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  1. For those that don't know, there is an extension for Chrome that will show all Photobucket pictures. Search for "Photobucket Hotlink Fix".
  2. Gen Bluesy

    There's a 94 serial not quite as nice for sale on TRF for $6,250, and a much nicer conditioned one with full box and papers for $6,900 on Watchuseek.
  3. Gen movement in JMB's 1016 case ?

    Several people have put a 1570 in a JMB case. Here's one thread for example. Having said that, I would check with JMB. I wasn't sure from reading his last thread if the new batch of cases he just received are exactly the same as the last time he was doing them.
  4. Good 2846 source?

    Mine were both still in watches. Couldn't tell you the eBay seller as it's been so long since I bought them. I used Misiekped for my 5514 build. Highly recommended.
  5. Good 2846 source?

    I have used two of the "Swiss Military" 2846's. Had them both serviced and have had no issues. There was an eBay seller in the Philippines that always had several of them listed. Think I paid less than $50 each including shipping to the US.
  6. Paul Newman

    The important words in the story were "percentage of the proceeds". Not all. We also don't know where the buyer lived (or at least I haven't seen it in any of the stories) so there may or may not have been a tax break helping along the deal. Even if they were US-based. they are only getting a deduction of about 20% if the buyer is the typical person with that much scratch hanging around. And an extra couple of million to someone who can afford a $17 million watch is nothing. Probably only covers the buyer's premium. Still a lot of money for a watch. Given this is THE watch that led to coining the phrase "Newman Daytona" and if you are a serious watch collector with the means, what else would you want to buy? If I had the money to play in that stratosphere, I wouldn't care how much it was. And yes, you are a cynic. There is no "scamming the rest of us". Just someone (or a company) with a lot of disposable income. All the better if some of that money goes to charity. It's not like the Newman Estate really needs it. I'm sure the kids are all fine.
  7. 17 million reasons to love this hobby

    I'll take two ...
  8. New pick up- gen omega speedy pro

    Almost said to myself, "to heck with the watch, look at the packaging". Almost. The watch is a beauty too ...
  9. Watch parts

    I actually prefer White Lightning Clean Ride for bracelets. It's a dry wax lubricant that will actually clean out the gunk and won't attract contaminants.
  10. Well done. Very nice build. Good luck with the 78360 search ... it will finish things off nicely.
  11. I've had no issues with either set of WSO Fat Springbar 580's. Maybe you just got a bad set. I guess you could always go gen ... at 10x the price ...
  12. Daytona 6263

    I have worn my v72 6263 more times than I can ever hope to count. Have yet to have anyone even ask about it. With that budget, as paristoto mentioned the best option really is one of the Cartel ST19 builds. You can certainly DIY, or just find one of slay's or rolo's. Might have to stretch a little depending on parts.
  13. 1940's Vacheron Build... A step closer...

    You obviously missed his Daytona builds ...
  14. How to build 1016 explorer

    There are many posts of people's 1016 builds (including mine linked below). Many ways to skin the cat, so do your research, and set your budget. Until you do that, it's pointless to ask people for recommendations. For example, my recipe is going to cost you over $1,000 and take months of patience to get the parts. If you're only looking to spend half that and want it yesterday, then you would need a different plan.
  15. Watch confiscated and lawyer letter

    Key words here are "distribution and sale", neither of which you were doing based on your description, and the word "may" in the last sentence (meaning they aren't trying to require you to respond). Funny how they have dramatically softened the wording of the letter compared to what we were seeing in the mid-to-late 2000's. Bottom line is still the same. No need to respond. You can toss the letter after you have sent a copy to your dealer, who normally wants to see it before sending a replacement.