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  1. Depends on what you are building. For example, I have about $2,500 in my 6263 v72 build as she sits today (I'm not quite done yet). Buying that watch as 100% gen ($70k +) is just not ever going to be in the cards for me financially. I'll happily wear my "franken" when 99.5% of the people who see it won't even know what it is, much less if it's genuine. Paying $2,500 for a franken when the gen is less than $5k is a poor decision from my perspective, so it's really just about relative value. You might think spending that $2,500 on a gen is a better idea. To each his own. For me it's about more than just the money spent. It's one of my hobbies. I like the challenge of doing builds, and wearing the end result.
  2. A lot of wealthy people, and wealthy tourists down here ... I haven't found the market to be that great though. Even pawn shop prices are higher than when I lived up north.
  3. One is Phong's, the other I don't know: http://www.ebay.com/itm/6240-6241-6263-Bakelite-Bezel-for-Vintage-Daytona-Mark-2-/182227570752?hash=item2a6d9c1040 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bakelite-Bezel-6263-6241-/253028330941?hash=item3ae9a9edbd
  4. 4813 is the 28,800 bph version, or you could go to an ETA clone.
  5. There's a name back from the grave .... or at least where many of us hope it comes from ....
  6. Welcome back!
  7. Saw Slay's for sale and had to break mine out for the evening.
  8. Accutron watches frequently come up on great deals given the movements inside. I bought it's predecessor for $289 on Shnoop with a 7750 in it. Have also frequently seen their ETA 2893 GMTs come up at good prices.
  9. Haven't seen one that nice since Ubi's ... well done!
  10. I still remember picking up a 16014 case (with the gen WG fluted bezel still on it) for $299 back when gold had gone through the roof and everyone was replacing it with an engine turned bezel and selling them off separately. No one else bid because the seller was located in a pretty sketchy country. Still think I even stole that one, as buying the bezel alone at that time was more than what I bid for the whole case. The 16014 case I already owned (bought without the bezel) became my 1016. Those were the days ...
  11. Not normally a RG fan, but this is very nice.
  12. Best advice I can give you is this. Either head to your local library or find a way to buy this book used, if you can't afford to buy it new right now. Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life, by Larry Winget https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1118024516/ Don't be turned off by the title (I actually bought it because of the title, but that's just me). It's a kick a$$ book, not a self-help book. If you read it thoroughly and take it to heart, it will change your life. Trust me, I know. I first read it several years ago when I was feeling very defeated in life. I had recently lost a job I was great at, was functionally underemployed, had ballooned up in weight, had a big house I was struggling to make payments on (and was underwater on the mortgage, so couldn't sell), and was burning through the last of my available capital despite living as frugally as I could. It honestly saved me at a pretty rough point in my life. It got me to get my head back on straight and get moving again. I re-read it anytime I feel like my head's not where it should be. Good luck!
  13. I used Mary's 7836, and thought it was quite good for the money. The end links fit my gen 16014 case surprisingly well.
  14. 1) As others have said it will depend on your chosen case. 2) No matter what? No. Will depend on the case you chose, and also the dial. Some dials have tall minute markers. The more important question is are you intending to build it yourself? If the answer to that question is no, then I would just work with someone who builds them and let them handle the details. Mine was originally built by someone who is no longer around, but mymanmatt corrected an issue I was having and added his open 6/9 datewheel overlay (which is very good BTW).
  15. Well, if Ubi's back, I guess I better break out the Daytona .... If it's OK, I'll just stand over here and wait until you decide to part with it ....