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  1. Custom Watch Cases

    Ranier has been well received in these parts. http://www.network54.com/Forum/353393/thread/1263143008/last-1263143008/FS-+HIGH+QUALITY+WATCH+BOXES+available+in+CARBON+FIBE R,+MACASSAR,+WALNUT,+POPLAR,+REDWOOD or he is also finestboxes on eBay https://www.ebay.com/sch/finestboxes/m.html?_ipg=50&_sop=12&_rdc=1 Also, member Donerix 2.0
  2. Crypto Currencies

    It's all about the speculators now. It will remain volatile for the foreseeable future. Not sure if it's passed by the time where significant gains could still be made. It's a big risk whether you are buying or trying to short it (yes there are ways to speculate without even owning any now). Sort of reminds me of how the financial crisis started, with financial institutions creating investment products out of thin air (naked CDS's for example). The technology is disruptive and has other uses besides "currency", but I don't hold much long-term hope for wide-spread adoption (as in widespread use of the crypto currency to pay for things directly). The reality is that governments will not allow the usurping of their fiat currencies for much longer. Some have already started regulating or banning them altogether. Even had one country come up with a pseudo version of its own. What could happen is that a country or two whose currency is basically worthless outside its borders (Venezuela, North Korea) might embrace it and provide payment processing infrastructure, but then you'd still be at the mercy of your local government declaring it illegal to buy/sell goods with it. I personally started buying NVDA awhile back because their cards are used for mining (and also for autonomous car technology). Although not as big a home run as the early buyers or miners are seeing (bought at an average of around $28 and now it's hovering around $200), it's been profitable and significantly safer. Unfortunately now, the craziest speculation I have seen is for BitCoin to get to $100k USD at some point. Well, that's less than a 10x return at today's prices, best case. I'm almost there with NVDA, and they are an actual company with products to sell with $6 billion in cash on the books.
  3. Service Gen Rolex

    Member Misiekped can also service gen Rolex.
  4. Vintage Daytona V72 parts

    Check my Daytona build thread linked below. I listed a bunch of watches with v72's. Use them for search terms and you can sometimes find watches where the seller doesn't know what they have.
  5. For those that don't know, there is an extension for Chrome that will show all Photobucket pictures. Search for "Photobucket Hotlink Fix".
  6. Gen Bluesy

    There's a 94 serial not quite as nice for sale on TRF for $6,250, and a much nicer conditioned one with full box and papers for $6,900 on Watchuseek.
  7. Gen movement in JMB's 1016 case ?

    Several people have put a 1570 in a JMB case. Here's one thread for example. Having said that, I would check with JMB. I wasn't sure from reading his last thread if the new batch of cases he just received are exactly the same as the last time he was doing them.
  8. Good 2846 source?

    Mine were both still in watches. Couldn't tell you the eBay seller as it's been so long since I bought them. I used Misiekped for my 5514 build. Highly recommended.
  9. Good 2846 source?

    I have used two of the "Swiss Military" 2846's. Had them both serviced and have had no issues. There was an eBay seller in the Philippines that always had several of them listed. Think I paid less than $50 each including shipping to the US.
  10. Paul Newman

    The important words in the story were "percentage of the proceeds". Not all. We also don't know where the buyer lived (or at least I haven't seen it in any of the stories) so there may or may not have been a tax break helping along the deal. Even if they were US-based. they are only getting a deduction of about 20% if the buyer is the typical person with that much scratch hanging around. And an extra couple of million to someone who can afford a $17 million watch is nothing. Probably only covers the buyer's premium. Still a lot of money for a watch. Given this is THE watch that led to coining the phrase "Newman Daytona" and if you are a serious watch collector with the means, what else would you want to buy? If I had the money to play in that stratosphere, I wouldn't care how much it was. And yes, you are a cynic. There is no "scamming the rest of us". Just someone (or a company) with a lot of disposable income. All the better if some of that money goes to charity. It's not like the Newman Estate really needs it. I'm sure the kids are all fine.
  11. 17 million reasons to love this hobby

    I'll take two ...
  12. New pick up- gen omega speedy pro

    Almost said to myself, "to heck with the watch, look at the packaging". Almost. The watch is a beauty too ...
  13. Watch parts

    I actually prefer White Lightning Clean Ride for bracelets. It's a dry wax lubricant that will actually clean out the gunk and won't attract contaminants.
  14. Well done. Very nice build. Good luck with the 78360 search ... it will finish things off nicely.
  15. I've had no issues with either set of WSO Fat Springbar 580's. Maybe you just got a bad set. I guess you could always go gen ... at 10x the price ...