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  1. Very sorry for your loss. Your Dad was a great member, and was a pleasure to deal with. The Rolex 5514 in his collection came from me and I can't imagine parting with it to a finer guy. RIP Nanuq, you will be missed ...
  2. You will be hard pressed to find a franken. Watch is too new (and not really being produced in any quantity) so parts are extremely hard to come by and expensive when you can find them. The VSF and Clean Factory reps are great out of the box.
  3. Yes, they were about as good as they got. Rare to find now, but I was lucky enough to find one for my 5514 build.
  4. TC has been gone for a long time, so a M2M sale is going to be your only option.
  5. That watch looks somewhat familiar .... improving it already ....
  6. The Valjoux 730 has a calendar complication, which would require modifications to work on a Daytona build. It is not your best option. From a cost/availability standpoint, your best option for a Valjoux movement would be the base Valjoux 72 movement, as opposed to the Valjoux 726 you mentioned in your OP. If you want to read more about building a franken Daytona, you can start with my build post (linked in my signature). The start looking at other's build threads. A lot of people have taken on a Valjoux 72 based Daytona build, and there is a lot of good information in them.
  7. Fine watches. Fine people. Our slogan says it all. If a member can't live by that, then they should be gone.
  8. According to his post on RG, $195. https://www.repgeek.com/straps-and-watch-parts/274173-fs-rolex-explorer-1016-v2-set.html
  9. +1 Nanuq. If you are looking to retain value, a vintage Rolex that you like is the best answer. Unfortunately, there just aren't that many watches that hold their value (or increase) like a vintage Rolex. Or buy something that doesn't cost nearly that much so you don't have to worry about it, and use the rest of the money for something else. Based on some of your description above, something like an Omega 3573.50 would fit the bill. You can get it with the Mitsukoshi panda dial, and it has an exhibition caseback with an interesting movement. That dial is rare, and you should be able to find one for under $5,000.
  10. Too bad the pictures are gone, but lhooq did a thorough comparison awhile back. He thought the Sternkreuz was the best of the aftermarkets. I have a gen in mine, but it wasn't an "economical" build ....
  11. I used the WSO 580 "fat springbar" end links with Mary's 7836 without issue.
  12. I used a 2824-2 with H4 canon pinion in my gen 16014 case for my DJ build. Raffle's #2 ring worked. Wish Stilty still made his, as they were perfect. I later used a 2846 in another gen 16014 case for my 1016 build, and that turned out fine too. Just a matter of what you want to do.
  13. Still around, but life is completely nuts. I'm up to juggling four companies, and soon to be a fifth. Fortunately, I'm single. No wife, no kids, no dog, so it makes it easier to manage. Entertaining offers on my largest company and expecting I will let it go sometime later this year. Will give me enough money to retire, or more properly just let me work when I feel like it. State of my collection is stagnant. I don't have much time to partake in the hobby much anymore. still lurking around here, but not posting much. Haven't built anything new for a long time. Thinking about downsizing the reps, and maybe buying a nice gen. Hate that my projects spend most of their time in the watch box ... Have to admit, I miss Ubi and The Zigmeister. Loved the insight and detail in their posts. Ubi's projects started me down the path of doing builds, and I'm lucky to have something in my collection that The Zigmeister worked on.
  14. TheSociety over on RWI started a pretty extensive thread about Vintage Daytonas. https://forum.replica-watch.info/forum/vintage-watches/281796-let-s-talk-vintage-daytonas-with-thesociety-friends I bought my v72 based 6263 from a fellow member in 2015, and am thankful I did it back then. Couldn't come close to duplicating it now for what I have in it.
  15. I used Mary's 7836 and WSO's 580 endlinks. Good combination for not a lot of $$$.
  16. Was a surprise to me too, but was stated by the OP, and I'm not around as much as I used to be. Here's a profile of the one you did for my 16014 case.
  17. Afraid unless someone else has found his original supplier, since TC is long ago gone from the rep scene, the only way to get them now is with an M2M sale.
  18. You may want to review my thread (linked below) for building a 160xx cased 1016 Explorer. Has the complete parts list of what I used. Too bad that JMB isn't still doing custom bezels. His fit perfectly on a gen T22. Losing that resource and Whoopy's dials makes the 1016 Explorer builds a little trickier than they used to be.
  19. My MBW with the 580 end links from WSO.
  20. That would be correct. Different subdial spacing.
  21. The El Premero based movement (Rolex 4030) went in the later Daytonas (16520), not the 6263.
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