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  1. tomhorn

    Rep Waterproofing

    Depends on the construction of the rep, and the tolerances therein. With many reps, simply disassembling, lubing and replacing the gaskets can get you a long way. With others, I still wouldn't swim with them even after doing that.
  2. Just as I have issue with people who are not Americans trying to tell "us" how to live or what's best for our country, I also won't begin to try to tell people in other countries the same. When you don't have the proper frame of reference it's impossible. I think there are some good things about the EU (the ease of being able to work), but from an American point of view there are a lot of things I wouldn't want for my county (for example the extra layer of overbearing regulations that MOAB mentioned). Still, it's not for me to say if it's best for those in Europe, as I lack the proper context to do so. We had a President and Congress that for the better part of eight years tried to move us toward being "Europe West" and found that the people opposed it so much we ended up with Trump (MAGA) as President. It was actually Brexit that foreshadowed the Trump victory. Whether it ends up being the catalyst for the rest of the EU to break up remains to be seen, but the countries involved will have to figure out what's best for them.
  3. Sead1999 (Supermirrors) regularly keeps stock in the UK and will ship from there.
  4. tomhorn

    My Grail 6263

    Having spent many years as a commercial photographer, I can tell you without question the camera lies frequently. And that was even before Photoshop, which upgrades the quality of the lies by an order of magnitude ...
  5. tomhorn

    Need some opinions about this 6263 Dial

    Without seeing a straight on shot it's hard to tell for sure, but it looks like the printing on the 6 o'clock subdial is off square by a couple of degrees to the left (counter clockwise).
  6. tomhorn

    My Grail 6263

    Yes, Daytonas are supposed to have asymmetrical pushers.
  7. tomhorn

    Replacing a 6263 dial on V23 movement, DW Case

    Useful thread.
  8. tomhorn

    Franken Rolex 16013 Datejust Finally Finished!

    Yep, ... assuming it's the yellow gold bezel ... but do what makes you happy wearing it .... you can always change it later ....
  9. tomhorn

    Franken Rolex 16013 Datejust Finally Finished!

    Not really period "correct". You're mixing a 16013 dial and crown with a 16030 bezel and 1604 bracelet. That's the great thing about DateJusts, you can mix and match to come up with anything you like. I put a 16234 dial in my 16014 build and never looked back. Nice build!
  10. tomhorn

    Favorite Small Chronograph?

    I have a 6.75" wrist, and love my 6263 and IWC 3717. I also have an Accutron 26C02 gen, which sits quite nicely. IMO, as long as you stay at 42mm and below, you'll be fine.
  11. +1 Cromag, Rule #1 should be "Patience!" Patience with TD's, patience with shipping, patience with emails, patience with PM's, patience when shopping for parts, patience with message board responses, patience when selling, patience when buying .... Rule #2 should be "Don't be an a$$!" Do what you say you're going to do, be honest when buying and selling, don't waste member's time, do your own research before asking for help, don't charge back transactions, understand that stuff happens in this hobby and don't over react when it does .... Once you past those two, everything else becomes easy ...
  12. tomhorn

    How long does SA3135 Movement last

    My rule when buying a rep was to wear it for a couple of months to determine if it was a keeper, and then get it serviced. Every rep, no matter what the movement. They are all dirty out of the factory. For my builds I also always had the movement serviced during the build, even if it game out of a gen watch. And it's not just reps. If you buy a gen with an automatic movement you are still going to have to get it serviced periodically, so if you are worried about that extra cost, then stick to quartz. Batteries are cheap.
  13. tomhorn

    7750 Eta Fake or Genuine

    The date wheel doesn't look like a gen ETA date wheel, but if this came out of a watch that doesn't necessarily mean it's a clone.
  14. tomhorn

    How long does SA3135 Movement last

    The SH3135 is the equivalent of the Yuki, and the much better option as it will also take more genuine parts to repair and/or make it better. Although it could take gen dial and hands and somewhat resembled one, the SA3135 was not IMO as good of a clone of the 3135. Plenty of threads here on the differences between the two movements. Ultimately, if it's a closed caseback watch and you're not using gen dial or hands, as many others have said, the ETA movements are the best. Easier to find parts and someone to work on them.
  15. tomhorn

    Manners maketh man

    I agree. Goes for posts on the message board itself also. If a question has been asked and answered here many times, then I (at best) might suggest they do some searching, and provide a link to a post or two to get them started. Never ceases to amaze me when people ask me a question about one of my builds that I answered ... you know ... in the build thread ... which is linked in my signature. On the other hand, I am happy to help people that have clearly done their homework, or were asking for clarification on something that's been posted. We were all noobs once, but even when I was a noob, I at least tried to figure something out on my own before asking the stupid question.