I would need) to do that? PM me. Thanks!

  7. you should be able to fit a 3135 in a 3035, but don't hold me to it. 3035 is thicker on the dial side, so the thinner 3135 should drop in no problem. Stem position should be fine, but you will have a gap between the dial and rehaut of about 0.35mm.
  8. Seems high. But the Sellita movement is a quality movement.
  9. No real trick. Just the same as installing any other overlay. it is just that with the extra space between the movement and dial, you can use a genuine disc as an overlay. Check out this post I wrote a few years ago. (unfortunately, I never did get around to Pt II.
  10. Yes, for the 3035 case, 2836-2 if fine, but I tend to use 2824-2 in the 3035 cases. For the same reasons as stated above. I can use a genuine date disc as an overlay.
  11. 2892-A2 is my "go-to" movement for any 3135 case. Especially since I prefer to use genuine date discs as overlays. I have my own movement holders that take care of stem alignment, securing the movement in the case, as well as offering a seat to glue the dial to. As for stem position in the 2892-A2, center stem to dial seat on the 2892-A2 is 1.50mm. On the Rolex 3135, the stem position from center stem to dial seat is 1.75. So basically you have 0.25mm of extra space between the 2892-A2 and back of dial when fit in a 3135 case. The genuine date disc is 0.20mm thick, so you can easily glue one to the ETA date disc and have no problems with date operation. My movement holder is made to provide the gap between the 2892-A2 and back of dial. The ETA 2824-2 stem position is 1.80mm from center stem to dial seat, so when fitting in a Rolex 3135 case, the stem will be 0.05mm out of perfect alignment with the case tube. This makes it tricky to fit an overlay as well. I have used 2824-2 in 3135 cases, I usually sand the back of the dial (if feet are clipped) in order to perfectly align the stem.
  12. every ETA I've owned or worked on has the same characteristic... and I have non-rep timepieces with ETA movements, and all the rotors make noise. You can't get away from it. Unless you do something stupid like load it up with grease! So 997, any chance you can shoot a quick vid of the noise so we can evaluate? If there is an abnormal noise, it can be addressed, but if you are just talking about normal rotor noise, you may just have to live with it.
  13. live with it. it is an ETA characteristic.
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