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  1. tomhorn

    Bargains in NOS watches...

    My brand new Accutron with an ETA 7750 for $286 (linked below) was probably my best buy. Wanted to swap the movement into my IWC 3717 but the watch was too nice. Also got both my 2846's for my Rolex builds from donor "Swiss Military" watches. I don't think they were NOS, but bargains nonetheless at $28 each.
  2. tomhorn

    Rolex replica

    Do some research under the "Rolex Area" and "Watches, Clothing, Parts and Accessories".
  3. tomhorn

    Give away price on eta powered watch??

    I get nothing when looking up the item number, but $3,500 USD for a 2824 powered dive watch is not even remotely close to a value for the money.
  4. Unfortunately, you've picked the wrong brand then.
  5. Accurate? No. Their movements are too complicated. The Datograph Chronos were gorgeous, just not all that accurate. Not sure if they are still available. http://www.marywatch.net/goods.php?id=872 If you want something more passable, the regular Langematick (non tourby), Saxonia and 1815 are all OK. They are simple watches that can use a standard Chinese movement. The Richard Lange was probably the best, but not sure if it's still made.
  6. It was released at the end of last year. Have you checked with the Trusted Dealers?
  7. tomhorn

    My first oyster project, a 1016 JMB case

    If you're asking me, I bought a set of WSO 455's as well. The 580's fit better with the case I used (gen 16014) and allowed for the Aussie springbars which I believe were a bit thicker.
  8. tomhorn

    Mary 7836 bracelet question

    Don't know how small you need to go, but I sized my Mary 7836 down to 6.75" with room to spare.
  9. tomhorn

    My first oyster project, a 1016 JMB case

    Mine fit perfectly.
  10. tomhorn

    My first oyster project, a 1016 JMB case

    No, they are both 20mm. Mary is Mary Watch (formerly Watch International). WSO is the eBay store Wholesale Outlet 990.
  11. tomhorn

    My first oyster project, a 1016 JMB case

    I used Mary's 7836 with WSO 580's on mine.
  12. tomhorn

    Rolex 1016 Space-Dweller

    LHOOQ did one a while back. https://rwg.cc/topic/134440-1016-explorer-frankens-why-not-a-16000-case/
  13. tomhorn

    MD2020 resurfaced

    The group is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1511488312214758/
  14. tomhorn

    MD2020 resurfaced

    Wonder if they know what's coming ....
  15. tomhorn

    MD2020 resurfaced

    This will be fun ...